[calming music] We’ll see if I spill this one guys! Good
morning my beautiful friends and welcome to Saturday! I hope the weekend is
treating you well, I’m really excited to bring this to you guys because it has
some cool surprises in it. I wanted to go through like presents or things that are
good to give to people who are going into surgery who are dealing with
chronic illness or pain or just like really sick because there are like
things that are commonly given and sent which are super super nice and super
awesome like flowers or chocolate or cards and those have always brightened
my day there have been things that are more specific that I did the email
lately if you’re looking for something good to give someone who is about to go
through a major surgery or like I said dealing with something more chronic here
are my recommendation so number one kind notes you guys have seen me talk about
these before I was given this by my friend Erin and I’ll show you what these
are all about now the reason why I really really like these is because it’s
something that I could look forward to every day so in these tiny little
envelopes you will find really really cute little sayings like this one I am
in the right place at the right time doing the right thing and I know that
some of this might seem cheesy some people but honestly like reading that
and thinking about in the morning and thinking that okay well I’m in a lot of
pain right now I’m recovering from surgery or I’m sick or whatever but this
is where I am I am in the right place at the right time doing the right thing I
just need to focus on today and that’s it was really really uplifting to me and
something I’m super excited about with this is that I reached out to kind notes
to ask if they would be willing to partner with me for this video I am
getting absolutely nothing from this they want you guys to know that but they
have been so so so so kind to offer to give you guys two of these jars so if
you want to comment below and then like their page on the Instagram its kind of
notes at kind notes that’s all you have to do enter
and I all announce the winners on Monday you can send this to yourself or to a
relative a friend a family member someone struggling with something and
the cool thing is that they cover a wide range of topics it doesn’t have to be
someone who’s sick if you just need encouragement you’re just going through
something or anything like that their notes are a super cute and B cover a
really wide range of topics also super cool if you enter team Joe and check out
in the discount code section you’ll get through T percent off so that’s really
awesome again I don’t get anything from that
it’s just 50% off for you guys I feel really bad destroying this poor
puppy but he just tastes so good so I know that I told you that I’ve recovered
from at least ten ankle surgeries wrist surgery a knee surgery heart surgery so
I’ve had my fair share of surgery recoveries you would think I would have
figured this out before then having a fridge within arm’s reach because that
was recovering on this couch right here has been the most helpful thing during
this surgery recovery so if you or someone know is going to be out for a
while like on a couch in bed anything like that for more than a week having a
mini fridge close by is just been such a gift because then I’m not but my husband
to get me water all the time it’s right here that way I’m also not putting
myself in danger trying to hop up the stairs there which you know I still do
cuz I need coffee but on bad days and especially when I was first recovering
from surgery I didn’t actually have to move really at all I’d have to give to
go to the bathroom and that was it so this was a huge handy-dandy investment
I think this fridge was like a hundred bucks but you can definitely find
smaller ones for cheaper definitely worth it so it looks like Sadie and
Sadie’s tennis ball are gonna join us for this next shot let’s see if she can
catch it let’s see if she can catch it yes good girl okay so the next thing
that I would recommend over Sadie’s chomping is good ice packs and here’s
why a lot of people just use ice which is awesome it’s super effective however
for recovering from surgeries injuries or just having chronic pain ice can
really help but having ice it’s easy to put on and lasts longer than just
melting ice in a ziplock bag which can also leak and get really messy is
incredibly helpful it’s also a lot easier to change out and to keep on with
velcro straps like this like this one from Ferris therap Act I think
I said I found this on Amazon I’ll just provide the link to where I found on
Amazon I have I think three or four of these now having a variety of these
kinds of ice packs it was really helpful as opposed to just trying to keep
filling ice cube trays so I’m kind of cheating and working to recommendations
into one but along the same lines having a really good heating pack is super
super super super helpful and this one is electric or electronic
