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  1. I feel the same way as you Jaiden… and id love to help…my parents almost got devorced and I had no idea what to do. so I watched almost all of your videos all night and it helped me so much…and now I understand how to be and how to love even more than I already do, and I just want to say thanks…I love you Jaiden…………….. I don't mean love love but as a person…and a you tuber…again thanks so much I cant believe how much you helped me… I just cant thank you enough.

  2. The part when you weren't confident and ashamed yourself and all that……yeah thatsdepression it's not only you it's really common for teenagers or older

  3. We all want you to always remember that we all aren’t lying when we say your a great youtuber and a great person who doesn’t need to anything to us you are awesome.👏🏻🏆🥇🎉🎊 And PS: I hope you read this thank you.🙂

  4. K jaiden i won't tell anyone about the video but there where a is a video where you showed ur face multiple times. You're beautiful jaiden.

  5. I did not know what was going on so I skipped hiff of that dullshit you call a story it OK to think that i say go see someone like asicaitrist or a Dr just remeder that we all trust and seport you

  6. Wow, Jaiden you are soo beautiful! And I know what its like to struggle with self image and depression. Its hard to talk about, but just think on the bright side, even in the worst situations.

  7. For the person who posted the video knowing that jaiden was going through terrible pain and not caring, fuck you. How could you be so careless I hope you suffer in life

  8. Jaiden i now how it is but all this people loves you they dont gonna say oh jaiden i ugly , no , They love you because how you are , The perdón you are , The thing is we love you

  9. The mind is the last thing to change in recovery, keep fighting.
    I just got out of months of inpatient and residential care, and I'm relapsing again, recovery isn't linear.
    Just because I went into treatment doesn't mean that you aren't "sick enough". I thought the same until some told me "healthy people dont wish to be ill". I still feel this way from time to time and that's okay.
    hold on pain ends

  10. Your story was heartbreaking enough, but when I saw the last second of the video, I started crying. Thank you for sharing your story.

    And in my dictionary, a strong person is the one that keeps getting up after a fall, even when that take years. You're strong in my eyes, if that means something to you.

  11. Never never doubt yourself keep going you are the person who can inspire people to do better you can even inspire me to do animation like yours you are talented person by the way you look amazing just the way you are

  12. Your so Beautiful and don't let yourself or everyone else tell you your not

    With me I wish I was the opposite of myself and I had straight hair I had a higher voice that I was shorter I don't know why my friends said " I wish I could be tall " or random people on the street "I wish i had curly hair" When I thought they so beautiful some days I try to stop eating I'm only 104 pounds but I thought I was overweight. Live with my grandparents witch I love them but I would get from school like " why dose your mom not pick you up from school " And people I did not even know, Why would I tell a random person so of my Friends don't even know but… I think I have a great personality if I don't like how I look well what dose it matter it only matters if your a nice person!

  13. Hi Jaiden… Its 17 of november and you probably won't see this, but i wanted to tell you that… You're loved…

    Im a new subscriber and i came here thanks to the Nuzlocke video, after that, i went through your other videos and i absolutely LOVED THEM, i enjoy your stories, your artstyle, your animations, all of it… I know i may be one of more thsn 7 million of subscribers, and im just another little rock in the sand, but i know that feeling of not being good enough, to feel bad with who you are and having unhealthy habits… Fortunately i was able to break through and im better know, but let me tell you in name of all your fans… We are here, we love you, we care about you andthe stuff you do because you're a beautiful person…

    I just wanted to give you some love and remind you that people is here for you, even tho it has been two years… You got yourself a new fan.

    And please… Take care of yourself <3

  14. lololol ur face looks nice and u saying that u ugly lololol u dont even look bad. stop being a little kid and this is how most people think.

  15. Have you tried a psycologist? Or even a psychiatrist? I haven't ever delt with fears as strong as those ones but i've had dark moments in my life and decided to go to a psycologist. Even gone to several ones until i found the right one. No one has to deal with this on their own.

  16. I wanted to say thank you for giving us great content and to be REALLY HONEST your beautiful no matter what the appearance is

  17. hey jaiden, sorry im a lil late here but, you are perfect no matter who you are, it doesn't matter if your good or bad, nobody is lying to you, we are all here for you, but when your eating, you can't make these terrible choices, give yourself freedom, break out these chains and make content for your viewers! we're all rootin' for ya jaiden, hope you see this message.
    ps: im just a child don't expect me to write a lot.

  18. You are not alone i may not have a eating disorder but i do suffer from severer depression i know I. How how its hard it is to ignore your dark thoughts but you are unique like everyone else on this planet and the is no shame in asking for help might make you feel like shit but admitting you need help is one of the strongest and honourble things you can ever do i just wish i could of told a close friend friend which is no longer with us always remember. YOU ARE NO ALONE.

