Hey, everybody. Today, I’m gonna tell you what you need
to know about Major Depressive Disorder, what is it, number one. Number two, what do we do?
What are our treatment options? And there are a lot.
So let’s get going. I’ve got my DSM, ♪ my DSM ♪. Okay, and so, it says, If you’re having trouble functioning in
your daily life and you’ve had at least five of these symptoms for more than
two weeks, which is such a short period of time for the DSM because
two weeks is not a long time, but you must have depressed mood
and loss of interest or pleasure. You know I’ve talked about before
like anhedonia? That’s the word that we use for that
number two, loss of pleasure or interest? You must have that as well as
depressed mood to even be considered to have MDD. What are the symptoms that we may have,
and we have to have five or more? Depressed mood most of the day. That’s number one. Number two, markedly diminished interest
or pleasure in all or almost all activities. So the anhedonia again. Number three is appetite disturbance. We’re either eating more than normal
or not as much as normal. Number four, hypersomnia or insomnia. Now, you can see how these can
vary, right? We’re having a lot.
We’re eating too much. We’re sleeping too much.
Or we’re not eating enough. Or we’re not sleeping too much. It seems we’ve been doing
the same thing, right? No, because if you remember,
we rewind back [makes rewind noise], I say that you must represent a change
from previous functioning. We’re changing. If we didn’t sleep much and now
we’re sleeping a lot, that’s a change from previous functioning. If we ate a lot and now
we’re not eating much, that’s a change. That’s why these are put
together in the same kind of thing, okay? Next, number five,
psychomotor agitation or retardation. So that means we’re either moving a lot or
not moving much. It can be hard to get around.
We can feel really sluggish. Or we can feel really anxious. “Oh, my god, I gotta move.
I got things to do.” Either of those. Same type of thing, right?
It’s a change. Now, number six, fatigue
or loss of energy nearly everyday. Now, I would say that this one is
the most common reason for people coming in
to see their doctor. People who have MDD tend to
run into their doctor first. They’ll be like, “I’ve been so tired
and, like, achy. I don’t know what‘s going on with me.” Now, number seven, feelings of
worthlessness or excessive or inappropriate guilt.
Now, I hear from a lot of you that this is something that you struggle with. And I think the emphasis would be
on inappropriate. So think about it. If this is something
you’re struggling with, is it warranted? Has something happened recently, like
really happened a significant thing, to warrant the amount of guilt, shame,
whatever you’re feeling? If not, you may want to talk to your
doctor and see a therapist. Number eight, diminished ability to think
or concentrate or indecisiveness. I made a video about, I don’t know,
two months ago. The most overlooked symptom of depression—
this was it. Do you read, re-read?
Do you watch TV and be like, “I have no idea what just happened”? Are you like my mother?
You’re like 45 minutes into a movie, and you’re like, “I think I’ve
seen this before”. You may want to talk to your doctor.
She really does that. It’s really annoying. I love her,
but hi, Mom. The last one, number nine, is
recurrent thoughts of death. This is also one that we will
definitely be like, “Hmm, maybe I should talk to somebody because I keep
thinking about ending my life.” And if you find yourself—let’s say none
of the others even resonated but this one is really—it’s just in your life
all the time, please reach out for help. Please call a suicide hotline. I have a whole page on my website. No matter where you live or where
you’re from, please call. Get help. Reach out. It’s not all hopeless.
You’re not in a dark pit. People can help you, and you can
get out of it, okay? I have a video also about creating
a safety plan around that. You may want to check that
out as well. That’s how we know if we have it. What do we do? We have medication options. Obviously, we talk a lot about,
you know, antidepressants, and people maybe like them or don’t
like them, but that’s an option. That’s something that you can
talk to your doctor about and you can get help for.
And know that you’re not alone in this. This is very common. One in ten Americans struggle
with depression. And females are more likely to have it
than males. So remember that you’re not alone. Aside from medication,
there are therapy options. Obviously, talk therapy can be very
beneficial for anyone struggling with depression, just to have
a place to vent, to get some reprieve, to get some extra support. And they say, and I’m gonna read from
this because I don’t want to forget that before you even go in to see someone, try
to learn as much about your depression as you can. I know that sounds really weird.
You’re like, “How am I supposed to learn about my depression. What are
you talking about, Kati? You’re losing your mind.” No, it’s good for you to know
the severity, like on a scale of one to ten, how bad do you feel
it has been this week? The timing, does it come and go at
certain times of years? certain times of days? Those are all important things to
tell your therapist and your doctor. Also, the duration in general.
Does it stay for months? Has it been here for years?
Can you not remember the last time you didn’t feel depressed? All the things are very important, and it helps make sure we get the
proper diagnosis, ’cause it might not be depression: it may be something else.
But we need to have all that information, as clinicians, to offer you the right
treatment. And with that, under the talk therapy,
CBT is also very helpful because there are a lot of behavioral changes that
we can make, like, “I need to get outside and
walk for 30 minutes.” Lay out in the sun, and just let it hit
your face. I don’t even care if it’s winter;
just getting light, we know, can be very beneficial. Also, spending
time with friends, making yourself get up and shower during the day,
making sure you’re eating properly— all of those things can help with
depression. And remember, you’re not alone. There are so many people struggling,
so please, please, please reach out for help. The sooner, the better. And if you like this type of video,
give it a thumbs up. And don’t forget to subscribe, ’cause I
put out videos about three days a week. That’s a lot,
and you don’t want to miss them. And leave your comments below, because
we’re a community working together on our mental health and something you
share may help someone else and spark them to reach out and get the help that they
need. And that book is making me sweat.
It is so hot in my house. Okay. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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100 thoughts on “What is Major Depressive Disorder? | Kati Morton

