– On the outside I looked pretty good. I was slim. I was fit, like, in shape. But inside I was actually a big mess. I had no idea how to cope, how to just live life and function in basic ways that as a young adult you need to learn. When I was a child, we went to synagogue. We celebrated the holidays. And there was a sense of connection to the past like the history of our people. It was something almost for children that you heard the stories. There wasn’t really much thought or expression given to that this was truth. I had an experience when I was in high school that was very traumatic. I was sexually assaulted by some boys that I
thought were my friends. And it made me so fearful, fearful of men, fearful of life. It was just so traumatic. Being assaulted sexually made me feel very bad about myself. I felt disgusting about myself. And it was so painful. I think I was enraged and hateful, and I didn’t know how to
process those feelings. I had a hunger for something
inside of me that was intense, and I was somebody who
was very about my heart. Like the drug I really
got addicted to was sugar, and I didn’t stop until I was in physical pain from a bellyache, and I just couldn’t keep eating anymore. And so the eating was a way and the bulimia was a way of numbing myself from the emotions. I was searching. I got involved in yoga. Very intensely into yoga. Like I even lived in a yoga
center fro about a year and we would get up six in the morning. I was kinda trying to
piece these ideas together that make sense spiritually. And one day I heard a woman talking about having a
relationship with God where she knew that He loved her. It was like a key where everything fit together around the key. That was what I was looking for. Instead of trying to piece
together all these ideas and make something out of it, I wanted that connection, that peace that she had. Finally I went to her apartment and we’re talking and she says that really what she had that I wanted was Yeshua. I never thought about Jesus before. And she’s telling me that he could make this difference in my life and she said that the definition of a Christian was a person who was following Christ. If by that definition, you could be Catholic
and not be a Christian, or you could be Jewish and be a Christian. I went from the heart. I prayed with this woman that night. I was like okay I’ll try. So I prayed with her. I opened my heart, ask God to forgive me of things I had done, and I asked Yeshua to be with me. When I left her apartment that night, I remember walking to the bus. This Yeshua was with me in a way that was really different. It wasn’t like all these
other things I was doing. And I began reading the
Bible little by little. I noticed it wasn’t so
much while I was reading, but in between readings, things that I had read would all of a sudden come to mind in between and relate totally to something that was going on in my life. It was just amazing. The Hebrew Scriptures from the beginning all the way through prophesied of the Messiah, and Jesus fulfills prophecies. This book has life in it and it like somehow it’s hard to explain, but it somehow like feeds me on the inside and fills me up, and I got answers to my prayers. It was more of an interaction. Praying wasn’t just something I did. It was something that was, like I say, a relationship, an interaction, like I would say something
or ask God something, maybe in the next day or
over a period of time, I see different ways that God is showing me in my life answers to my questions. Jesus talked about the internal issues of the law, not just how you looked on the outside. You might be following all the rules but hating your brother
in your heart, okay, so the hating, the part that’s
going on in your own heart, that’s how Jesus interpret it. When God says not to murder, he doesn’t want even our heart to be in that frame of mind.

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76 thoughts on “The Bread of Life Cured My Eating Disorder!

  1. Lady… Sorry to hear about your sad story but the Torah is full of stories about how God loves his children. You just have to read it.

  2. A beautiful woman with a beautiful story! I've never met Dianne, but she has brought up children who have ended up being great spiritual leaders for me. As a woman who's suffered disordered eating myself, I can completely relate that God's spirit and Jesus's endless mercies nourish me daily! Blessings to you Dianne, and to anyone who stumbles across this video.

  3. Same for me, the Word is a living breathing life changing Word of God.  Jesus is about a changed heart and mind that comes from Him.  God bless and keep you in Christ Jesus our Lord. 😉

  4. Only way repent and be saved by Christ act 11:14-18 follow only the original Gospel tradition this only way truth of the life John 10:1-6!

  5. Jesus Christ is the bread of life. Our spirit is hungry and thirsty. It needs to feed on the word of God. the bread of life.

  6. Shalom shalom,
    What a beautiful Yeshua we serve
    Yeshua is the Way, Truth and Light of the world. He is Life. Without Him you have Nothing!

    I pray that many come to this understanding and realise that Yeshua is the Messiah and that He is there for them, if only they call out His name. All things we made by Yeshua.

    John 1:1-5
    [1] In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. [2] The same was in the beginning with God. [3] All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. [4] In him was life; and the life was the light of men. [5] And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

    Please call out His Name!
    Ask Him to live His Life in you and ask Him to never leave you. Also ask Yeshua to teach you His way and to forgive you of ALL YOUR SINS!!
    And it will be granted to those that believe.

