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  1. Hi! I've really enjoyed your two videos so far! I have a couple questions. So 1) Chloe, was it weird for you to see Kyle in this video? Was it the first time you've seen one of your alters? 2) How does each of your alters self-identify? As i've seen you've posted on like instagram and stuff that each has a gender (i could be wrong) and each has a name? Would be really interesting to know the processes of this.
    Love you lots and loving what you're doing! ❤️

  2. I know this is a year old video, but.. Can you have DID without forgetting all your memories? Like, your host/core self has control of memories no matter what? Like it's constantly being integrated no matter what? Like a constant integration usually happens and you can't really tell if you have ever lost time?

  3. I have always enjoyed the theory of reincarnation because it is true you can't destroy energy and so while I think that all religions are nonsense. Reincarnation sort of makes sense.

  4. Not sure if you have this over there, my doctor's have me on topamax for my occiptal neuritis. It sounds like the same symptoms. Migraines, motion sickness, pain behind the eyes and such…. Just a thought. It's meant to treat migraines and seizures just wondering if they've tried that one on you before.

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  6. I don't have DID but after Kyle explaining what it actually was, I dissociate quite a bit (I find myself pulling myself back through fast blinking). Could this be due to my anxiety and depression? I don't know much on the science of disorders so I figured I would ask 🙂

  7. The way you described dissociation was PERFECT! I always have a hard time explaining what it’s like, but that was absolutely prefect!

  8. The fact that Kyle has an existential crisis moment on video should be enough to prove his validity as a person to anyone.

  9. I think I may have misunderstood something… But did Kyle say that you don't remember the trauma that happened to cause the DID? Like none of the alters at all? or only certain ones remember? I would think some of the alters would hold those memories, right? Especially the ones created specifically for taking the brunt of that abuse? If the alter doesn't know the trauma that created them, I wonder how they know their role in the system? Or how do they know to act one way or another because of the past experiences, if they don't remember them? Like I said, maybe I just misunderstood the video. Please let me know if I am just confused. 🙂

  10. The way you described dissociation was exactly the way I feel when I'm waking up 😲 I'd hate feeling like that for a whole day let alone multiple days though

  11. Hi. Just wanna say first, that I love your videos. I love he fact that you are open and vulnerable enough to spread awareness and let people into your world. I have always heard voices since a child…they comment on my thoughts and experiences and even argue with me and one another. I communicate with the voices in my head or sometimes aloud. I tell most people I'm just talking to myself when I'm caught doing it lol. I don't think any of them ever fronted or anything so I'm unsure of what to call this. But I do often feel certain voices being more pronounced and louder when certain things happen. Especially when I get stressed. I turn almost robotic and can feel my personality change. I thought I was schizophrenic but I don't exhibit any other symptoms of schizophrenia.

    The funny thing is that two of them actually said names…Grimm made me wanna be self destructive in the past and Chris is bossy and extremely controlling. Idk what to make of it or maybe I just have a vivid imagination, which is what I was always told. I was diagnosed with epilepsy where I would have petit mal seizures causing me to zone out and forget where I am and what I'm doing for five to ten minutes at a time. In any case, thank you for this…I feel less insane lol

  12. I dont remember a lot of my childhood that was nerve racking but i over all love your videos they are very educational🤓like the years between 4 to like 8 or 9 years old

  13. I wish you could do more videos, Kyle!! You're so relateable and i need that to help me with a HUGE problem that has to do with DID/OSDD.. I love you all, but Kyle.. you keep it chill and make me feel easy and calm!! Much love from Kentucky!! (USA)

  14. This video is the reason I decided to be screened for DID.. thank you so much for all the information. You all legitimately saved my life. Or our life? It's so overwhelming now but at least I know why things are happening the way they are. Again, thank you all. So so much.

