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  1. Dr. Tracey (or anyone who can answer me), I was taking Paxil (40 mg daily) starting around the year 2011 and totally quitting completely cold turkey one day in November of 2017. For about a year before my stop date I took it very irregularly (sometimes I would skip a few days or try to quit for a week or week and a half and go back on). Taking into consideration my year-long irregular dosing schedule followed by the abrupt quitting, is it to be expected that I would still be effected by withdraws or some kind of after effects (like DP/DR, Extreme depression, panic attacks, etc.) almost 2 years later? I've seen some literature that suggests the coming off period can last 10 years in some cases, although to me that sounds very unlikely.

  2. I have never heard of this / these disorders. But I really enjoy learning new things especially from really gifted people. Thanks Dr. Marks for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Thank you so much. I’m only 14 and I had this my whole life. If feels like I’m in a dream of my own life, or I’m watching a movie about my life. It was so hard to explain to my parents, so I wasn’t able to get proper help. I just recently starting a month ago started developing depression symptoms from it too. I wake up, everything seems extremely boring, and it just feels like I’ve been possessed and I’m being controlled. I spend days on days, wasting my time doing stupid things which is causing time to fly by so fast and not make me realize that I’m even here.

  4. I’m not diagnosed but I’ve felt both of these for the vast majority of my life and can heavily relate to people’s experiences who have it

  5. Dr Tracey thank God you made this video on this subject. I have stopped taking 3 of my meds over the past 4 months Klonopin, Zoloft and Triliptal. I am in a living nightmare. I can't explain to my husband or sister what I am experiencing. I am so thankful to find this so they can watch it. I'm so terrified because I am alone in this darkness cause no one believes me when I try to explain whats happening to me. I've never known anything like this before. It brings me a little comfort to hear that this is a result from stopping medications. I just pray it will not be permanent.

  6. Some days I'll wake up and I won't be able to recognize myself in the mirror, it's like I'm behind someone and looking at them in the mirror, and usually this freaks me out, and even has lead me to cuting my hair.

  7. The only way out of this guys is knowing our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Not pretending to know him but really giving our lives to him. And it's not just about depersonalisation and derealisation . God wants you to be happy and live a fulfilled life full of your passions and desires. Find a good church that stick to the true word of God and not one that's legalistic / fake motivational / get rich churches and just seek him with all your heart and most importantly turn away from all sin. God bless !

  8. I've felt this way a large portion of my life and am very familiar with these terms. They are very scary experiences until you learn to cope with them. An issue that arises with derealization/depersonilzation is that the symptoms don't allow you to feel connected in a way that can help you associate with others suffering from the same ailment. I wish everyone the best, and if this can help–make your own reality and hone in on what is important to you <3

  9. A huge question I have with ppl in the field is what is their personal experience with mental illness? A lot of times it feels like doctors are just reading from a book, and don't fully understand what a patient is going through. I'd love your input

  10. Vome live with gor 2have years, My experience is living in sarn Estate creaps around my flat block disorder the nearest I come to pot is harry potter plants in the garden you deal with some who owns nearly everyone you know go ask the guy who owns max the dog that's all I'm saying…

  11. I depersonalize/derealize my experiences a lot. I talk about traumatic experiences very casually as if they’re not my own or tell myself it wasn’t that bad. I’ll repress and convince myself I’m fine until it hits me 10x harder weeks or months later. I sometimes look in the mirror and recognize myself but can’t believe I’m real. I believe this is due to depression and medical trauma( numerous operations for Cerebral Palsy)

  12. Ive recently been really struggling with staying involved in conversations, im not actually listening to the person talking im thinking about what i should be saying and looking like so im constructing uninvolved answers and thinking about what expression to pull. Idk if there is a word for it and id assume its just my really bad anxiety rn

  13. Can you also have systems of these disorders due to PTSD? Or would that be more considered of dissociating more that derealizing from your environment or your body due to trauma?