    I pray that people come to this and believe in Him.

    Your Brother

  7. The Holy Spirit uses God’s Word to convict us of our sin and teaches us how to follow Yeshua. His Word is alive. Also please don’t do yoga. It is a Hindu spiritual practice which opens you up to demonic forces. No Christ follower should be doing it.

  8. Thank YOU Jesus Christ is God People Israël. beautiful, Yeshoua ha Mashiach todah. love YOU People Israélien Israélites Amen, kadosh kadosh kadosh Adonai Elohim Yhwh est Yeshua ha Mashiah waaaay Good

  9. God made us in His image so that we can have a relationship with Him. Just like Eve was made in Adam's image. Not identical to him but enough like him to be his companion. We are enough like God to be His companion. The picture of Adam looking at all the animals in the garden and not one of them was enough like him to be his mate. God looked all over heaven at all His created beings and not one was enough like Him to be His companion so He made man in His own image to be His companion.

  10. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us, what a blessing to my life and to many as well. I'm so happy you found Yeshua and invited him into your life. He was always there, and He will always be there for you. Shalom.

  11. There's nothing I can say that would match up with the life just listened to, so I go silent, admiring yet another blessed follower of that Way – What could I say?
    Fantastic? – no, it's not – it's SO MUCH MORE TO IT than just that!!! Life from the living God, springing out from this beautiful human being – Psalms 8

    With Love from a Follower of The WAY: Yeshua

  12. Wonderful testimony. Thank you so much for sharing. Tears came to my eyes because I could relate so well to your story. God is good! Thank you Jesus!

  13. Hallelujah! The olive tree of the Jewish peoples is coming into season. May both trees be fit for service soon to share the last gospel of the kingdom with the world. Praise Yeshua Hamashiach!

  14. When I began reading the Bible I was Amazed How Scripture would relate totally to what was going on in my life and my many concerns about things going on around me in the world. I never felt better understood or more at at Peace Realizing That God really Knows Us and Knows What's going on with us, In and Around Us. In Jesus I could find rest, In Him I'm learning to Trust, And I Hear His Voice "NOT TO FEAR".

  15. What a great testimony.Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures 1Corinthians 15:3

  16. For sure Jesus is the only way the truth and the life for all people in the whole world. He died for all of us so that we can have life here on earth and forever in heaven.

  17. 'She knew He loved her' Nothing more profound or precious! His Love truly does Heal the very core of our being, we then shine His light from within us for His glory.

  18. Jesus saved me from my eating disorder, although I still struggle with it, I know He will deliver me fully some day 😊

  19. AMEN and Amen!! Thank You Jesus for making the Way to Abba so easy!! You Did It All for us!! ALLELUJAH!! Loving it!!💞😃👏

  20. Same thing happened to me. I would force-feed myself… mirroring the feelings of powerlessness that occurred due to this, and other traumatic events, and every time something happened to make me feel that same helplessness. Yayyy #Christ-follower…

  21. 5:44 "You may be following all the rules but hating your brother in your heart…" So good Diann. God Bless you! Praise Yeshua!

  22. No one can keep all of Mose's rules all the time. Hence we needed a Savior. Jesus came to free us from the Law, by His Grace we are saved. "Believe, and your Sins shall be forgiven."

  23. As a Gentile Christian, I don't think I've ever seen or heard more powerful and moving testimonies than those of Jewish people who have come to accept Yeshua as Savior and Lord. I look forward to the fulfillment of the promise given in the eleventh chapter of the Book of Romans about the salvation of Israel.

  24. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful testimony, it makes me praise Yeshua with all my heart. May God bless you 🙏❤️


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  26. I love hearing testimonies of people who have found Yeshua.
    It is so beautiful. Sometimes that walk afterwards is just as Stormy but Our fear is diminished as He is with Us. All good things can be accomplished through YHWH, and through His only begotten Son, Who gave His life for the redemption of the world's sin.
    No greater act of love and kindness can ever be shown than to lay down our life for another.
    We are the reason why He gave His life. He has seen everything, felt everything it is to be human, and has accomplished everything for us, through Him alone, we can accept the gift of our Father and Mighty Creator YHWH.
    If it weren't for him I may as be blind, if it weren't for him I may as well be deaf, if it weren't for him I certainly would be dead.
    HalleluYah I see the prophecies of the Torah being fulfilled, May the Word be implanted on our hearts and minds, and tounge, in all the corners of Creation

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