  19. Things like what you suffer are the reason that I want to do psychology to help people like you and what confuses me is why would someone dislike a video like this and this large amount

  20. Jaiden, Don't Make Others Feel you different, be the person you want to be Express yourself!
    All people make mistakes and I am glad for you being yourself!Have a good Day!☺

  21. I'm just watching this and I dont know what your going through now but I'm just going to say that some things you cant do by your self and something's will require you to have others help you. So I hope your doing better👍

  22. You are one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen in my life and you have the ideal female body in the photo you shared (The picture at 2:44 is the ideal female body I was talking about you having) Anyways I hope you are happy and know that you are not only loved but wanted by so many people. Please, do not ever think that you are not worth enough or pretty enough because trust me, even without makeup……You are gorgeous. I hope you have a great rest of your day and an even better day tomorrow. <3 (::: addendum: You are very good at making art too! I hope you know that your skill as an artist is one of the best I have ever seen, I would give you commissions as my main artist if you would take commissions. Anyways have fun doing what you love and good luck! <3

  23. This video appeared on my recommended after watching a few of your videos recently and I know that it may be 2 years after posting, but I just wanted to let anyone else out there that can relate to what you say; to know that there is nothing wrong with them. There is nothing wrong with wanting to live differently that your current state, but do not change yourself to appease others. I could go through a number of research articles that I've read in the past to cover what can help you get out of a depressed slump but I'll keep it simple and connected to how I myself maintain happiness.
    First of all just know that to reach something you have to have a goal. I recommend specifically to people who think that others will judge them or dislike their appearance: volunteer at a local "feed the need" or equivalent. I personally learned through my acne ridden high school years that people will see your kindness before they will see your face or body or whatever insecurity you may have. I helped at a christian feed the need place on and off only going when I felt up to it due to my social anxiety and there was not a single time that I regretted going (other than when it was freezing as heck!) I hope that anyone who sees this is happy or finds this helpful and remember: spread joy not negativity!

  24. God seeing you smile just makes me happy, it makes me smile and makes me feel all warm inside. I hope you know that you deserve to feel loved and feel happy. Have a great day Jaidnen! <3 (:::

  25. Jadien, ur already famous and who cares about the people that hate you.
    Just look at ur fans then the haters.
    You can ask ANY famous people,
    they HAVE haters, alot.
    Take care of yourself and think positively.
    You are brave enough to tell everyone about your problem!

  26. I'm not much different I've starved myself many times hoping to die and I'm still on that rough spot it hurt but after seeing this I can finely find someone to relate to but this has been going on for 1 year and can only remember pain and darkness but now I know I'm not the only one like this

  27. Jaiden Animations

    I saw this video recently, I know what it feels like, I know that no matter how hard we are, things may not work out as we want … in my case … well, I was determined to finish an education career, but I was overwhelming to the fullest and nothing went well, that depressed me a lot being in the middle of my studies … I fell so low in a depression that I really feel all that you have expressed … all that insecurity and fear .. but I can also say that I will not give up just as you have not done it … because like you I have been bad for many other things and the best in some aspects … and it is true that not everything will come out like us We want but in the end it is part of our growth as human beings … and I have to say that although we are from different countries the fears and insecurities are the same … although I must also thank you because now I know that I am not the only one who suffers …. so thanks, thanks to you I know that the world cannot be stronger than me, thanks to you I know that I can leave this deep well of sadness just like you, thanks to you … I can say that I am better than problems around me. A hug and a kiss directly from Mexico

  28. Hi jaiden I’m 10 and I been through some rough times too I went into that depression stage when I was 5 or 6 (you probably don’t want to hear me say this and all) but I think I can relate to you soo yeah luv ur vids 😁😝

  29. Look it doesn’t matter how we look like we are good enough for everything we all are perfect your videos are a masterpiece the talent you have is really good i am just a 15 year old learning how to draw

  30. First of all, who the hell disliked this? And also Jaiden you are wonderful and an inspiration to many. And a lot of people are saying that you ARE beautiful and have nothing to be ashamed of (which is true) but that isn't really the point. No matter what jaiden just remember that you ARE wonderful and you DO deserve it and that there are at least 7.04 million people who love you and care about you. That's more than I or most people have or will ever meet in their entire lives.

  31. Me: 60 pounds and 4''0 in 7th grade.

    Positive words to me: You will be taller someday!

    Me: I was said to be 4''11 once I get to the age of 14. I'm never going to find love. I'm only eating dinner. I avoid looking at people or mirrors. Yes in school I avoid socializing with other people or even just eye contact.

  32. hey listen to me please, I have the same problem that you have. I'm obese and that's why I don't want to go out on the street, that's why I stay at home and I didn't have anyone to deal with that problem and I wasn't expecting that problem. then I saw this video, I have seen your videos for a long time and I did not expect this answer I … I am glad to know that someone has to deal with that problem and I began to look more frequently I am going through a difficult time but soon I will achieve my goals and you are like a sister, we can not see our face but I know that you are there for everyone for all of us who love you <3

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