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  1. 🙂 it's easy talking when you are  not having problems like that. it's not people's fault they were born like that. but it turns to hell about them and their loved ones … if not treated properly and on time.

  2. I need help. My daughter has this, she has 3 children, sometimes she feels she can not care for things. How much do I step in to help? She at times feels we treat her as a child because of it. I would love to find someone to speak with. I am so desperate to find help without having to pay to go to a counselor that charges $100 an hour.

  3. I've been told I'm manic bipolar schizoaffective. I took steroids quite heavily a few years before my symptoms. Could they have caused it?

  4. so is psychotic depression where you only have sympyoms of psychosis when your having a depressed episode. or is it just schizoaffective without the negative symptoms?

  5. very informitive video since ive been suffering from schzioaffective disorder for 6 years now very tough life but we push on!

  6. What I hate for me is the STIGMA of mental illness. I keep on going, and surprisingly so, cause I have a good combination of medications, illness, and misunderstanding sometimes. I've lost friends and family because of it. Still. Life goes on, and I do the best I can, and try to help others, although ultimately it's up to ourselves, and accepting support from others who love us, in a healthy way. In the end I coped the best way by my upbringing of my parents, and supportive husband, caring people around me. I now see myself as "normal", and that's a huge battle for the best of us, and I will continue to love and be loved, and the medication helps a lot, it's vital. The only thing I'd stress with people who have schizoaffective disorder, is to continue taking your medication, or get things changed by the doctor (specialist), managing your personal medical case.

  7. I have schizoaffective disorder and i think that this video explains it very well. Thankfully I don't have the bipolar strain – that would be hell! My illness is bad enough at times let alone being bipolar as well. Nasty!!!

  8. Prophets have schizophrenia except they arent delusion or hallucinations they are real, which is hard for people to accept that they are not hearing fallacies but truths.

  9. Thank you for the best definition of this disease (which I have) yet. It's very respectful to the sufferers, and well-informed.

  10. No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO/food with a label…taking vitamins/good oils/minerals…probiotic….LDN..detoxing may help. Tests may not work to diagnose Celiac, but getting this kind of help may help more nutrients absorb in intestines which helps the brain/body/rebuilds cells to work right. It helps Li/Cu/Zn/Mg and other mineral balances. Hair tests shows good minerals/heavy metals. Detoxing with Far Infrared Sauna may help the brain/body/chemical reactions work better.

  11. High Cu due to low Zn may cause the mind to race. Taking Zn may help and Mo to help lower Cu. Li orotate may help bipolar. Both can be caused due to Celiac/gluten. Fix the Celiac and then the brain/body may heal fast. Tests may not work to diagnose Celiac. Gluten may hurt intestines so less minerals/good oils/vitamins/nutrients absorb. I told what I do in Elijah Lee's comment. People may heal fast. Sunlight/Vit D3 5000IU and B vitamins/Vit B12 methylcobalamin with intrinsic factor/shot may help and more.

  12. I have schizoaffective, the bi polar type and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It's extremely difficult to lead a normal life. Many times I think of killing myself, when i'm delusional I feel it's the only thing that will stop my brain I just want to shut off my brain

  13. Thank you for sharing …just for correction at 0:42 you said schizophrenia fixed believe the (Grandiose)..this incorrect