  15. This is completely unrelated to the video but its so weird bc when i watch these videos and an alter comes out their voice doesn’t associate with Chloes body in my brain. Like kyle: i hear his voice and his personality but when i see the video its just Chloe moving her lips in sync with Kyles words if that makes any sense??? Its late at night and my brain isnt working smh

  16. Hey Chloe you should get Kyle some lipsticks from the bite lip lab they make lipstick that tastes good! You can even go in and make your own an flavor it yourself

  17. Can I ask somethin'?
    Cause I don't really know what this is.

    I don't know if it's a symptom but when I experience something intense, like, a day in school have my classmate which , I don't know if she's just, like, used to gruesome things or somethin', showed us one of a gruesome video where it show how to brutally murder someone or somethin' along that line. I accidentally watched it, as she sit in the front and me in few chairs away in the back, from her, which let me see the video, as it's a HD one and her phone is in high brightness(I don't even know how she got it) It showed the part where the time is really intense and I kinda got stoned and can't look away. Then she had to take it away as our teacher was there, and I got a really massive headache that I feel my mind throbbing and such then it's gone. With the memory, the graphic one but fragments still here, like I can vaguely remembee it but it's like there's something stopping me from remembering it. It happened more times before. But then maybe it's just my brains defense mechanism.

  18. How do you know if you switch personalities? I have all the symptoms of DID. Like I cant remember what happened when I was younger..I have HUGE gaps in my memory and I havent told those closest to me to call me a different name or anything. But it's just like really wierd for me.

  19. I think you are doing an incredible service to people with your condition. I hope your platform keeps growing. After watching several of your videos, it dawned on me that I think I knew a girl with DID in high school. I had a couple of different classes with her and I always thought she was odd because she was so different in each subject. Talked to her a few times but I always thought she was odd because her opinions would differ dramatically from conversation to conversation and she would “act” (that’s what I thought it was) as though she could not recall previous conversations sometimes. I thought she was doing that for attention, to be “eccentric “. After you explained that Kyle was taking science and Nadia art, it makes sense to me.
    There were rumors that she was engaging in self-harming behavior, and abuse at home. There was an investigation at some point, but nothing came about because she apparently contradicted herself in her statements. This also makes sense to me know after I heard about you talk about the different roles of alters, and how some will try to keep others from talking about the abuse. I don’t know what happened to her after high school, but during that time she definitely did not get the help she needed. I believe if your videos would have been available back then a lot of people, including myself would treated her differently.

  20. Hi!!!! I have been watching your guys videos for a while and I have watched some newest video but didnt really go down and watch the first couple, I absolutely love how you are helping people out it's amazing what you are doing, I myself dont have DID but I love just learning about new things, I have a question that I really hope doesnt effect a change or anything, but Kyle was talking about how an alter would step front when something traumatic would happen, and I was wondering since they fronted and was there do they still remember what happened or when they go back and the someone else front do they forget?? Ive seen a couple recent video and haven't heard anyone saying anything about it. All in all, I think what you have created with this YouTube channel is incredibly helpful to those that need that help

  21. Random question, sorry: Is it possible for one alter to have resting b** face but not the others? IDK why but I just thought about it and wanted to know.

  22. Do your male alters experience dysphoria? As a trans guy, I've experienced being a boy in a girl's body and I was just curious if it's something similar with your male alters?

  23. Whoa uhhh I think I struggle with depersonalization and derealisation. Gonna talk to my therapist on Friday about it for sure.

    Starting emdr therapy! Wish me luck!

  24. Hey Kyle try to faced cuz, it tastes like peaches and it's so good like ik ur not supposed to eat it but it’s really good it’s like smackers when I was a kid I would just put smackers Chapstick on so I could lick it off my lips lol but seriously It’s really good lol

  25. My whole life I thought this was normal and this is how normal people develope. Although I was struggling and had confusion and headaches and all. I thought something's wrong. At some point I questioned contradiction in my thoughts, desires, body image & voices etc. but I shrug it off saying "it can't be DID." It all makes more sense now.

    – Vishal (Host).

