Hello everyone and welcome back to the
channel. If this is your first time here my name is Lola and today I am giving
you some highlights and a summary of week 2 into my 30-day fat loss challenge. If
you missed the previous videos of this challenge I have included the links for
them in the card and description below. Alright, let’s beast it! So, today is the
beginning of week 2 into this challenge and we are December 8, 2019 and I step on
the scale already and got also my fat percentage, measurements. So, today we are
down to one sixty four point two pounds which is actually a surprise to me
because last night I had the huge bowl of chips, and chips, as you know, have a lot
of sodium. So, I really expected… and I did drink a lot of water because I do
drink a lot of water during the day to just keep myself hydrated. So, I was
thinking that with that much sodium my weight won’t be any less different than
yesterday, but to my surprise, we are down to one sixty four point two pounds! I
also had another surprise with the fat percentage because I didn’t think I would
see this much decrease in a week. It is true that I am in a calorie deficit
everyday and it’s a very big deficit actually because there are days as you saw
last week, when we look at my macros most days I was really struggling with
reaching my goals calorie and eighteen hundred and eighty calories,
that’s already a deficit for me. And on top of that some days I was not even
reaching 1500 calories so that is… days like on December 6 I was not
in 1,100 calories so, anyway, what I’m trying to say is I’ve been on a very big
deficit and again I want you to understand that I’m not starving myself.
I am trying to have all the meals that I need to have and this is just part of
dealing with my disordered eating and the fact that I do not eat much is not
because of deliberate starvation but rather in a difficulty to feed myself,
which is a daily struggle. To move on, yes we are in the 21 percent in term of fat
loss starting this week. This graph of course is for last weeks so as we have
more and more numbers for the weight we will have more points on the graph as
well. So anyways, these are my numbers as we start week number two! So today is day 10, we are 1/3 into the
program. So, everything is going so well, so good.
I just finished my workout it was back and abs and yeah my back feels really
fried right now but it wasn’t good workout. I just wanted to give some updates.
The challenge is going great. So far ,my weight is really fluctuating. It is
something that I expected because the first week we had a really dig deep
down in terms of weight. That is something that is a very normal.
any program that we start, in the beginning we’re going to see big changes
in weight and fat percentage. I don’t expect my fat percentage to change too
much this week and the following weeks till the end of the challenge, but it
will change but not as drastically as in the first week, and same with the weight. So,
my weight was similar to the one from Sunday, yesterday and today we had a
little increase. And again as I said before this is something that I expected.
The plateaus, not so much but the fluctuations, yes, mainly because of two
reasons: the first one is like I said in one of my Instagram posts on Saturday
evening I had a huge bowl of chips and with that much sodium I did expect some
water retention. And also, I am roughly around the middle of my cycle, the
menstrual cycle. So yes, I do expect more water to be retained in the body. So
yes well we’ll probably see a lot of fluctuations between now and next week and
even through the end of the program. Again, this is a short
program. 30 days is not too long for a challenge like this. Yeah, so I do
expect my weight to fluctuate a lot. Some days it would plateau but I’m not too
concerned about the plateau. I’m not concerned about the fluctuations
either-or so I do not know if I mentioned it before starting the program at least
in the videos as I know I did in one of the Instagram posts. The goal in this
fat loss challenge is to lose seven pound of fat. So losing seven pounds
doesn’t mean that because we started at 168 almost 169 pounds my weight is going
to fall down to 162 pounds. That’s not what it means. seven pounds of fat is
just that, seven pound of fat. So, my weight may even stay at 165 pounds
through the rest of the challenge and I would have still lost that much if
not more of the fat and the reason is also as I as you saw in some of the
videos, the workout videos, I do workout on hypertrophy. So, I am also building
muscles. Anyways that was my update for today. So, until the next one! So, this is how the meals went for last
week. Overall, it wasn’t too bad. Some days, you can see, yes I had more or less
difficulties to reach my goals of eighteen hundred and forty calories
daily and some others well towards the end of the week actually you can see my
numbers were just all over the place, and I’m going to talk about it next. And also,
I want to say that last week was also in the middle of my menstrual cycle. So not only
I expected my weight to fluctuate a lot in that period mainly because of a lot
of water retention and it did and actually it did. Well, when we say
fluctuations we see ups and downs. I had mostly ups and this is a subject
that we’re going to talk about on the next tab. With me being in the middle of
my cycles I did have the symptoms that I do have when I have my period. That
includes headaches, cravings, bloating, tiredness, and so on. So that is what you
can see especially at the end of the week. The last three days is when yes
those numbers are all over the place because I had more of the less
nutritious foods than the nutritious ones and that includes key lime pie. That
is usually something that I crave a lot. So, I did have a lot of it. So, wherever
you see the 900 calories and 450 that is basically the key lime pie because a 1/8
of a big one that alone is 450 calories for six grams of protein,
two grams of fat and 57 grams of carbs! So, that’s mainly what I had and what I
wanted to have last week, and I did. and I did mention my weight. So, this is how the
weights went last week. We started second week on December 8th at one
sixty four point two and we were at 21.5 percent body fat. So, during all that week
you can see I had an increase every day. We went from one sixty four point two
to one sixty seven point two before getting back to 165.8. So this is
how my weight behaved last week and I’m glad it did while in this challenge
because this gives me something to show because as you see this is usually… like
when people start their weight loss or fat loss journey, it all goes well until
they see peaks like that and this is usually where they give up, where they
want to quit because – and especially if you weigh yourself every day. So if you
weigh yourself every day that is when you’re going to see all those numbers
going up and down, up and down and this area right here is where people, when
they see that they automatically assume that what they are doing is not working.
But it is not true. Well, unless they are in calorie surplus then yeah the gaining
in the weight in the numbers could tell that story. But as long as you are doing
what you are supposed to be doing… Your weight is going to fluctuate through
your journey some time you’ll be in up sometimes you’ll be down sometimes you
even have plateaus. I don’t have plateaus for too long. Usually, my weight stays the same for two days and then it goes down or it goes up
but yes a lot of the time those peaks are water retention and also there are
various reasons why your weight acts this way. In my case, like I said, that weight, I
was in the middle of my menstrual cycle. So, I did expect my way to behave that
way just because of the water retention because again, as you can see, except
for Friday when I went all over the board, except for that day the rest of
the time I was in a calorie deficit. So, the gain that happened that week in my
weight was mostly water retention. I want to stress this point out. When this
happens, please, just keep going. Continue going. If you are doing everything right
and what you’re supposed to be doing don’t get alarmed when you see something
like this. When it comes to my workout yes I did say in the beginning of the
program that I did not expect to skip any exercise, have any red but as you
can tell last week I did and especially at the end of the week. So those are
the last three days in the week I didn’t exercise at all and that is
because as I mentioned earlier I did have on top of craving, bloating, headaches, I
also had a lot of cramping and the cramping, my cramping, is so bad to the
point where I get incapacitated. So, this is pretty much why I did not exercise at
all the last three days. So you see a lot of red for those three days so that’s
how that week went but overall, things went so far,. so good. I mean, things are
good today as well. Yes, we are going somewhere, and as I am into this of
course you’ll already see the numbers for this week but yes I just keep
recording every day. As of right now well you don’t see it in
the chart because the chart stops at the end of last week. We have some
fluctuations, and fluctuations right here and again nothing to worry about
and that will be something to talk about more in the next video as the next video
I’ll be talking about this current week. if you like what you see here and want
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follow my progress and interact with me. Thanks for tuning in and see you soon!

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