  14. For me, DBT and hypnotherapy have been FAR more helpful than CBT because they have helped me find ways to connect with my body when I realize that I'm detached. Also, SSRIs and antidepressants in general worsened my anxiety, so, my doctor gave me lithium carbonate and methylphenidate. That may seem like an odd combo for anxiety (mood stabilizer + stimulant), but, a large part of my anxiety is a symptom of the Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder. The two of them work together to level my mood, help me think clearly, lessen the severity of my overall SPD symptoms, and lessen my anxiety enough that I can manage it almost completely on my own.

  15. Sometimes when I'm driving, I feel like it's not me driving. I arrive at my destination and realize I made it and wonder what kind of symptom I'd just had.

  16. Guys listen If you are suffering from this condition let me reassure you that IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERMANANT. I promise you. You have to realise that it is nothing more than a debilitating cycle of thoughts. You get anxious, then your mind dissociates (completely natural) but then you obsess too much over this state, which causes more anxiety which in turn causes you to dissociate further. and this vicious cycle goes on and on. Guys if you want your normal life back you have to train your self to ignore these thoughts and get on with life. whenever a thought pops in your head like 'i don't feel real' instead of overthinking it, think to yourself 'whatever' and get on with exactly what you're doing . don't give that thought attention and time which it doesn't deserve. it takes practise it takes persistence but I promise you CAN and WILL be normal again if you realise this. get on with your life and start NOW

  17. Hi I've had this on and off for 12 years! When it first started it lasted 2-3 weeks but the last few years it lasts 2-4 months! usually what triggers it is worrying about my father because he drinks and drives so I panic and have alot of ruminating thoughts like will he get in an accident and hit someone? Will he get pulled over and arrested? Is he hurt? Is he dead??? I still live with him because of this disorder I struggle to get or keep a job! The worst thing is feel numb and the brain fog so It feels paralyzing and no one in my family has ever believed me!

  18. research this thoroughly b4 u take anyone's advice or medication for this issue…A ton of ppl, lots over 35, have been getting something that has the same symptoms as this…😆good luck& be well

  19. Thank you.. Doctor🙏
    I am Bipolar y have had some interesting moments not feeling real …y I do get visions still y I love most of them. also wonder if this is a side effect between the physical y digital worlds we live in…? I can find it blurry sometimes…I take meds…go to doc y counseling it all gets better in time🤗🙏💛🕊️🌺

  20. I remember I went out to eat with my dad and I felt that I wasn’t real and it was a dream but it came with my anxiety and it hasn’t left .

  21. I'm a Senior in high school and I've dealt with this since the 5th grade. I remember exactly when it started, but I have no idea why it started. I never knew it was a recognized disorder until about six months ago. I kind of just figured there was something wrong with my brain and ignored it. My parents kind of brushed it of too. Derealization/depersonalization never seems to go away for me but I'll try to describe it. When it's at its worst when I'm having an "episode" or however I should say that, it feels like I haven't woken up. I know that everything around me is real, I can talk to people and that's real but it doesn't feel that way. I always thought of it like looking through a TV screen. Like, when you get really really close to a screen and you can't see much else besides whatever is on the screen. That's what life feels like, it feels like I'm looking secondarily at that TV screen. But I can't look away from it, it won't stop and I just have to deal with it and act like everything is normal. Sometimes, when nothing feels real, it seems like there aren't any consequences to my actions. I could say anything and just open my eyes to the "real world" and what I said would have just been on that TV, not an actual event. I guess I just wanted to put this comment out there to maybe talk to people? Help them understand and help myself understand? I don't know.

  22. one time I stood up playing video games for a couple days and when I finally went to sleep real life looked like the game lol… when that went away I had a feel like I was dreaming…. I was awake but real life looked like a dream..shit lasted a few months. to this day I still have effects from it…Like I always miss words when writing a sentence…that never happened before the event.

  23. I've had bouts of this most of my life, sometimes quite severe, but often just fleeting. DBT, especially mindfulness practice, has been the most helpful thing for me. Mindfulness has helped me notice sooner that it's happening, and that is key when it could be dangerous for me, like when I'm driving or in a very crowded place. Learning grounding techniques, and ways to bring down my anxiety with my breathing, has also been really helpful. I try very hard to practice being present in the moment, and aware of my body. While this doesn't eliminate these symptoms completely, it has given me the skills to come back into my body and reality easier and sooner. Thank you so much for your videos! They have helped me to understand myself better. I've also sent them to friends and family to help them understand what I'm going through.