electric we’re gonna go with that it just plugs in to my outlet right next to
me I don’t have to worry about like heating it up with a microwave or
anything like that a lot of people use like rice bags or stuff like that again
works really well but if you’re sick if you’re not feeling good if you’ve got a
migraine if you’re recovering from surgery if you’re on crutches it’s
really hard to move back and forth and so having something that’s right here
you don’t have to move to use it works really well for me the ones that I have
in particular by peer enrichment they have worked fantastically for me again
not sponsored at all but they turn off after two hours if you want them to they
have different heating levels and they have enough like space to actually heat
whatever you need it but the reason why I so strongly recommend these to anyone
who is recovering from surgery dealing with chronic illness chronic pain or
knows anyone who is is because if you’re laid up for a long time if your injury
needs ice that still means that you’re staying in one place in other parts of
your body gets sore other parts of your body hurt like I have chronic neck
issues and lamed all the time makes us worse so for like the first three weeks
of surgery I was pretty much on the couch 24/7 so I had this on my neck
often because he helps that or your back starts getting sore the hot and cold to
change back and forth with has been really helpful to having good products
instead of having to go back and forth between like the microwave and ice cube
trays is so helpful and really a gift to have so what’s this you may ask well
this is pugsy he is not a fourth dog he is a perfect pet if you look closely
actually breathe now I realize that may be creepy to some people but sure Mia
it’s actually really relaxing to watch my mom got this for me in a little shop
and I’ve linked the website where you can find them down below they’re really
really calming to watch they just sit there and they bring
and you don’t have to take care of them so it’s like having a pet it’s not
really like having a pet but it’s kind of like having a pet but watching
something cute and soft breathe next to you is really relaxing and so they’re
about 40 bucks I believe and they’re a great gift to give to yourself or
someone you know who is sick or having surgery the last thing that I would
recommend is an audible subscription I have had this for myself for about two
years now it’s $14 a month or I think about 25
I’ll link in the description down below but this is basically just audiobooks
you get one audiobook a month for the lower price or two for the higher price
I end up going through way more than just one a month and listen do all
different kinds of things but I’m right now listening to girl wash your face
which is by Rachel Hollis I didn’t really expect to like this book but I
like it a lot more than I thought it would the reason why I strongly
recommend audiobooks is I mean of course it gives you a chance to learn something
new but it also gives you a break from just like constant screen time you know
if I’m recovering from something or if I’m laid up if I’m not feeling good I
end up watching a lot of TV movies of shows things like that and it’s a good
break from that also as a side note you may wonder why I didn’t just recommend
books in general first of all books are awesome buy people books or get yourself
books I love them but when I was initially recovering from surgery I was
way too out of it to actually like focus and read words on a page so if someone
is really not doing well they’re not feeling great if you’re not doing well
if you’re not feeling great I found that books were a little too
challenging for me like for the first three weeks to a month so audiobooks
were the way to go also just a quick update for everyone who is asking my leg
is okay I went to the doctor about that access or sister whatever it is weird
though weird thing is it’s not actually any of the above it’s really irritated
it’s really swollen it’s not getting better and he said just to like stay off
of it keep compression on it do some massage and hope that it gets better
I can’t have my leg recast it I can’t walk on my cross leg leg I cannot do
anything on it until it gets better which is frustrating I’m not gonna lie
everything is just like stopped there’s no forward movement but everything is
temporary right I know that I know that it’s going
a better one way or another he said that surgery could be on the table for it
like if it doesn’t get better but we’re not gonna go there right now like that’s
not gonna happen fingers crossed hopefully it will get
better just like me taking good care of it and I will take good care of it
because I want to get back to things as soon as possible please enjoy the rest
of your Saturday as my friends and like I said I put links to everything I
mentioned in the description box below if you want to check it out if you’re
interested I love you guys thanks for watching I’ll talk to you soon – bye! -Jo

