Hi. I’m nednednerB the Schizophrenic. You’re tuned into day 25 of “100 symptoms”. Today I’m going to talk about religious persecution. The experience and delusions regarding religious
persecution.. They are a common one, with psychotic disorder,
perhaps because our world is so religious there’s a lot of religion everywhere. There’s spirituality everywhere and having
an odd or different experience is normal these days. A quick aside.. In the 70s, the Diagnostic and Statistical
Manual for psychiatric disorders actually said a symptom of schizophrenia was having
a belief your mother culture did not share. They had to scrap that eventually because
in the New Age having a belief that your mother culture doesn’t share is so normal. That’s what I mean [laugh]. One of the more common instantiations of a
religious persecution type delusion is the belief that you the individual are the saviour
or the prophet or the second coming or something like that… That you are involved with the outcome of
the spiritual revolution of the earth, in some way. It’s–uh, the experience is simple: the mind
and the heart confirm for each other that it feels and seems that way. It just goes to show how powerful the delusional
process is in a– in the psychology– because everything can confirm the opposite. The hallucination and the sensation verifies
the delusion. It’s a difficult battle for reality, for sense,
for rationality. If you perceive beings in the world that are
telling you things, it’s hard not to believe them, so that’s why medication is so important
and sticking to treatment. Because if you do stick to treatment and you
do stick to medication, one of the things that medication for schizophrenia is really
good for is abating the hallucination process. And if you can slow down the hallucinations,
it allows more reality to peek through. I’m having a hard time with this one because
somebody I know is experiencing psychosis and they have a lot of religious persecution
delusions. It’s difficult to think about it. I don’t know how to talk about it exactly,
but thanks for listening. This is nednednerB the Schizophrenic. Comment below/ subscribe/ share. Peace.

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