  24. Can (panic disorder +GAD+Depresalization) show the following symptoms –
    2.palpitations constantly
    3.blured vision
    7.cant even walk 1-2km fell like fainting
    And I have been in my room for.
    1 years
    Please help me out mam.

  25. I've felt like nothing was real and I'm looking through thick glass at what I'm doing for as long as I can remeber. You said it usually develops during adolescence or early adulthood. Could it still be this?

  26. Ive felt derealization like this when i came off hard stimulant drugs like meth or Adderal or if I take xanax for a few days and stop. It was weird and i hand high anxiety

  27. OMG IM SO GLAD IM NOT CRAZY (well, you know what I mean)

    My memories now feel like dreams and I’m getting confused between real life and dreams. It’s soo confusing and makes me feel so down… this actually helped, for one I now know it’s derealisation not really depersonalisation. This happens mainly at night or when I’m concentrating. I just feel emotionless and just falling

  28. When your depressed it will always feel like a cloudy day. That’s just normal. Everything is darker. Don’t put another label on yourself with that. When people are bipolar and go Hypomanic there senses are heightened. Colors are so much brighter. Amazing what the mind and body can do.

  29. I get the feeling that I’m dreaming but at the same time I know that I’m awake, this always happens to me once a month and I’m 12

  30. I very much appreciate it that you make videos on mental health and I love your content. But due to having dpdr myself this video caused me anxiety & worsened my dissociation. I think it would have been better to not use those "horror" effects or visualize the road that someone was describing. (For me my dissociation doesn't feel like that but it certainly made it worse.) People with dpdr can be easily triggered by something like that and I would like it more if you just spoke calmly about it. I understand though that you are wanting to demonstrate how it might feel like for those people who don't have it. Thank you either way, appreciate the content!

  31. I have DpDr for the past 11 years now (started at 14) and I also suffer from Sleep Paralysis for the past 8 years (started when I was about 17) at least 2-3 times a week all because of DpDr. I also have anxiety and frequent panic attacks.
    I manage to live with myself in my head, but there are time where I want to kill myself because of this, especially when I wake up in the middle of the night or if I stare at my reflection in the mirror for too long…

  32. This has helped. I'm think of getting back into therapy or going to my doctor about this. I'd if it's because of when I stopped taking my antidepressants or if its cause of depression

  33. I've experienced this before starting at least around late elementary school but I especially experienced it when I was using meth, I wasn't eating anything and I would get little too no sleep for weeks

  34. As a teen, I thought I had the ability to astral project. This lead to an interest in the occult, and I would talk about how I was able to have "out of body" experiences. I never felt bothered by it because I thought it made me psychic or that it was a super-natural "gift."

  35. Great video!! I’m five years out and experiencing a rough wave. There is nothing worse than the visual disturbances that come with this disorder:( any tips to get back on track would be appreciated

  36. I never knew there was a name for this. I've experienced this since I was 12 years old. I'm now 63 and I just went through 5 years of feeling dead. I am on medication, but my latest "break down" began last May, hit the worst part from June to August. Trying a new medication. It has not helped yet. So grateful to know I'm not the only one!!

  37. You rock Dr Tracey! So well thought and spoken!
    I had those symptoms in my late teens for about one year after I (only once) smoked pot. It kicked off with huge panic attacks and led to what you refer to as depersonalisation and derealization (I still confuse those terms with one another).
    Basically I felt I was living in my own head (quite literally) and looked through the eyes of my body and therefore questioned my ego-perspective. It sounds weird but basically I felt like I was steering an AI in an ego-shooter type of game and thus questioned my vision and reality itself. What helped me get through it was (unfortunately not therapy because I was afraid to tell people which in hindsight was stupid) but to concentrate on things which brought me joy or studying hard in school. I would always tell myself, when the anxiety and thoughts rose up, that everything will return to normal eventually and life will keep on going. That mantra helped me get through it piece by piece I got rid of this whole Syndrom.
    So if you suffer from it, remember that this will most likely not stay with you for your entire life. Don't do it like me however and suffer in silence. Get help. You will get through this.