  14. I regret that time when I first met my social worker. I was little different from other people and was suffering with some feelings and thinkings.. but if I just live my own life, I will be on another place now, not home. during 6years I've met so many counselors but none of them make me comfortable. Maybe I know what gonna makes me comfortable, and I feel comfortable when I talk to my problems to people like friends or my personal trainer, but when I talk with doctor or counselor they couldn't make me comfortable. When I first met my social worker and doctor, I didn't expect to hear from them that "maybe you will get mental problem if you don't care of it" after I heard about it, I decided to meet them regulary and that's the point of the curse. I kept going there to see them.. of course I have psychological problems at that time, but that's was not like now symptoms. I fell in thinkings slowly, I quit my job during the psychological consulation. And now I have so many problems that I create and almost of them was made during the consulation. I don't say it's all my social worker's fault. But it's true. Now I struggle in so many psychological problems and nobody listen to my story. I think they destroyed my life. I was talented, I was normal.. but my doctor just say you have serious illness so you should take medicine forever. I feel tight. They say like this. You could suffer with mental illness even if you didn't meet counselor becuase you already have some of psychological problems. I definitely convince that's not true. I want to meet other doctors and other counselor like in another country…. but I'm not sure they are different from whom I have met before…. I think I'm suffering from problems that only I have.. I don't hear any voice, I don't see anything strange, I don't think someone can hurt me.. but I only struggle with my own symptoms and some problems made during first consulation.. but it's so hard.. I'm thinking everyday everynight but… when I heard like I written here from my doctor or counselor I just feel frustrated. Nobody believe what I'm saying. Doctor just think I'm crazy I am really angry about it. They can't make me normal or my problem dissappeared and they don't believe my story.

  15. I immediately was offended by this woman's description of Schizoaffective Disorder mainly because of her great big glasses over eyes. According to her catch all understanding of Schizoaffective Disorder its when people who suffer from hallcucinations and other symptoms of schizophrenia can take long breaks from being persistent, violent, depressed or may even shed their flat effect.

  16. I don't believe that schizoaffective is schizophrenia and mood disorder at the same time. Because have only "signos" of schizophrenia but don't lose the connection with reality. Our delusion aren't similar as schizophrenia our are more soft. Schizoaffective is the combination of soft sings of schizophrenia and a mood disorder

  17. it's not schizo and bipolar, it's something that is in between the two that exhibits symptoms of both. the schizo isn't 24/7, it goes in cycles similar to the mood swings, which can manifest without mood issues but there are times where mood swings happen without any schizo, and times where schizo can happen without any mood swings, otherwise it would be considered bipolar.

    there is also a schizoaffective depressive disorder that is unipolar, where the depression comes and goes at different cycles than when the schizo does. sza therefore has better outcomes than full schizo because due to the intermittent nature one can learn to identify what is collectively real vs subjectively real by doing various reality tests and learning better critical thinking skills and having the ability to compare/contrast these mental states. people with full schizo don't have that luxury as their reality is always off-kilter.

    in both cases the schizo can be somewhat suppressed by antipsychotics but that is more of a band-aid than a cure. of course the phama industry much prefers masking symptoms to curing disease, as scaring people into taking extreme measures is a good way to collect recurring income. curing schizo doesn't offer any profit potential. also drugging people into a lull makes it easier for them to deal with. the vast majority of the time antipsychotics are prescribed more to help the doctors and family/friends deal better with the person than to actually improve their condition.

  18. People see me has a monster because of it. At first I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and then I started talking to my psychologist about my friend 94 who talks to me but I can not see them. then they diagnosed me with schizophrenia, so I have two different diagnoses (maybe schizoaffective? Idk)

  19. The this is that some people don't understand that it won't go away the next day it's like when living as a X-men, yes at first you're going to ask why me why this got to happen to me, it takes time living with a mental illness and people don't understand it's not easy but it takes time living with a mental illness trust me soon you learn to understand it's a part of who you are, just love the person you are

  20. do you always have voices with schizoaffective disorder? or schizophrenia in general? what about a feeling of paranoia, like something is going to happen? always afraid.

  21. had it since i was five a condition not a disorder, (Dr. Brown, Danbury Hospital, Top US hospital US News) pfft, no grey hairs on my name anger management is the answer that and dont talk dont teach not to talk

  22. Check check and check…. it’s me all in a bubble! Happy, sad, tired, energy, voices, paranoia all taking their turns to invade… very annoying can’t help what I think and feel, but I know most of what I feel or think can’t be true… like people stare at me as soon as I leave my room and enter into the living room, still happens everyday, but I can’t help it… or my belief entities are lurking around me… or at social gatherings I feel like everyone is looking at me and judging me… that’s why I stay away like the plague… and so much more….