  26. This is the second video I’ve seen where Kyle talks about why makeup should taste good. Glad he’s standing up for what he truly believes in 👌

  27. It's so weird that I have some of these symptoms, but I'm 100% not DID as I've never experienced trauma in any way, shape, or form lol. I find it cool to see another person experience some similar things, but like more extreme I guess? Idk it's hard to describe lmao

  28. So I just barely came across this channel in my recommended and my therapist said something about me disassociating.

    This is a new therapist. Literally started therapy back up again like 3 weeks ago or something.

    Thought disassociating just meant going quiet and like retreating into yourself.

    Now that I'm watching this channel and learning what it actually is…

    1. I've always had terrible headaches that wouldn't go away.

    2. Like 97% of my childhood is a "black hole". Like my earliest memory is the image of my mom, about to go in labor with me, laying in a hospital bed. Then my next memory is at 4 yrs old, it was a birthday party and I had a Blue's Clues cake but I see that memory as if I'm like a fly on the wall watching myself. Then my next memory is 8 or 9 years old spraining my ankle.

    3. I've noticed more recently that I have blackouts and/or people tell me I've done things I have ZERO recollection of doing. Like one day I woke up, my hair was wet from a shower, my phone was unlocked and my alarm was turned off, and I ended up being late for work. I do not, at all, remember ever waking up that morning. Because when I "came to", it was like 5pm. I also had someone tell me they saw me in the kitchen at like 3am making like 6 grilled cheese sandwiches and a plate of rice but like… The most sandwiches I ever make in one sitting is two..

    Btw, haven't finished this video. Only 5 mins in but wanted to get my thoughts and experiences out there. Definitely talking to my therapist about DID and seeing if there's a way to tell if I have it, and if I do, how to control it or be aware of switches.

  29. hey i know this video is pretty old but we just discovered that we have DID and your videos have really helped us come to terms with that. we don't have very many alters that we know of (like names and such). there's kayla, alex, and our little(crystal). there are definitely more of us but they just haven't really communicated with us yet. your videos have helped us so so so much and we just wanted to say thank you♥️♥️
    much love, the phoenix system

  30. Argh I'm watching this series, finally (even though I've been watching you for a bit now) and it's almost equal parts triggering and a relief to hear these symptoms. Thank you. I'm making a checklist, haha.. Also, today was the first time I said out loud to a professional about my thoughts that I might have DID. It was very emotional and weird, but the professional said I should definitely get into diagnostic interviews and stuff, and validated my thoughts as being legit . felt good. I don't know why but for some reason I feel that I should tell you. You all have been such a big part of my dive into self-realization. Hmm, yes. Dozing off now. Thanks 💖💜💙

  31. There’s such a difference in body language from chloe and Kyle, as someone who is well versed in body language and reading it constantly from the moment this video started I could tell it was a different alter in the foreground. It’s definitely interesting to see/hear a person/s with DID y’all about the symptoms and such from their perspectives.

    You can skip this ⤵️ I just had some thoughts that aren’t necessarily a comment for you, but more of a thought train 😊

    Part of what hit me the most is a couple of the definitive symptoms associated with DID are some I’ve experienced on the level Kyle is talking about being a symptom of DID. I am not claiming I saw this and now I have it, it’s more like certain symptoms resonated with who I am and my life thus far. It makes my interested in learning more about the spectrum of DID.
    I’ve a spotty memory of my childhood, I dissociate at times (further than “spacing out” but to my knowledge not switching or completely dissociating), and there are times when I’ve recognized people’s faces with no utter idea of when I met/saw them (My memory for faces is really good, I can see someone’s face in passing and it will be committed to my memory, but usually with some context of where I’ve seen them or why I remember their face), as well as some mild occurrences of other mentioned symptoms however I don’t believe I have DID, but maybe I would have developed it if things had persisted longer when I was a child.

    Sorry about that I’m just in an introspective and inquisitive mood bellow is more of my comments for y’all 😁
    Anyways this is the third video I’ve watched, beginning with an unboxing then I decided to start from the beginning of y’all’s channel.
    I hope y’all are doing well and thank you for making this channel.

  32. Thank you Kyle!!!!! Learning so much so quickly.. and realizing that through you all I too need to get my mental health in check.