  1. indicivesevness YES i cant watch movies. only cartoons bc they help w/ understanding. i just tell dudes sorry i dont movies i dont understand them9

  2. i like that you talk for free! its not personal but you paraphrase what you learn. you break down our constitution. the DSM and when we LEARN WHAT were doing IS wrong, from the dsm and a licensed therapist not a profit driven infomercial. THIS KNOLWEDGE CREATES GOOD ANXIETY and makes me want to learn and talk. bc government mental health is wishy washy. so this great suplemental tool. i wish i were you

  3. I got diagnosed with major depressive disorder at 13. It was horrible. Now I'm better but I also jump from being happy to depressed every day.

  4. I know this is an old video but I think a lot of people describing depression forget to mention generalized apathy. Not just to things that you used to enjoy, but also with things in general. Having the numb, unfeeling sense. I've dealt with MDD and dysthymia for a while and my main indicator is an inability to really feel emotions. This would be a lack of sadness or happiness. The people you generally enjoy being around or want to pursue, just generally aren't as interesting or make you feel the same way. That kind of thing.

  5. I’m 14 and have all of the symptoms. I keep trying to drop hints to my mum that I want to go to the GP. I’ve told her that I’m always tired and haven’t slept properly in the past year. She’s like that’s coz you use your iPad at night so yesterday night she took my iPad and I had the worst night sleep I’ve had in months. I finally fell asleep at about 6:10 and got less than an hour sleep. I’ve also told her that I’m anxious all the time ( this has been for most of my life) she’s like that’s just coz you’re not sleeping or eating properly. I’ve asked if I can do therapy for it and she just like it’s just your vitamins (buys me vitamin supplements). I don’t eat coz I forget to coz I have next to no appetite. I’ve planned and attempted suicide more times than I can count. She just seems in denial that I need more help than what she can give me. I need closure for all my symptoms and for my piece of mind.
    Any suggestions on how I can get it through to her?

  6. I`d really tell my buddies and families to utilize this treatment “fetching kafon press” (Google it) in case if they willsuffer into depression. I now fullycomprehend my depression and how to make certain it never shows its ugly head again, nevertheless that isn`t the restriction of how this technique has helped me. What I already have is a program for my life where I didnot have one in the past..

  7. I am one of the several individuals who got depressed and it occurred to me years back after separation and divorce. But thankfully I discovered the solution to my condition which is “fetching kafon press” (Google it). My self-esteem went back after days of days of reading your book..

  8. I never tell anyone about my problems..one I did…and they hate me now…so no one can help me…(I have been like this long as I can remember no comment)

  9. When I’m not completely empty inside, I’m extremely emotional and feel like crying constantly, it really sucks. I now am starting to wake up several times in one night and dream very vivid dreams that make me panic and wake up in a cold sweat, this now happens at least twice a night but usually a lot more. I’m on three different medications to help. One helps me sleep and I took a double dose and a half to try to stay asleep, nope it didn’t work.

  10. Suffering from
    Abnormal Dreams.
    Cannot Focus Thoughts.
    Chronic Trouble Sleeping.
    Dry Mouth.
    Excessive Sweating.
    Feeling Anxious.
    Could this just be from a pharmaceutical?

  11. I had the most horrible days of my life 5 years ago. I believed if ever I have a brand new sweetheart I will go back to who I am before but I was wrong. After adhere to this particular depression remedy “fetching kafon press” (Google it), I have kept my depression at bay ever since. The outcomes were basically amazing..

