Invisible illness can be lonely and when you
hear some of these comments it can feel like you are the only one experiencing them. We
hope this video encourages those who live with invisible illness to understand–you
are not alone. If you are not ill, we thank you for listening. Thank you for caring enough
to be informed. it must be nice to just lay around and not
have to go work. They say most illness is caused by stress. It’s all genetics. Someone in your family
gave this to you, you just need to figure out who. I’m really worried about you. I wonder if
you are identifying too much with this disease. The weather effects you. geez, you’re as bad
as my grandma. It is great to see you out. You must be feeling
10 times better. you know those doctors really know how to
cure it. They just want to make money off of you. My cousin had cancer last year. You should
count your blessings. At least it’s not fatal. I mean, it’s not
like you are going to die from it. You are having MORE tests done? It seems like
there is always something wrong with you. You take HOW many pills? That would kill me! You always cancel on me. It’s like you WANT
to be sick. When are you going to like, get over all this? You just went to the bathroom. I know I probably shouldn’t say this but… If I complained as much as you my husband
would never come home. You need to fight this. You are just giving
in and accepting it so now you will never get better. You are so lucky too get this while you are
young, There is so much cool research out there. Dude, don’t be a wimp. Be a man and help me
move this weekend. I promise to let you carry the little boxes. I thought only women got that disease! What’s
with you? Well, if you don’t want to try my suggestion,
you must not really want to get well. If I was that sick I would try anything. What happened to that magnetic bracelet I
bought you? You promised you would wear it! You are way to young to have this many health
problems. That celebrity tried some drug for your disease.
Maybe you should try it. He is fine now. You’re depressed. You need to get out of the
house more. C’mon. It will be good for you to get out
for while. Oh, I knew someone with that disease. He’s
dead now. Everything is going to be fine. you are just
a worrier and it is making your body rebel. I know it’s kind of a personal thing but have
you thought about losing some weight? A few bites aren’t going to hurt you. don’t
be so vigalante about it. I could NEVER take pain pills like you do.
I just choose to tough it out. You know my dog has arthritis and now I give
him tumeric and he runs around like a puppy. Don’t you ever get tired of seeing those little
ribbon things. How many causes can a girl belong to? You’ve changed. You know, I miss the old you. Don’t take this
the wrong way or anything, but you used to be a lot more fun to hang out with. Once you use that wheelchair you will never
want to get back out. You blog about your illness? What on earth
do you have to say? I’m still sick? Have you thought about seeing a psychiatrist?
I’m just sayin’. You have another doctors appointment? Geez, it’s like you’re a little lab rat. How on earth do you think you can have a baby?
You can barely take care of yourself. Why do you want a degree so bad if you won’t
even be able to work? You don’t know chronic fatigue until you have
chased a two-year-old around all day. It’s not really healthy for your kids to hear
you whining all the time. But God doesn’t want us to suffer! Stop being
such a martyr! My sister’s boyfriend’s mom had that and she
started taking this vitamins and all the symptoms just went away. You should try that. You’re sick again? You’re cancelling? You felt good enough to
go to the store yesterday. Well, look you fine. Nice shoes… “grandma” It is not that far to walk, only a few blocks.
You’ll be fine. You just have to push through the pain if
you want a life. Hey, can we use your blue parking permit?
I always wanted to do that! I know just how you feel. Whatever doesn’t make you stronger is just
going to kill you. I mean. . . Yeah. You’ll be stronger.

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