  33. I don't have DID but I find the information you put into your content so interesting my ex girlfriend has DID we are still friends we dated when we were both in our teens but this information would have been so helpful in being able to understand and help her better. Thank you for posting what you do.

  34. Why wouldn't you immediately assume that one of your other alters met the strangers approaching you? Wouldn't that be something you would expect?

  35. People have tried to cast demons out of me a few times…come on people I’m not possessed, just psychotic. Lol

  36. I don't like to wear makeup. It feels like I've got something on my whole face… So I can relate to how you feel Kyle..

  37. I have DID it's difficult at school for people to understand..and they think I'm lying.It's also mixed in with ADHD so that's also hard, also I ended up almost crying when I found out two of my most closest personality's integrated.I didn't want anymore of them integrating, since I would experience extreme grief.

  38. I just found this channel and am currently bingewhatching it. If there already is a video like this just ignore this comment, but I'd really love to see a video on how the other Alters experienced the time before chloe realised about them

  39. Truthfully I have huge gaps in my memory which is interesting because I have no memory of any trauma in my family aside from drug and alcohol abuse which was over 20 miles away. It is annoying to not remember what my friends say about things that happened but don't remember when I was younger

  40. Very informative!!! I think my husband understands when I switch!! One of my alters is a child and she is always scared and just wants her mommy!! He said last time, I drank too much and I remember drinking the first Sex on the beach and Partial of a second and then nothing and I had drank 3 full ones and a quarter of the 4th that I spilled!! Once, I switched, I got a lot more outgoing and switched from extreme dancing and swearing to being a scared little girl to sucking on lollipops!! He said it was nothing like me and he treated the child like a child to help her feel better!! Every time, he calmed her down, she was okay again!! He had never seen me so freaked looking!! I think it was from my abuse and I don't remember the first 5 years of my life at all really!!! It scares me and I just want to remember who I was & my friends!!! It's all gone someplace though!!! I am hopeful to get therapy and see if they can recover my memories for me!!! 😔💔

  41. i know this comment is late, but (for example), because kyle filmed this video, did he also edit it? or did chloe or one of the other alters? i’m sorry if this comes off as rude or something, i literally JUST found this channel and i’ve started binging it so i’ve got a lot of questions lmao. these videos are awesome because they help people that aren’t familiar with the disease understand it better (and in my case in case i meet someone with DID i’ll know?? what’s happening?? idk i know its different from person to person so maybe not but either way it’s useful to those of us that don’t know!)

  42. If I think I have DID and have been diagnosed with ptsd and she said possible bipolar but not for sure… how do I go about that?

  43. Okay, I completely resonate/relate to almost everything said here and I'm slightly freaking out. Plus I don't know of any alters I might have. Please help I'm really confused.
    (Hey Kyle you did great with the vid)

  44. I'm not trying to be rude, whenever I talk I feel like I'm being rude, I apologize, but it's weird seeing a female face when you know there's a male talking…

  45. Even though this video is like one or two years old, it really helped me kinda understand what's going on with me, like the feeling of not being real, or seeing yourself (kinda like watching yourself, like you're in a movie, and you're just- watching yourself if that makes any sense?) Though sometimes when I get in like, a zoned out state I get really weird sensations on my body and in my head, like- imagine that you're falling, but you know you're not cause you're seated. If that makes sense
    Anyways, I'm getting off track, now I know how to explain to my therapist about how I've been feeling. So thank you.

  46. This one time I was bowling with some friends. Someone came up to me. They said that I had texted them on facebook asking what their favorite animal was. They appologized saying that they responded with a "Unicorn".
    At the time I would ask a question for everyone I friended on facebook and have never met in person, but I didn't remember messaging her. I could remember everyone else I messaged with the question.

    Another time I had stayed awake caring for my dog at my parents house. He was sick. I was laying on the couch and thought I had fallen asleep. I woke up a few hours later in my bed. I asked my parents about it, they said I had got up from the couch and walked to my bed.

    Recently, I had went to sleep around 10 at night. I had my headphones in listening to music. When I woke up the next morning my headphones were neatly folded on my nightstand across my room.

