67 thoughts on “Woman Says DNA Test Revealed The Man She Thought Was Her Father – Wasn’t

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  2. This woman's mom needs to bear a tremendous responsibility for her misery. Her father barely knows her, has not been a constant force in her life and probably doesn't know how to be a good father.

  3. The whole saying is “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb”, meaning the bond with family you choose can be stronger than the bond of biological family.

  4. I'm glad these women are being exposed! Paternity fraud is wrong period! Every child deserves to know who their REAL father is regardless if he's involved or not! Women who lie about this should be charged with parental fraud and mentally abusing a child (if such a charge exists!).

  5. I found out two years ago at 26 that my father wasn’t my real father and that I have 3 brothers from dna I always knew that man she said was my father couldn’t be my father because of how I looked and she’d always have an excuse like I look like her well I do but only by a few features and let me tell you I’m my fathers twin and my brothers look just like me. didn’t grow up with hardships but definitely got robbed of knowing my family

  6. Preach Dr. Phil! I’ve been asking my biological mother now for 33 years! My whole life the entire family has only told me a first name… then finally this year the come up with the story of ohhhh he died a few years ago… so my next question was ok well give me his last name maybe I have sisters or brothers… aunts, uncles etc who knows…. that got messages unreturned….

  7. This is so sad, mom should've been honest with her from day 1! Then above all she doesn't even know or have meant her own family!!!! 😪

  8. Hella kids grow up with just a single parent. Girl. You are grown asf. Go on with life. He has made it clear through his actions he doesn’t want to be apart of your life

  9. The phrase has never been "blood is thicker than water" it's actually "the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb" meaning literally the opposite of what everyone thinks it means.

  10. I agree, you're life was messed up and full of problems…whose isn't? Put it behindyou, quit whining and live what's left of your life to the fullest!

  11. I don't think a child needs to know either of their biological parents — at all. However, I also don't believe in lying to kids, even about things they wouldn't understand. You don't need your real parents.

  12. Her mother sounds like a manipulator and a liar who took her daughter along for the ride!! This is so sad. I hope she finds peace and a good relationship with her family.

  13. This is why not just anyone should be allowed to have kid's.

    Look at all the pain and suffering caused at the actions of this negligent 'mother'.

    Imagine if a parenting license was required to have kid's, half the people in the world wouldn't be granted one and a lot of pain, trauma and misery would be prevented. Disgusting.

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