  23. Can someone please tell me where to take this is you`re a person like this? I was forcibly admitted in a foreign country and they told me I may have schizoaffective. Now I`m back in my country, and my whole life is wrecked. What do I do? How does one manage this. Nobody likes crazy people. I don`t know what to do

  24. "the main symptoms of schizophrenia are delusions, hallucinations; like people are talking to them, disorganised thoughts which make it hard for the person to properly care and look after themselves in day to day life….THEN THERE ARE NEGATIVE SYMPTOMS…"?!? WHAT hahaha i thought these would be hahaha

  25. I have a very close friend who has recently been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder (with bipolar).

    I am hoping someone could help me understand what they are going through and how I can help them through the bad times.
    We are very close internet friends so that changes a lot but any advice, id be so grateful for!!!!

  26. This is the beat breakdown of schizoaffective Do. Thank you for helping me understand it better. Just recently diagnosed with schizoaffective DO and talk about on my mental health channel.

  27. when I was younger and sometimes even today I have had dreams that seemed like hallucinations and there were times I thought I was living in another city in the state and bike riding 45 miles after college everyday. I think schozoaffective mainly affects me neurally….

  28. I have schizoaffective and it's hard very hard to be around people who trigger my mind and me personally have trouble with emotions and most of the time I have manic episodes. Right now I'm trying medication to help me be normal and that's all I want in life.

  29. Schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder are not the same thing honestly….Why cant someone talk about 1 and not add the other?

  30. What I think is sad about this is people assume you can't make a full recovery, or you have to be on medication your entire life. I had breaks in my teens and early 20s, but I got off all the medication and did a ton of therapy to get to the root source of what was causing it. Don't think that people can't overcome it, but it takes hard work, self awarness and self care. I could easily debunk the "genetic myth."

  31. I have bi polar disorder, but lately I feel like I have schizoaffective disorder. I get really really paranoid. I cannot stress it enough how paranoid I get. I feel like someone is going to do me harm. I check the house over and over to see if someone is hiding. I also sleep with the light on because I feel like the demons and shadow people are going to get me. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to go crazy!

  32. Not to make light of my condition for it has and still causes me much grief but the only comment I wish to make here is: "The good doctor has nice knees!" Having said that and meant it, I must confess I feel I have a 50/50 chance of rolling the dice and seeing what, if anything, death brings; most likely at the end of a rope. Cheers!

  33. This is sad for the people that are targeted by people that frame them with fake Scizophrenia. Like they have been trying to do to me. There are government programs in place that targets people and frame them with Schizophrenia.

  34. do you believe that mental health disorders is a demon possession I've heard this from my Christian holy ghost spirit-filled friends

  35. My mission is to never give up on life, spread love and accept love. I'm doing everything i got in my power to nevee give up

  36. As a mom I want to get checked out by a dr but scared too. will they take my kids away from me, if I do suffer from it or even bipolor? will they lock me up in a crazy house to evaluate me if I show signs? also have the guilt of being a mom and suffering this, isnt it selfish of me to wanna keep and raise my children? they shouldn't have to be familiar or aware of my flares and have precautions and what to do list. they kids n need to just only worry about playing and next Disney movie not be on alert on my actions? someone as a mom please share with me on how u decided to take actions what action did u take…some inside notes please!

  37. I have schizoaffective disorder (with bipolar) and on top of it, I'm fat from the pills. Can anyone just tell me how do I trick a man into being with me now? Hahhahaahelp

  38. I truly believe I have schizoaffective disorder with manic episodes
    I’m 19 years old and have been studying psychology since the age of 14. I like to think I’m very smart. I can supply you with the knowledge you need about schizoaffective disorder with manic episodes. I want nothing more than to be listened to and understood.

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