She didn’t slip! Her brain switched off!
Give me a break! They had to CARRY a presidential candidate
to her van! What the heck?! She sneezes?, – no big deal.
She coughs? – that’s OK too, But she passed out!! In broad daylight!! In the middle of her work day!! A presidential candidate passes out! A person like that shouldn’t be allowed
to be the manager of a bathhouse (banya)! Let alone run a country! Look!, he’s a good man!
A kind man! A kind man! (pointing to Trump) And look at her! Michael, Michael, (the American panelist)
you can confirm this! In America they call her a witch!,
– Hey, it’s not me sayin’ it… Americans say this!
She’s a witch! Look at her! We need Trump! Trump!
That’s what we have to fight for! Look, look at him!
It will be a better world! (Announcer) Vladimir!, don’t pressure
Michael like this! (Zhirinovsky) Nonsense!
Michael agrees with me! For Trump, for Trump,
c’mon everyone! Vote Trump! Hillary is a vicious snake!
She’s a witch! She’ll blow up the whole world! She wants to get her revenge on Bill,
for Monica Lewinsky, she’ll take it out on all of us… What’s the result? Look, it’s… yes, yes yes… Hey Evgeny! (the host) – Look!. Look! Victory! Look, the fate of humanity is at stake! If a sick person,
has her finger on the button… What if she presses the wrong button! What happens to America then? Look, doctors from all over the world
have confirmed this to me: Pneumonia is only a symptom of a much
worse sickness she is suffering from! She didn’t just catch a cold and get pneumonia! Its 80 degrees in New York!
You could go swimming! It’s a symptom of some very serious diseases,
of which she has several! She shouldn’t be hiding this!
She should tell the whole world the truth! She should undergo a full,
public physical examination! You guys are being way too kind to her,
too much sympathy…! What the heck! Is she your next door
neighbor at your dacha (country house)!!!? She’ll press that nuclear button! –
She’ll blow you to Kingdom Come! Trump would be much better!
He’ll be an historically great president! A head of state simply cannot be
allowed to hide their health problems! Especially countries like America or Russia It’s one thing if it is some little country, But a nuclear power! A great power! And their president is sick!!? What if she has to decide –
to bomb or not to bomb? And at that moment she gets the shakes!?
She falls down!? She passes out!? Think what could happen to the world then! I tell you, her pneumonia
is not the main disease, its a secondary complication
of something much, much worse… Besides, Clinton represents the past,
it’s a step backwards She could take revenge… On her husband
(he means for the Monica Lewinsky affair), and for not letting her become
president 8 years ago… It’s obvious that (if Trump wins),
it will be a wonderful thing for America, and for the whole world! A wonderful thing for all humanity! This game with Clinton,
reminds us very much of Yeltsin They also hid everything… Said he was strong as an ox!
Pushed him out there made him crawl through it…
on his hands and knees…! And then… came the announcement:
(after he was elected) – He’s sick! Here’s why we need her to have Hillary
have a full physical examination… Any chronic disease which can’t be cured … Will make that leader be nasty and vengeful, because chronically ill people want everyone else to be sick too, Everything will get worse if this is the case…

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44 thoughts on “Top Russian Pol CRUSHES Hillary: ‘Has a Major Illness – She’s a Witch, a Vicious Snake’

  1. She's a witch. Satanic returals is not to be laughed at or ignored. I my self was satanic person and know's who also practiced satanism. Clinton, both me and mrs used blood from babies and semen from rape.

  2. As an American who Hates Hillary I still should say her passing out didn't cost her the election her lifelong career of corruption, war and lack of economic policy di.

  3. Жириновский: "нам нужен Трамп…"
    15 апреля 2017 – Трамп посмотрел "новости о газовой атаке" и жахнул Тамагавками , затем "лупанул" по Афгану, гонит кораблики к берегам Сев. Кореи – зачем!? … да просто так – рейтинг поднять свой!
    Жду завтра – какая страна будет следующим рекламным роликом Трампа…
    Народ США, ждущий перемен и решения домашних проблем, без ввязывания в мировые конфликты, жестко на…ли!

  4. At the time this was prophetic. In looking back, he should have included her good friend Donald Trump in the narrative somehow.

  5. I love Russian federation Moscow Putin and Russian toughness hardness and straight forward , and loyal love soviet Russia from India our loyal friend 🇷🇺🇮🇳🇷🇺🇮🇳🇷🇺🇮🇳🇷🇺🇮🇳🇷🇺🇮🇳🇷🇺🇮🇳🇷🇺🇮🇳🇷🇺🇮🇳🇷🇺🇮🇳🇷🇺🇮🇳🇷🇺🇮🇳

  6. She`s a pathological liar …a sociopath …mentally and physically sick and just plain NASTY/ANGRY person.

  7. This asol's SUCH unrestrained mouth somebody MUST keep him quite, NOT a good 4 Russia overall indeed. What SOB mother fouker whether U liked of not US has SO MUCH stronger economy, (just cold fact the world knows about) U can bull shet ALL U want, but NO world is going 2 listen 2 U so call bogus dollars that happens to be SO MUCH stronger in the world N US Dollar is international currency whether U like it or not n ARE U going 2 deny that too furker, hu? HU? So sad U cannot do ANYTHING about US mighty dollars ruling the world n WHY NOT, it is STILL NUMBER one economy, are U going 2 deny that fact too asol hu?, So WHAT the fnk asol U think US dollar is number one currency, hu? China's economy will get KO punch, NOT dead, but severely n negatively effected if China's goods cannot be sold to US, N are U going to deny that too JUST LIKE Japan, hu? Asol, your argument lacks a merit.

  8. I recall this loud guy being very upset during an interview were he was vocal, and Extremely pissed off at the the U.S. for imposing groundless sanctions, (U.S./g. sorAss over throw of Democratically elected Gov't in Ukraine&then blamed Russia for the turmoil) lying, breaking numerous bilateral promises, and disavowing treaties which were set in stone with Regan, regarding such things as, no further encroachments on the Russian boarders by NATO. I can't blame him, nor any other Russians for feelings of rage and distrust towards the o'bummer and burnt brain bush regimes, especially after so, so, many broken promises!

  9. I Respect Putin, But this guy is Literally Russian Donald Trump, but worse, he tried to become president since 1980.

  10. 1:23 "Hillary is a vicious snake! She's a witch! She'll blow up the world! She wants to get her revenge on Bill for Monica Lewinsky! She'll take it out on all of us!"

  11. Turns Out that All Americans can not be Trusted "Ever"….The west hates Russia be careful with these Western Lairs Russia!!

  12. could her illness possibly be parkinsons including dementia caused by it, with major dose of narcissism and sociopath.

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