-Welcome back, pal.
-Thank you. -We have so much to talk about.
-So much. -I really — I want to say
congratulations because you’re engaged,
and that’s fantastic. [ Cheers and applause ] I love you. That’s awesome. I love you. I want to hear the scoop. I want to hear
the scoopity poop, the whoopity scoop,
scoopity poop. I want to hear everything.
Tell me what is the scoop. Let’s just go,
how was the proposal? -Okay, so it was Mother’s Day. I was filming in Atlanta,
and I told him, I said, “I’m gonna come home
for Mother’s Day.” I’m gonna fly my son out because his birthday is always
on or around Mother’s Day. So I go, and apparently he had
spoken to Marcel already. Marcel knew. He took me to the restaurant
where we had our first date. -Okay.
[ Audience aws ] Did you know at this point? -No, I had no idea.
You know why? Because he gave me
the love bracelet first. I was like,
“Oh, that’s my gift.” And so — because he had gone to
Dubai on a boys trip. Cut to, he went to get my ring,
but I found that out later. So, we’re in the restaurant. I’m like,
“Babe, remember we sat there. Oh my gosh, this is so sweet.” Then he said that a friend, who actually it was
his birthday — Ronald. He’s so happy I said his name. [ Laughter ] We call him Fat Mouth. Anyway. [ Laughter ] It was his birthday,
and he said, “You know, Ronald’s going to
have a little get-together in the back room
of the restaurant.” I was like, “Perfect.
Two birds with one stone.” So I get back in the back room, and there’s a violinist
playing “Adorn” by Miguel, which is one of
our favorite songs. [ Audience aws ] And I go, “When has Fat Mouth
been into instruments?” [ Laughter ] So I turn around.
I’m putting two and two — Then I see a photographer. I’m like, “Nah, this doesn’t
seem like –” And I turn around, and he’s
already down on one knee. [ Audience aws ] And, of course,
I’m crying and gushing. My lashes come off. [ Laughter ] They look like
a spider on the floor. [ Laughter ] And then the rest is history,
but he got me good. -Oh, that is the greatest.
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s a good one.
-He got me good. -That’s a good proposal, right?
-He got me good, yeah. -Are you talking about, like,
what the wedding — and I hate to rush you,
but are you — do you know when you’re going to
have it? Is it going to be a big wedding? -It’s not going to be —
Well, I have a big family. -Oh, yeah. -You know, family,
closest friends. Really simple. I don’t want to be stressed. I was thinking
maybe we have a cookout, and you go “Ding, ding, ding.” Like, people turn around,
“Oh, they doing it now. Wow.” [ Laughter ] -Yeah, you can pull that off.
-Yeah. -That’d be cute.
-I just — I don’t know. I just don’t want to be
stressed, but I know my mom and everybody
wants the wedding — you know,
the traditional wedding. -Yeah.
-So, I’m going to do it. It’s going to be small though. It’s not going to be
a bunch of press there. Very private. Yeah. -You look fantastic though.
-Thank you. -You always look great.
-Thanks. [ Cheers and applause ] -Every time, and I say it, I
mean it, you just look great. -Thank you. -You were stunning at the Emmys
as well. I saw you at the Emmys. -And I’m not pregnant. [ Laughter ] -What are you talking about?
What’s happening? -So, there was this rumor going
around because my fiancé and I were at the U.S. Open. And, I mean, this story
was so fabricated. “He coddled her.
She was drinking water. She wasn’t drinking alcohol. The way he was carefully
coddling her, she’s pregnant.” [ Laughter ] Well, a lot of women are
pregnant if that’s the sign. [ Laughter ] I mean,
he’s just a romantic guy. He takes care of me like that.
That’s why I’m marrying him. And I was drinking
a wine spritzer. [ Laughter ] -Wasn’t even water.
-Wasn’t even water. -All right, good, yeah. Because I saw you do a shot at
the — on the red carpet. -A shot and the bracelet, right? -Yeah.
-Yes. I did that to prove
that I wasn’t pregnant. I was like,
“See, there’s no baby in here.” [ Laughter ] -[ Speaking indistinctly ]

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