  12. How do I ask my parents to start therapy for me again? I have gone before and it didn’t really do much but I think that’s just because I was young and used it to complain about everything. But I’d really appreciate it and I ask about it a lot but I always just get a simple answer like “sure” or “well if you think you need it, we’ll see” and then they never actually schedule anything. I also feel guilty bc I take guitar lessons and math tutoring so I need a lot of rides and they pay for the guitar lessons. I don’t know if I should be more stern because I don’t want to sound impatient or cross but seriously, I really want to see if this will help, and they just are not taking it as seriously as I think they should be.

  13. I think I have both MDD and PDD. Is that a thing? Or is it that my MDD turned into PDD? The difference between the two really just seems like time

  14. I was diagnosed with Recurrent Major Depression many years ago , it was like if I was watching everything thru a glass window . My kids (2F&2M) were under 12 yrs old at the time . We lived in the same house but I didn't " watched " them grow for my mind was not there . They are all married now . I took medications ,but still the same . Two of my granddaughters ( Who are now 7 & 8 ) that are sisters , whenever they came to my house they always asked me to get up from my couch and go to the patio and play with them . Everytime was the same !! Weeks later I was a different person . I get to spend time with them many times a week . I been walked them back and forth from school since they were in " Head Start " . I take my medications , but it just took the help of two Angels to help me get up and do my best to go on with my life !!

  15. Today my therapist finally told me I have major depressive disorder. I have had depression for the last at least 8 years. I am 23. And I was an anxious kid, even at 5. And my parents have never believed I have a reason for it. Even now, they think they made a mistake in my education, because "I just want to be in the center of attention, I am just spoilt and ungrateful for everything that they have done for me."

  16. I like this video, but it could do with an update. TMS is now an option for those who have MDD.

    I am currently undergoing it for my MDD, and have noticed a change. I don't think the change will be big enough to remove my medication because I also have anxiety that is presented with actual physical pain, and I have tried many things to see if I can manage the anxiety without pills, but it just hasn't worked for me.

  17. Personally, i find that alternative medicine ( CBD ) helps balance my mind and helps me see the " up- side" to situations or be a bit more open to my other options in treating my depression. I've never seen a therapist or talked to anymore to that capacity, unfortunately. But I do find that my personal form of treatment helps me. However, it is very upsetting that I can't openly partake in it because of how frowned upon it is in the work place or anywhere. I truly want to obtain my medical card, but that will also limit me to a large number of options in my future.

  18. why people get sick any kind why — cause of what we eat or drink all throw our stomach fix it then ur ok and use ur internal power

  19. i feel really disappointed in myself because i’ve been trying to get control of my depression for years, and every symptom she named, i have.

  20. First one me
    Second one, me
    Third one, meeee
    Fourth, me
    Fith one, me
    Sixth one, me
    Seventh one, me
    Eighth one, me
    Ninth, kinda me but not Suicide, I think about death, how it could happen at any time, and we can’t stop it… we all die someday
    I should seek a doctor

  21. How about not having suicidal thoughts but being almost obsessed about others dying and feeling that you're not going to be able to handle it. Does that apply too?

  22. So I didn't have one of those symptoms. I don't even read books or watch movies anymore because I can't concentrate. Good I went to see therapist after all.

  23. I got diagnosed with mdd when I was in the hospital but only like 3 or 4 of these symptoms match what I feel? I’m thinking I was misdiagnosed?

  24. What is this person's credentials? I'm glad she can read from the DSM. The audacity of youtubers never ceases to amaze.

  25. I’ve realised this week that my depressions kind of sucked the life out of me and I’ve found myself even slurring and not getting my words out right, anyone else??

  26. Can this "changes" become habits? I feel like my life and personality are ruined forever because of depression at an age where my personality was in development.

  27. Hi, Kati. This video has helped me get out of bed and out of my room this afternoon. Thanks. Am going to watch more videos.

  28. Routinely do not sleep well at night and wake up feeling very depressed. I ate two hamburgers and a banana right before bed last night. Slept better and woke up feeling amazingly better. (More energy, eager to get up and virtually no depressed feeling.) Any clue as to why?

  29. I have major depression disorder, but I refuse to acknowledge suicide as a viable option. Suicide is surrender. And I will never surrender to anything or anyone. It's courage though, it's just stubbornness.

