In the world , humans suffer from misery only . This sadness is his biggest problem . Nobody wants to be sad , but is unhappy . Suffering occurs due to many reasons due to time , karma quality , virtue and many more . But it is a strange thing that the unhappiness that we do not want to accept in life Nobody wants to suffer in his life. But it is quite shocking that except time , virtue and karma , the sufferings that comes into our lives are innovated by us . This is called pain due to behaviour . The pain due to behaviour is created by human itself . But it is quite shocking , that the misery which we do not want to convey in our heart that misery is created by us . And this sadness afflicts us the most . This is a very strange kind of misery . For this context Tulsidas said that ( Verse by Tulsidas ) Those who burn seeing other’s happiness , become jealous , then it means , that person is sick . ( Verse by Tulsidas ) If you see the happiness of others and burn , then it becomes a mind disease . Out of all the physical disease there are some diseases in which we have a feeling of mercy for the victims . But there is also awareness along with it . We are always aware that we dont catch the infectious disease. Still we have mercy. Like in the case of Tuberculosis the person keeps coughing and we have a feeling of mercy along with awareness so that we dont catch that infectious disease . So , we are always alert and aware . But there are also some physical diseases that you escape from a distance when you see it . We feel fear as well as disgust towards them . Like in case of Leprosy , if someone is having Leprosy then he will be a feary character for us and we wont go near him . We wont even touch him and we will also have repulsion . This is said for normal people like us , not for saints . Saints see everyone equal . They do not have any antipathy . But we common people fear and stay away from those suffereing from leprosy . We are always aware and alert of physical diseases like Leprosy, which we fear , loathe and keep off . Tulsidas has said that like these physical disease there are diseases of the mind which are called mental diseases . The first of which is seeing the happiness of others and burning .And if someone faces this then he is having TB in his mind . Some people are in the world who are jealous of others, but they don’t show them out . They burn from inside but don’t show them out . They bear with it. They are people with TB in mind. They are also diseased mentally but are limited to TB of mind only . An even more severe thing is that we are jealous by seeing the happiness of others , and do not have the ability to endure after that in such cases the person becomes a man of evil because of jealousy and because of this jealousy he starts planning how to hurt the man he is jealous of and this is called leprosy of the mind . He crossed all limits as he couldn’t endure jealousy . Tulsidas says, mind became crooked and wicked due to the leprosy of mind . So all these diseases like jealousy , making others sad , causing harm to others are created by us and we get influenced by them , and stay sad . Manthra was also facing this leprosy , and when she heard that Dashrath has announced that his eldest son Ram will be the king , she could not bear it . This misery was made by herself . Jealousy leads to crookedness and wickedness . We all have these mental diseases , so Tulsidas is telling that these mind diseases are made by us and is finishing us . So we have to be very careful from these .

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42 thoughts on “The remedy of all mental disorders and dissatisfaction || Motivational wisdom by Raseshwari Devi

  1. Pranam maa! I am really very grateful you.
    Very beautifully explained by maa.This video helps the devotees for their self analysis and overcome all the obstacles on their way towards their goal.

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