hey everybody’s Jeremiah Levin again
this is video number two my first video I got plenty responses pretty much good
once I did get two really negative ones one guy called me a loser scammer
asshole and then another one said go fuck yourself
so besides those two I’ve had a ton of really positive stuff messages arm most
of my social media outlets and can I come through really weird time right now
knowing that everybody knows my suicide attempt there are a couple of multiple
times I think I talked about wand but I’ll get down to that it’s on the rest
another time anyway so yesterday I saw a new doctor just a regular GP doctor and
the reason being is that my health insurance change and so with my health
insurance changing through my husband we couldn’t use the same doctors I had for
12 years so I have to go find new ones so I got this new doctor yesterday and I
met with him and he was great he really listened and got into what I’m coming
from and everything else we went up in my meds and my blood work and everything
else so that was great he gave me a reference referral to a
psychiatrist that he likes to work with it was a psychiatric group and their
therapist did them things so I wanted to go somebody that he was more positive
about and not just jump in to anybody so I give them a call and this is
interesting so I give them a call and explain of a new patient referral from
dr. Roth or a door and they said the next available appointment was January
January next year so they said he can set me up with a psychiatric nurse and
she could do evaluations and everything for me
instead to see the psychiatrist so I set myself up for that and
is for September 30th it’s a Monday the day after I get back from my England
trip so hopefully I won’t be too jet-lagged anyway so that’s Bulls
rolling not as fast as I wanted to to but you know I can’t always happen my
way and if he wondering yes I am sitting on the floor leaning on my bed but I
just needed to make this video right now and anyway so a lot of my talking about
mental health it really triggered me lately because of the whole gun issues
every times is school shooting a mall shooting or just shooting they always
blame mental health and you know every country in the world has mental health
issues but not many people have the same issues we have yeah so whenever I hear
mental health I’m just like word the escape go we’re always the bad guys and
I feel like as much as his racism and homophobic and sexism and ageism and
yada yada yada yada yada there is mental health ISM where it’s
always a good way to attack and blame somebody else for some decisions that
should have been made earlier on anyway so that’s one of the reasons I’m really
making these is I’m trying to join in the conversation about mental health
awareness and trying to bring light but my situation and hopefully other
people’s situations and we can join this train and change the fact and maybe even
as I think you know wait until the January to get a psychiatric
appointments I mean that’s ridiculous if you know somebody’s having an issue
right now I mean the only option is 9-1-1 and then you get section but you
might not be quite to that level so I think this is a you know we need more
resources to help this epidemic and problem that people just want to ignore
and walk away from anyway so what I’m hoping you guys will do is check out my
website I think there’s links to it on all my pages leave me some messages of
what you’re interested in knowing or what you want to see or how we can make
this gravy train roll around also check out my Twitter if you can
follow me right now I have one follower it’s a brand new Twitter account so
hopefully we can get that moving also my youtube subscribe like again leave
messages hopefully if encouragement again what you want to see what you want
me to do what point say you want to know about me anyway so I just wanted to
check in the game with you I’m not sure when I’ll write up a video hopefully
maybe not tomorrow maybe the day after but very soon there’s a lot about me the
people anyway guys thank you for watching thank you for listening and
thank you for other words of encouragement this really means a lot to
me we can just change one life then we’ve changed the world all right you
take care of thanks bye


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