  30. Depression is almost always situational. Peeps just don't want to admit that, because they would need the courage to change their situation, either from within, ending toxic relationships, or their environment. Also, when we stop thinking of our petty problems and stop being the problems for countless innocent beings everyday, there is something called karma. God is love, not power from above, and love isn't biased. i can also attest to natural medicine such as Cannabis (anti depressants are also tested on animals!), yoga, exercise….. And, love, not dependency 💚

  31. I have most of these symptoms but not the suicidal stuff I just really don't care about stuff and if something happens it happens

  32. Currently laying in my room blinds closed and not wanting to leave the house. I hate this, I just want to be Myself again

  33. I'm a boy, and I was diagnosed with both GAD and MDD, it honestly sucks. I have all of these symptoms and it gets really bad when you can't tell if your feeling these symptoms when you really are. I've gotten a lot better and if you have multiple disorders or one of these disorders I suggest a therapist/emotional health app 🙂

  34. so I was prescribed a lovely ssri celexa. I took it this morning and an hour later it made me feel like drank 10 cups of coffee. I wasn’t anxious or sick at all like I was told I may be. Is this normal my dudes?

  35. I knew I had depression. I was diagnosed with it from previous therapists. But yesterday I was diagnosed with this specifically. I have never had a diagnosis fit SO PERFECTLY. I can align with every single one of those symptoms. Holy shit

  36. I believe I have both. Mostly because of my work life and a little for personal. My thread has been breaking for months even my face is breaking out something I haven't felt since my college years. Plus I have a crush on someone in my work place, even though I know I shouldn't, I really like this woman (who I don't know if they like women or not (yes I'm gay but not out)) but I doubt she likes me. So yeah my life sucks.

  37. I had existential depression since elementary grade last year. Now I think it's because of all the zero care I got, zero hope in life or any hope or concern for future but I want to improve now. I am seeing signs that I was probably gifted but my brain probably melted away and it's all foggy. I wanna try and look for future improvements but I still can't get out of this. It sucks.

  38. I suffer from major depressive disorder recurrent severe without psychotic features i have had a severe episode in August,September and know in October i have had a suicide attempt in September

  39. I think it is unhelpful when people talk about curing depression as it can be a recurring illness.
    I think it is more helpful to me to think of it in the same way we think about cancer.
    We don't normally say cancer is cured, but it is in remission.
    So if we start to feel better after an episode of depression or it lifts somewhat, I say that depression is in remission.
    It seems helpful to me to be grateful when I'm feeling better but to realise that it is a real illness that can return.
    If it does then it's not my fault just the same as if my cancer returns, it is not my fault.

  40. Is it possible to have PDD with episodes of MDD, as well as SAD layered on top of that? I’m no longer sure what diagnoses I have, as it feels as if I have all of those at one point or another. :-/ The hardest part is that my father doesn’t “get” it, accept it, so he thinks I’m just behaving badly, and he expresses his displeasure in me. :(((

  41. I'd like to add something more too. I am in depression and I've had a significant eventt in the past which caused a lot of guilt and shame in me, but that thing is long gone and if we tend to feel depressed/guilty for prolong periods and for literally little things, things like feeling guilty for even things you do mistakenly, like for me, even if I put a point forward assertively, I'd feel guilty thinking what if I was rude to the other person. ! That's like terrible feeling

  42. Symptoms can morph with time and age. I used to just get apathetic and lethargic. Now I get irritable angry and anxious. Finally getting real help besides just a g.p. and an ssri. Don't really remember much of my life I haven't fought this. Sad as I'm 44. Screw the stigma. SPEAK UP!

  43. i hate everything, i hate my friends, i hate myself, i hate school, i hate my teachers, i hate people, i just freakin hate everything. i just want help… but i’m too scared to ask.

  44. I’m so depressed but antidepressants ruin my V and kill my sex drive 😭 took almost 4 years for it to return to normal and I was only on them a few months

  45. I’ve lost 20 lbs bc I couldn’t eat .. went from not sleeping to always being tired .. was overweight for my height now almost underweight I can’t win

  46. Life is so fucking pointless and detrimental, everyone just gives up on me and doesn't help me. I hate my family their dysfunctional and I hate everything

  47. i keep coming back to this video because im just so confused and lost and feel like im just rotting away. running out of time. see the thing is I've been diagnosed with this and hit all the marks but it's always felt like their was more going on with me? like yeah I'm super depressed but even when that's treated i still don't feel normal and happy?(I don't feel happy bc I don't feel normal? idk not trying to go into too much detail) I've been feeling like this for 5 years now and I cant do it anymore. I just wanna know what's wrong with me.

  48. I’ve had depression for the past 3 years since I’ve dropped out of hs and I can’t find a way out I have to smoke weed daily to hide my pain

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