  38. Too much: cell phone exposure, chemtrails, refined sugar and flour, mainstream media, giving up your own values to get along with the group…. and not enough: Sun, marijuana, good music, true friends, exercise, and being in a natural environment.

  39. Thank you Dr. for this video. I don't even know the name of this illness i have. I'm still struggling and wrestling untill today.

  40. I’ve suffered from DP/DR since a rapid taper of an SSRI in 2016. The withdrawal is horrific, and DP/DR is just one symptom of many. It’s amazing how many people that suffer from DP/DR from benzo or SSRI withdrawal. It’s a medical disaster. You said people usually get DP/DR in early adolescence, or they may get it from trauma or extreme anxiety or something like that so when a great number of people get it in times that are otherwise uneventful except withdrawal and at ages well past adolescence it would seem the culprit would be the doctor prescribed drugs. This needs to be recognized and studied.Lives are being lost and destroyed by the medication.

  41. I dropped about ten tabs of acid and kept taking it weeks on end. It was one of my best yet worst benders in all my life. I did a bunch of other stuff but I’m convinced that the acid is what did me in. Already having a predisposition for mental illness, i really fucked myself over.
    I spent about six months inpatient then moved to an outpatient program because i was that level of in deep. It was a severe psychotic break from reality and depersonalization was and still is something I deal with. Depersonalization is very real to me and it’s hard for me to even grasp. It’s hard to work, it’s hard to focus, it’s hard to even think sometimes just because I messed myself up so bad.
    I’ve been working hard to get my mind back to it once was but I’ve sacrificed a lot due to my stupid teenage mistakes. I have good days were I can almost feel like i used to and other days were I sit all day and barely notice the time or i notice it to much (minutes feel like hours) I forget to eat a lot and my doctors constantly watch my weight. Along with my other symptoms, i get exhausted a lot even just maintaining a conversation.
    My speech is staggered and my hearing goes in and out sometimes. Or at least it feels that way. It really sucks and it’s really frustrating because I feel like I’m not in my body but my mind feels trapped in it.
    The one thing I love though is that I’m insanely creative because of it. I use my art to assure myself that I’m still here and I’m still kicking. I also took up gardening something I always hated. Being a licensed massage therapist was a good route because having that contact with other people really helps me ground myself and sort of find my way back to myself. Thankfully, it doesn’t require a ton of cognitive skills, something I shattered with the drug use. And I still get that medical kick, since before my big break I was studying to be a physical therapist. I’m still on heavy medication for my more psychotic symptoms, I see my therapist twice a week and never miss NA meetings. Ever.
    Thank for this video. It feels really good to have validation in something I get told by others that I’m crazy for. I’m glad there are people like you on here informing people on easily misunderstood illnesses/symptoms. Much love 💛💛

  42. I have both, and although depersonalisation feels the worst, the derealisation has sent me to some pretty horrible places.

    Because I am convinced that I can't know if anything exists, that opens up the possibility that some pretty horrible stuff could be reality.

    I've never been depressed, or have any form of anxiety. It's actually the opposite. Why would I feel anxious in relation to the world when it's so far away?

    I am extremely extroverted, and I always have been. One summer I pretty much sat inside the house every day. I became extremely apathetic, and that's really when it started.

    It has been much better recently- but I don't know what caused it to cool down.

    I know this seems strange, but for me it helps so much to picture how other people see me. And then adopting that character, I've found that hardly anything changes. It's just the dissonance between you sense of self and your reflection. If you just let go of your sense of self and let yourself be your reflection, things calm down.

    I feel like my personality is assigned to me, and that's okay. Because it's still me, this is how I exist in the world. And that's okay.

  43. I really hate feeling nothing en thinking about nothing, my memories just don't match who I am, I have a trauma maybe because of that but not many people understand me

  44. How can you tell the difference between people who have reached enlightenment and realized we are none of us individuals? We are eternal beings of energy experiencing a temporary human experience.

  45. This is something I experienced with C-PTSD as a targeted parent of narcissistic abuse thankfully after 11 years I haven’t had any issues with it recently

  46. I acquired if after drinking a glass of marijuana(First time).I m 18 now and its since 2016. Doctors dont understand it and say its Stress.Any help? Edit: I have it 24*7 and got almost usual to it and i wanna be like other teens

  47. I’ve had this briefly, and at various times in life. Mostly during extremely stressful times, or during highly emotional times. No drugs involved.