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  1. Hi Jo, I hope everything is going ok with you, It looks like you aren't in too much pain in this video which makes me happy, I also noticed we have another thing in common we ue the PureRelief XL King Size 12×24 Heating pad, i bought 3 of each because i use them everyday,all day long sometimes on 1 just to keep the muscles in my back loose, i also have 3 of the PureRelef XXL Ultra-Wide 20×24 Heating pads.

    Anyway,i have some ideas for your YouTube channels, please get in touch with me when you can on Facebook. All my love to you Jo, my good friend, Send my love to Sadie & the other animals <3 Take care my good friend Jo!

  2. your progres might have stopped now for a bit due to thee swollen leg, and that is really frustrating. but you are not going backwards and thats a good thing. i hope it gets well soon 🙂

  3. Isn't it amazing how excited we get when we find a quality ice pack and/or heating pad? Haha! I never thought that my life would be this way. Thank you for all of your fantastic suggestions. I have had many surgeries myself, and I know that quality post-op products are a must. Safety and an attempt for even a bit of pain relief…..ugh! It can be overwhelming. Thank you for sharing your story. We're stronger when we help each other.

  4. Hope everything is on the right way now! That that thing in your leg is on its way to disappear. I was wondering too if your dogs have reacted on your new self?

  5. Dec 27th I had knee surgery. It was bad at first I expected that . But to still be hurting so bad and therphy hurting so much it almost makes me sick has been bad . I'm still on pain meds but they aren't working much anymore. My whole right leg hurts , throbs and just hurts. My left leg is hurting/sore for taking up what might right leg cant . Its miserable to not be able to get up and do whatever. And I'm not one that asks people to help .

  6. Hi Jo, I’d like to discuss a business inquiry in regards to your channel. Is there an e-mail address where I can reach you? Thanks!

  7. Those kind notes are adorable! I have some friends who struggle with depression and anxiety, as well as myself, these would be a great gift for them. I am having surgery in 4 days and these are great suggestions, going to look into those ice packs! Thanks!

  8. Jo, those are great ideas. With having back surgery and permanent nerve damage, a few things I got from friends were : dinners, short visits, phone calls. Human connections helped me so much. Starting a new hobby that isn't messy or takes a lot of space. Mine was learning to crochet. Thanks for your update. I pray that your leg will improve without requiring another surgery. 😊

  9. I just found your channel and I love it. I'm not an amputee.. but I do suffer from chronic pain. And I hate it so much.. and I never thought having chronic pain would lead to having bad mental health.. never thought my thoughts would lead me to want to end my life.
    Thank you for being awesome.

  10. For coffee addictions when you’re stuck in one place? Try an electric kettle and a French press. The added bonus is you can also use the electric kettle for stuff like tea or noodles. Another nice gift you can give to someone who you know is going to be laid up long term is a bed lounger. Couches aren’t great support when you lay on them and beds aren’t great support when you sit on them. Bed loungers go a long way toward solving the second problem (neck and back support, what a concept).

  11. My best friend and I had surgery around the same time, me for my knee, her for her ankle. Both of us had very different surgeries and recovery time, but both of us spent a large amount of time in pain on the couch, and it would have been amazing to have something like this then.

  12. Audio books are such a great idea, I wish I had something like that in hospital, the TV drove me NUTS !! and as you said, books were challenging.
    and those cards were cute too, my daughter talked about making something similar.. writing good things that happen on post it notes and putting it in a jar, when you feel down.. open the jar and read a good memory.
    im a new LBKA so i feel your pain with having to stay off your leg when things flare up. Hope it gets better soon <3

  13. I had emergency surgery over the summer (ruptured appendix) and was off work for 1 month. I’m a bookish person, but like you was so ZONKED (Thankyou nauseating medications!!).

    One of my favourite gifts was

    A) a bottle of Ribena cordial my brother brought to the hospital because Leeds tap water sucks
    B) my friend knew I was struggling with reading so got me an amazon voucher for e-books, movies etc. I actually bought a fire stick with it so I could watch Netflix in my bed at home.

    Lots of love x x

  14. I've checked out your channel and I think that you're one strong cookie! I subbed and I cannot wait to see more videos! May God bless you! 🙂

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