100 thoughts on “Twins Allege Mom Uses Her Mental Health Issues To Excuse Unacceptable Behaviors

  1. Just like my mom. They're too old and too stubborn to admit they're wrong. They're so invested in their story they could never apologize. My mom is going to die alone while all 4 of her kids are living our lives happily without her in it.

  2. My goodness….wow, I feel for these siblings. I wish my family hadn't also brainwashed my sister. I stand alone as the lone witness to my mother's narcissistic, abusive behavior while everyone one else either enables or denies it ever happened…

    Y'all need to run far and fast, forgive and start over…..leave the parents to their own devices.

  3. Three words. Borderline. Personally. Disorder. My mother is like this and as a kid growing up with her was TERRIBLE. They are always playing the victim.

  4. In a crazy way… You have to admire how the husband stands by his wife.. Kids turned out strong and down for one another. No more kids to take care of. Everyone will turn out fine at the end of this

  5. Starting to notice a pattern; weak men will settle for manipulative women. Idk the source of the weakness but I know a million and one men who are married to a woman like this who tries to defend her every move. SHES TOXIC AND YOURE LETTING HER WALK ALL OVER YOU! ITS LIKE SHE CALLED YOU STUPID AND YOU ACTED THAT WAY FROM THEN ON! TAKE OFF YOUR ROSE TINTED GLASSES AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE RED FLAGS!

  6. Total stereotypes. Ridiculous. These folks know nothing except sensationalism, ego, fighting.. no emotional maturity.

  7. If this woman isn't institutionalized, she will only keep causing destruction. If she is already taking meds and in therapy and is still this unhinged, she may need to be a ward of the state. Her husband only helps her stay sick, so he'd be a terrible guardian.

  8. The mother is delusional and the father is acting scared shitless of his wife … for what reason. For parents to talk about their children like that is a disgrace. Dysfunctional trash throw the whole family out

  9. I live in NZ we don't get this show down here it is annoying I have to literally hunt for the entire segments just to find the results of this interview it's almost like clickbait no wait it is clickbait🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ I just want to know the result do they come to an understanding, does she cut her off will they won't they 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ you atleast have playlists

  10. How did they turn out so..normal? Tiffany really wants for things to get better. She doesn’t know it will probably never change & she’ll have to accept her mom for who she is & keep a comfortable distance.

  11. My mom had Bi-polar Schizophrenia and she’s definitely acting the same way just screaming and shouting just talking garbage and just denying everything

  12. Well I was gonna sympathize with husband at first. Then he opened his mouth and that sympathy went out the window. Both her and her husband deserve each other. Both psychotic! They need help!!

  13. You know once upon a time, my Greataunt left to become a nun to get away from my toxic greatgrandmother…. this women, Tiffany,decided to get the military to get some breathing room from that „family“ situation
    Since I myself cut out my mother from my life…. I wish those two the best, the mother and father on the other hand …. they need some kind of reality check, cause the „children“ don’t need that toxic behavior

  14. This man is an insult to people with true mental illnesses everywhere. He’s so dense and its infuriating to see his hag of a wife manipulate him so easily

  15. I think the friend is lying because she never did produce the text message she is lying and I Do think the daughter likes the attention

  16. When the friend is in a way backing up the mother by saying she never said prostitution to her and the mother still had a face of shock

  17. that mother is a mess. the kids just need to go on about their business and not invite her to functions. live your lives.

  18. Inappropriate words and actions are trademarks of Bipolar. The husband is not a bad person. He is codependent unto his wife.

  19. I'd cut those parents out of my life completely. She wouldn't even have been invited to my wedding. That father is an enabling fool. Nothing will be resolved because those parents are idiots.

  20. As someone with mental illness the father is an enabler and a liar, and the mother is just a piece of garbage who is toxic, and just tries to excuse her actions by blaming her mental illness but being mentally I’ll does make you trash

  21. I would've disowned my parents at this point. Don't need anyone like that in your life, family or not. Sometimes cutting ties is the better option for your health

  22. I survived an abusive home with mentally demented parents. I pray these children find the strength to cut off their sick parents.

  23. Those two are going to end up in a home when they're older and can't take care of themselves anymore. After this they might as well pretend they don't have kids.

  24. Why these kids even care….id kick both they black asses out my life…..NEVER GONNA SEE THEM GRANDBABIES EVER….

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