  48. Wow! There's a name for it! I experienced this in my many years ago while in my teens. It scared me. I thought I was going insane. I sought help through therapists and a few trusted adults but I don't even recall anyone even responding to me. That is except my older sister who told me it was from smoking pot. Not that I smoked it often, just a scant handful of times, but I agreed that it could be the cause and never touched it again. The odd feeling of depersonalization left after about 2 years. By the time I graduated from high school, it was over. That is until I started college a few months later. I was absolutely thrilled to be a university student. Maybe all of the excitement brought it back. This time, I simply ignored it telling myself that I would let nothing ruin my higher education. As I grew more comfortable with college life, that awkward lense cleared never to return. All of these years, I thought I had experienced something odd and particular to me and nobody else I knew. Thanks for the info.

  49. I used to zone out into this as a young child and assumed it had something to do with reincarnation. I felt how did I get here in this body? Like it wasn't my body, I was just placed into it somehow. I didn't know why I was in this body in this place and it felt like I had on a costume and was in a play. I still think it has something to do with reincarnation. I can still do it sometimes if I let myself. It's not unpleasant at all.

  50. I think I've had this for 3 years now, but I don't know who to tell. I know the disorder because after a year of not feeling real, I searched up 'why don't I feel real anymore?', my childhood memories feel fake. I haven't used drugs or medication. It doesn't go in or out. I constantly feel like I'm in a movie. When I look back on when I woke up this morning, it feels like it didn't happen. Even in this moment. On days it gets much worse. Everything goes hazy and it doesn't feel real. I feel like I'm in my head. I did suffer from depression in 2018, but prior to that I didn't feel real, which caused my depression. I don't know how to make it go away. In the second year of not feeling real I became so depressed, but now I'm used to it and I feel numb. I must say due to not feeling real I've tried a lot of new things and I have a go at everything, my reason being 'nothing's real anyways, so why does it matter if I mess up?'. Sometimes I'm convinced the people around me are fake, and I'm the main character of some sort of game. I used to think my family weren't real and they were against me. But now I'm used to it. For some reason I don't feel like people are real, but I know animals are real, and I feel like animals and me are the only real things against the world.

  51. I’ve felt like this for way over a year now, but over the past two weeks it’s been scarily prominent and I don’t know what to do. Does anyone have any tips?

  52. The first time I had this when I was 13 (2009).. I think the reason why I had this is because of my meds for my epilepsy. The hard part with my experience is that the feeling when you're about to have seizure, is the same as DP/DR ( Vignette effect, numbness, feeling like you're not real etc.) . So whenever I feel DP/DR, Im scared Im going to have seizure, I panic sometimes.. But the irony is whenever I have seizure, after I wake up, thats the gauranteed time I feel im real and normal again, atleast for few hours… 🤣🤣 Now I can tell I am okay.. I think Im DP/DR free for almost 3 years? I just cant remember when it stop…

  53. I often feel like my body isn't right and I'm looking for answers. I know I'm the same height but it feels like I'm seeing things from about an inch higher than usual, my face doesn't look right. Like I have a relatively strong jaw for a girl, but my jaw will look too soft, or my eyes or lips are too big, or my nose looks like the wrong shape. My sweat doesn't smell right to me, I know it's the same smell but my body smells different to me, and more gross, like it's someone else's sweat and I'm not used to the smell (the smell of my sweat normally doesn't bother me) sometimes things don't feel real, I remember memories in 3rd person, and I remember dreams that I know were in my POV in 3rd person, in my dreams I also tend to either dream that I'm a different person, with a different voice, height, and personality, but remember from my 3rd person POV that I was actually me. Weird stuff, don't know if the dreams and memory stuff is normal but I know I'm not supposed to feel like my body isn't mine

  54. I started having symptoms of depersonalization and derealization in 2013. I would loose feeling on some part of my body like my foot. It would be numb. I could move it and walk on it fine but it felt like I was walking on a prosthetic leg. That foot did not belong to me. 45 mins later. It came back just like that, no tangling. I also felt that I would blink my eyes and 5 hours would pass. Tunnel vision and a day dreaming state happen constantly were I would arrive in town and would not recognized where I was. All of this cause a lot of anxiety. I started the Keto diet on April 1st,19 and cut off the sugar and all my symptoms went away. I had a piece of lemon meringue pie this past September and 2 days later, the symptoms came back for 2 days. I think I am allergic to sugar as I am not diabetic.

