We must be one of the most ‘entertained’ generations of human history. With the TV, the internet, and mobile phones, we have a continual stream of information and entertainment at our finger-tips. In his letter to the Romans, Saint Paul issues a challenge. He says: “Do not model yourselves on the behaviour of the world around you, but let your behaviour change, modelled by your new mind.” This new mind is, of course, the mind of Christ. Under the influence of what is coming into our minds through the TV, internet, and our phones, we have to recognize the force that this has on us and on our thinking and believing. There is a less than subtle pressure to BE just like everyone else. Sociologists give us the rather unfortunate statistic that on almost everything, Christian people, Catholics included, pretty much share the same values as everyone else. That should be an alarming fact, and we should ask ourselves, “have we been shaped more by the world around us, and failed to let our behaviour be shaped by Christ?” From time to time we’ll feel the call of God in our hearts. It might not be like “fire imprisoned in our bones” like it was for Jeremiah. It might be as simple as the thought after having spent too much time on the computer: there’s an hour of my life that I’ll never get back! The gentle call of God in our hearts forces us to make choices. We can try to ignore God’s call, like Jeremiah tried to do at first. But if we listen to the movements of the Spirit, then we need to wrestle with St Paul’s command to let our behaviour be modelled – not by the world around us – but rather by Christ. What is the Lord asking of you at this time? In what ways does he want to re-shape your life, your attitudes, your behaviours? Let’s pray that we will be open to His saving and redeeming work in us.

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