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  1. i'm having a real bad day anervous breakdown and yet my mom just stepped in once in my room to say "stop being dramatic" feelings of suicide are hard to talk about sometimes even to your own parents

  2. We need to open up about it to gain understanding. However, opening up to and being vulnerable in front of people who are not willing to listen…is painful and disheartening. If I am at the edge to the point where my reputation and relationship with that person from that point on doesn't matter…then, perhaps

    By that point, I'm not sure where I'll be, though

  3. How is it taboo? All I ever hear about is people taking about their anxiety/depression bla bla. I wish there was more of a stigma.

  4. Mental illness should be reclassified as "brain diseases" because it is caused from something and not a flaw in one's thinking. There isn't stigma around diabetes or heart disease and brain disorders should be given the same regard (and research funding) so the causes are discovered and cures found.

  5. This video is so comforting to see people like me. I was in an abusive relationship about 4 years ago. I had depression before this relationship but this relationship triggered it to become worse and I even attempted to harm myself. I later developed PTSD and I STRUGGLE so much with it. It’s so frightening to go through sometimes multiple times a day. I have had people tell me to my face that I am a freak, I’m not strong enough, or to suck it up. You sit through the abuse and torture I had to go through for 4 months trapped in an apartment and see if you don’t break Linda. I’m so happy to see people fighting against that mindset.

  6. 101% agree with the woman who said she wishes more employers were informed and open about mental health. I’ve lost two jobs due to my depression. It’s really hard.

  7. I don't think it is nearly as bad as it used to be? At least not in the circles I move in. Australia regularly has ads targeting men with mental health issues, or domestic violence, alcoholism, etc. and have mental health charities the whole country gets behind. Even at work I've had two people this year be open about needing to take a day for mental health. Seeing fantastic, positive strides!

  8. I feel like SO many people have mental health issues and I look around and wonder is it just me, and I feel so lonely and like my mind won’t slow down for once. Seeing these videos honestly really help. Thank you

  9. I'm 62 now..and have had issues all my life..I was on anti-depressants 15 years ago..and when I lived abroad the guy I was with said that it was a silly American thing and that I didn't need medicine. Went cold turkey(NOT advisable)..and just last month started on anti-depressants again..and feel better. Depression is real..and no matter how lovely the day or situation..you could feel crappy. …and someone telling you to "just cheer up" does not help. Mental issues do tend to be stigmas and often swept under the rug.

  10. After I graduated college last year I went into a downward spiral. Nothing was working out,whether it was in my love life, career, family, a possible eating disorder, etc…and I kept it secret for awhile because my dad had just been diagnosed with depression that summer and I didn't want to add more to my mother's plate. I am now on anti-depressants and I do feel better. I do have days that are bad but I do feel a lot better now. The biggest struggle now for me is with food, and I've started slowly revealing my issues with food because I know if I would continue down this road it could turn into binge eating disorder.

  11. I'm OK sharing online behind a fake name, but sharing to people in real life is very difficult for me. I have a constant worry of judgement and some of the stigma attached to mental illness makes me not want to say anything, when i do really want to talk about it.
    Great video on the subject, All the best.

  12. Where I’m from mental health topic is a taboo because basically people think you make it up, like if you have depression or anxiety it’s just because you’re weak and have nothing to do and if you have enough work to do and work your ass off you won’t have time for this bs. That makes it impossible to discuss mental health struggles, people most likely will discredit it and make fun of it.

  13. I definitely understand where they are coming from. I come from a Latino family and it's dismissed the moment it escapes your mouth. There's kind of this universal look of you're just exaggerating what's the big deal. I also believe we tend to caring toxic habits within the Latino community that attracts anxiety and depression.

  14. So relatable South African parents need a lot more education about it, when we immigrated to Australia my parents started to understand my PTSD, severe depression and social anxiety more but they still struggle and can come across as judgemental or uninformed!!

  15. I have multiple people in my head each with different opinions, outlooks, and goals. One isnt allowed out Danny he wants to consume and destroy people. He says people are just borrowing this world it's his. Danny thinks people are nuisance keeps wanting me to let him out. Danny was abused so he hates people cause he knows people are a disappointment. Aaron is an artist he is the most peaceful of the bunch he loves people him and Danny fight alot. Carly is nice lady loves Danny but he hates her and says she cheats on him. And finally. Todd is a loner he stays to himself he comes to the light more cause I can trust him he just wants friends and he is a little pessimistic and sarcastic he pushes me away when I talk to him he thinks nobody loves him

  16. Hi ! I was born with the imbilacord wrapped around my neck 4 times… Every day I have trouble with how slow I am… family on would be so rude about it. I have accomplished a lot..Got my DL ..Got married but it didn't last. Been with the same job for 5 years. I just need to tell myself that I can do anything!

