ha hey guys so last night I was
scrolling on the old Twitter feed and I came across this ad that kind of threw
me off a little bit Applebee’s hashtag lo sizzle tonin get cured with loaded
fajitas and then it shows like a typical picture of a human brain it’s similar to
like the advertisements for antidepressants and SSRIs wait a second
no is that fajitas in the brain Applebee’s fajitas aren’t supposed
to be in the brain that’s where serotonin is so once I click through the
ad it took me to another post by Applebee’s and here’s what this one had
to say are you suffering from hashtag low sizzle Tony
Applebee’s that’s mental illness that’s so funny I resonate with this get your
levels right with Applebee’s new loaded fajitas and then it shows like a bunch
of symptoms next to a brain with a fajita plate in it you know I can enjoy
tasteful dark humor sometimes but this is like this isn’t even tasteful it’s
probably like a bunch of old white dudes around fucking marketing table hello my
old fellow white men I gathered you here today so we can brainstorm for our next
marketing campaign what these kids are into nowadays bingo yes Steven what do
you have it’s oppression so if you don’t know by now lo sizzle toning is
obviously a play on low serotonin which is a medical condition associated with
clinical depression your brain has trouble with either the reuptake of
serotonin or the producing of serotonin which is became a cool associated with
like happiness and motivation now depression is one of the most common
mental disorders in the entire world and in the US alone in 2017 seventeen point
three million adults reported having a depressive episode
awesome Applebee’s yeah let’s go ahead and poke fun at a condition that takes
lives every year it’s not like suicide has ranks the tenth leading cause of
death in America right and we first saw this I guess taking advantage of mental
illness when Burger King dropped their unhappy meals and I guess that was our
first real example of an out-of-touch Corporation trying to use mental illness
to sell ashby food and that received some well-deserved backlash but after
seeing this I think Applebee’s takes the cake by far so what happened when I
clicked one step further will take you to a website sizzle
calm check your symptoms think you might have Lohse is enter your symptoms below
and we’ll let you know if you have sizzle toning deficiency all right so at
this point it’s like Applebee’s is that one kid who never knows when to stop
dragging the joke on the last step before this was already bad enough if
you would’ve just stopped there I mean it still would have been bad but this is
just like man like who makes these decisions okay so enter your symptoms
below mood swings Low Energy okay so two symptoms of serotonin deficiency all
right so let’s see what happens if I put in like some real shit surely if I enter
this in this is gonna be a red flag right I mean I’m sure they recommended
me to like some type of suicide awareness website oh well I guess
according to sizzle tonin calm it looks like I just have low SIDS
okay sweet Applebee’s thanks a lot what do I do about that okay so it shows like
a little youtube video called sizzle tone and PSA but don’t worry there’s
hope Applebee’s new loaded fajitas are here to cure your low sizzle toning
levels once and for all in the meantime join others with your condition and sign
up for a club to get $5 off your prescription when you dine in like what
like I literally cannot believe that this is a real thing like that’s
unfathomable to me like they really thought this was a good idea and what
this really reminds me of is a video by dissolve and it’s called this is a
generic millennial ad basically it’s a video that just plays all these generic
jump cuts and videos of typical things that Millennials would do basically the
essence of the video is it’s kind of like poking fun at corporations for
pandering to the Millennial audience they try to use all these relatable
things and issues because they think they understand the youth but really
there’s trying to manipulate us too by their shitty products like mental
illness really that’s the one you’re gonna try and take advantage of so let’s
roll the tapes yeah it’s pretty good it wasn’t always this way I was
experiencing dolphins right why would he sign this
for dolphins he doesn’t care about anything he’s gonna go this guy eats
makitas like all the time okay that’s me so relatable Applebee’s I’m gonna go
spend my money at your restaurant oppression that’s hilarious okay so
basically Applebee’s makes an ad about a guy who’s experiencing symptoms of
depression and low serotonin his wife comes in and she’s like oh we got to do
something about this so their solution is to get cured and go to Applebee’s to
have they’re loaded for ITA’s this is just another company showing it ignorant
towards mental health in order to sell you something it’s not tasteful and it
ends up perpetuating the stigma of mental health in that really it’s not
that big of a deal and if you just go to fucking Applebee’s you get their fajitas
you’ll be all right these big corporations need to get their marketing
team all these baby boomers put them in a circle and educate them on what mental
illness is and believe it or not in 2019 and I can’t believe I’m saying this
there’s still a stigma around mental health and by Applebee’s and Burger King
putting these ads out there perpetuating this idea that mental health isn’t as
serious as it really is all while trying to manipulate people into buying their
food honestly my personal opinion I thought Applebee’s was already trash as
it is I didn’t even know they had fajitas nor have I ever even gone to an
Applebee’s in my life so a few words to Applebee’s cheapening the series
of mental illness isn’t gonna make your cheap-ass fajitas taste any better

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  1. Mabye they should have done a play off the scene off Talladega nights or something, lol.

  2. Dear Drew, are you going to be in the YouTube Rewind 2019 video this year? 💻

  3. The fact that they made parts of their ad look like an actual prescription drug ad is so gross, on top of everything else. Was there really not one person somewhere along the line that said, "maybe this isn't such a good idea, guys!" ?
    On a completely unrelated note, I think I need, "fuck dolphins, right?!" on a t-shirt now.

  4. Also I thought that ad was fine. Some people use humor as a copping mechanism to what's going on in their life (like myself). It's just seem like a play on that.

  5. Yea when I saw that commercial for the first time I thought it was an ad about depression then realize how stupid it was since it’s for Applebee’s

  6. I expect nothing less from Applebee's. They are a bottom tier food chain and this ad, much like their food, was in bad taste *mic drop*

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