    – Also, I love all your videos.

  47. SOME of this stuff happens to me but I won't just say I have this and it turns out I don't. I don't wanna just be those people who claim to have a disorder to feel different

  48. I remember I disassociated quite strongly about a week ago and I'm pretty sure I don't have DID and I fell on my arse pretty hard and had a bruise for a week .

  49. Hey Kyle or whoever's fronting when they read this message; our main host of the system is really struggling to come to terms with having DID (he's trying to fool himself it's not the case); is there anything you can advise us to just… get through to him? He's already applied to local mental health services but is ridiculously worried we won't get the help we need to integrate, or whatever we need to do.

    Question goes to any other fans who are part of a system as well! Much appreciated! x

  50. I know I'm a year late, but I've been watching a bunch of the videos on this channel lately. The more I hear Nin and the others (as well with videos back when Chloe was still the host) talk about DID, the more I think I feel I may have it. I'm missing around 12 years of my memory, which doesn't sound like much, but I'm only newly 16 so it's almost all of my life missing. I can remember certain things sometimes, but no matter how hard I try I can't remember anything. It bothers me that my only memories in my childhood are what people have told me, but I don't know if it's true or not (the whole he said, she said thing) For the past 2 years, I just haven't felt like me. Everything that happens feels like it's happening to a different person. It's such a strange feeling. I usually hear voices, but lately they've been quiet and I'm worried that I'm just going crazy. I'm starting therapy again soon, so hopefully I find everything out, or at least start to. Thanks to Nin, I got the courage to ask to start online therapy. I also have a psychiatrist nearby that I'm gonna try seeing too. I also feel like I don't have DID because none of my trauma (I don't remember it, and if I start to I freak out and zone out and when I focus again, I don't remember panicking. The only reason I know is because the sides of my face is damp from crying) was really physical. The bit I've been told was that it was mostly verbal. I've been told Ive ranted about being physically hurt, but I don't remember any of it. I'm so thankful for your videos, because it's helped me understand my life a bit better. Thank you so much everyone!!!!!

  51. I see this is an old video, but thank you for doing this channel! It's an interesting topic and awareness is important. I've been diagnosed with depression and general anxiety disorder, possible manic depression/ mild bipolar disorder, and I experience most of these symptoms. They occur most when I am under stress.

  52. I honestly don't know if I have DID. I went through a lot of child abuse when I was younger, since the age of 6/7 I'd say. I can't remember a lot of children except some parts of my abuse. I have depression and social anxiety, and anorexia nervosa. I have recently beginning to get lots of memory blanks and having trouble of thinking of things I've done in a day, like not remembering what happened this morning and etc. I feel like sometimes I blink and I don't feel present, like I'm not a person. Or sometimes I blink and I feel like I just came back. I don't hear voices a lot. I guess I hear internal voices but I don't know if that's me talking to myself. I don't know how to explain all this because it's so confusing

  53. Hi I don't have DID, but I found this channel and the videos seem so interesting to me. When you mentioned dissociation it reminded me of when I dissociate (cause of anxiety) it's nowhere near the level of severe dissociation that Kyle was talking about but it's something very jarring and not the nicest lol. You guys are so brave for going through this and speaking about it in order to help others. Keep up the good work!!

    PS. I hope I didn't say anything wrong and if I did I'm sorry

  54. Oh! Me and my friends actually made fully edible lipstick 😋 You could just bite a piece of it and swallow it if you wanted to (I wouldn't recommend you to do so, tho… In Spanish you call it to get "empachado" but I don't know the word in English for it :') but that's the only reason you "shouldn't" do it). We made weird color-flavor combinations because we kinda wanted it to mean that no matter what you look like, you can be completely different on the inside. For example: We made one with a strong purple color but added passion fruit flavor! The other one is pink but honey flavored and the last one (my personal favorite) is a deep red color but chocolate flavored. Just thought I'd mention it because of Kyle's comment, lol 😂 Don't lose hope, buddy, it can be made 😂❤️

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