  17. It’s even worse when you’re in Africa. People don’t acknowledge that here. I’ve been depressed for 7 years (I’m 24 now). I even tried to kill myself a couple times. Trying to process it myself but everyday is a struggle. And nobody understands

  18. I tell my friend about my depression but they just think I am just joking but it's really hurt.

  19. Have you been on facebook? Memes of today and the last decade or so have made this taboo subject quite the opposite!

  20. Surprisingly, I found that a lot of people can on some level understand the struggles people have with mental illness. I'm struggling with major depression and anxiety and PTSD, and so far everyone has been very supportive towards me… Fingers crossed that more people can find the same support and understanding as I have. Sending my love to all that are either struggling with or caring for someone with mental illness x

  21. As a person who is now 64, I see that the stigma of mental health has not changed since I was a child. My father was a manic depressive and I grew up with intense anxiety. I was fortunate to have great counseling and controlled medicine. The greatest gift my counselor was to talk to my children about mental illness. We know this is in our DNA and what are the signs of illness and what you can do about it. We have had some great discussions over the years. It has made my adult children understand others better. We need to stop "sweeping it under the rug" and be open to others. When I discussed my anxiety with a few people it brought out great discussions about others who have these same problems. May we continue to bring this to the forefront.

  22. Thank you for sharing this! I think that mental health awareness and advocacy is essential. I look forward to seeing more of your videos!

  23. When the term used to describe a psychopath who shoots up a school of kids is the same term used to describe a depressed person, of course there's going to be a stigma attached to the term. Double-duh!!! And who came up with this term that paints everyone with the same brush? People who wouldn't have a clue what to do if "drug pusher" was taken out of their job description: psychiatrists. These spawn of the medical establishment are about chemicals, biology, their unholy alliance with pharmaceutical companies, nothing more. Is there a profession with a worse track record? Yet despite their chronic failure, they still get paid. A lot.

    Mental health, mental illness, mental, mental, mental. Has the word "emotion" been eliminated from the dictionary? No? Then why is it never used in this context, when that is the only thing being talked about? I refuse to use either of those terms in this context. Emotional health, emotional illness is the subject at hand. I believe that when the language changes, leading to a change in focus, real progress will be achieved, instead of a situation that only seems to be getting worse, with incompetent, unqualified and destructive…"it's all about your chemicals"…psychiatry leading the disastrous charge.

  24. One more thing: I didn't want my negative views of psychiatry to leave people feeling up the creek without a paddle, if that's where they're at, if it helps them. But just as I believe it is wholly disempowering to people struggling with alcohol or drug addiction to be told it's a disease rather than a symptom of a deeper issue, the same applies to the stock explanation of chemical imbalance when someone is experiencing depression. For example, "the dark night of the soul", which countless people have experienced since the beginning of time and worked through, is something psychiatry is ignorant of and therefore ignores. But if the imbalance bullshit is believed, there's no working through it and no looking for/finding the means to do so.

  25. My parents can't accept that they raised and themselves caused all 3 children to have depression and 2 with anxiety. They dont want to blame themselves, mostly my mom. I try fake that I'm not having an anxiety attacks but throwing up gives it away. I wish I wasnt a dispointment to her.

  26. Personally, I believe everyone could've concealed some secrets deep inside that they wouldn't like to be exposed.But I think the happiest thing is to have someone worthy to believe to shall your secrets.

  27. Everytime I talk ‘bout my recent depression refall with friends. I’m afraid they’ll judge me. Thankfully, i have foun really nice and kind friends.

  28. This is so important. Thank you for making this. Thank you to everyone who shared their stories.

  29. from personal experience, it's only been recently that mental health has been talked about in the church. Growing up, I would always hear "just pray about" like that would cure me of my depression/eating disorder.
    More & more mental health is becoming a topic of discussion in Christian religions and it's very encouraging for me.

  30. I've been on Lexapro for 4 months now for my depression. I'm so grateful! I can finally get up in the morning and function!

  31. I still find impossible to talk about my mental health issues with my family and especially with my friends. I wish so hard I had the courage to do so, I think it would made them realise why I acted so weird im the past.

  32. I feel like episodes like these are saving so many lives by letting people know that you are not alone, it’s ok to ask for help, your not weak and there’s people willing to truly help you. ( Nate is really cute 😊)

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