  55. I use to play a lot of video games and staying up really late over the summer, I use to get light headed most of the days so I started researching on my symptoms witch was a bad idea I started to worry i had a brain tumor for over a month then i started doing more research to the point where I thought I was going insane I started feeling weird and I just kept getting panic attacks because I would worry every day for 3 months.. I want to know why I feel like this?

  56. I was looking at dissocactive identity disorder and i come across Depersonalization and the easiest way to put it Depersonalization is basically a black out for a few minutes or a zone out type of thing

  57. Hey guys I’m gonna answer the most asked Depersonalisation questions: firstly I want to give you a quick story on my experience with it.
    Smoked weed, then I went sober in the evening and nothing was wrong, I woke up and everything suddenly felt different, it felt as if I was still high, I was so anxious the whole day and scared to do anything, so I just slept the whole day. I watched so many DP videos daily for hours to try and find how to get rid of it, none of this didn’t work. Why did it not you may ask? Because the only thing you can do to get rid of DP is to get away from thinking about it. Lemme guess you’ve already tried this and nothing works, explain why you are reading this right now then? What have you been doing to reinforce the DP thought in your mind recently. As hard as it is to believe your DP will go. I guarantee it, but only when you stop ✋ and understand it’s all in your head, DP is just a thought that gives you dream like feelings. When that thought is weakened and you don’t have so much fear of it no longer then you will be freed from DP. In fact it’s been proven that every time you don’t think about DP then you don’t experience the effects, but as soon as you think about DP then you feel the shitty feeling of not being the controller of your body. Don’t worry i have gone through DP for a year. After telling my friend who got DP coincidentally a few months after I recovered I told him everything and he surprisingly managed to recover within 3 weeks fully. This is because he showed no reaction to the thought and no fear.

    Q1) will my DP be for 10 years like other people?

    No, this is because 10 years ago there was no information about what DP actually was so people who experienced it for so long obviously didn’t know what it was. You are lucky becuse you have YouTube and all of this info.

    Q2) what can I do to get rid of DP?

    Forget about it is the one simple thing, when I say forget about it I don’t mean you need to forget you have DP, just don’t show any fear to that thought. This means when it pops up in your mind just accept it and think to yourself “ok I got DP, it’s not too bad because it can’t physically harm me.”

    Q3) do I have a mental disability? E.g schizophrenia

    No. people with schizophrenia would not experience anxiety, the fact that you worried and found this comment shows just how anxious you are meaning you are totally normal. I fought through this thought and worried myself to death until I had panic attacks. Now months later I haven’t experienced any psycho symptoms.

    Q4) When will my DP go?

    Imagine DP as a fire 🔥. You are feeding it fuel ⛽️. As soon as you stop giving it this fuel it will become smaller 📉 resulting in less feelings of DP. Although you may not feel any difference your mind is adapting to the feeling of DP and thinking it’s the worst stage possible. Trust me it’s not. Some people get way worse experiences with it and when you slowly recover you will feel different sometimes before going to bed. (Like no DP for a few seconds) it will go once that fire is extinguished. 💦 so feed it water instead by going out. Having ambition and hope and not giving in to it or being depressed over it! Be hopeful!

    Trust me, DP is a small thing that makes you think it’s big. It’s like a rat 🐀 in a dark forest. Although you hear sounds from the rat you will think it’s a deadly bear 🐻 no it’s not it’s a rat 🐀. And it will always be, it can’t harm you. All it will do is nibble your toes so that you are uncomfortable. So get yourself together, nothing will happen. The millions of people who have gone through this have recovered because they didn’t reinforce the DP thought into their head. Now it’s your turn! ⭐️ 💫

    Ps: any questions then feel free to reply and ask.

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