Partners in Recovery supports people
with a severe and persistent mental illness and complex needs. So we look at
things like homelessness drug and alcohol issues intellectual disability
physical health conditions within the justice system as complex needs so that
requires multiple services to adequately support the person ensure that it’s a
wraparound service so all their needs are met and it’s done in a coordinated
way. Partners in Recovery across the board have been instructed to be
mavericks in this space to be really creative to work on partnerships so that
regardless of the point of entry into the services the person is really well
supported we just want to make sure that we can bring the attention back to the
consumer their needs it’s not about personalities or services and and try to
break down the silos within the cross sector supports that are required it’s
not just mental health services that are required to support the clients. The
benefit with Partners in Recovery is a well funded program so we are able to
support this person to actually physically go and attend a drug
rehabilitation center in Wyong for instance this person’s recent experience
with flying and travel has been restraint restraints have always been
used so that’s a very daunting prospect to get to where they need to get for the
help so we can physically send a worker with them to support them to transition
to that rehabilitation center and then to transition back out of that into the
community so having that flexibility and creativity matched with funding that
allows us to meet the needs of the person regardless of what they are and
to be really open mind good and to be flexible around that and
we need to be able to make that fit for the person and provide a really high
level of support and model that type of behavior for other services. So people
don’t ask why should we? It’s more why not? Why can’t we do this? Why can’t we do
this? You know there is no reason why we can’t meet someone’s needs. Anyone you
talk to has had and we’ve just done a local evaluation has got great things to
say about Partners in Recovery across not just Murrimbidgee we’re really proud of
what we do here but the initiative itself has got a huge following of
people who say wow it’s it’s actually meeting the needs it’s not ticking a box
or government stuff it’s meeting the needs of the people who are really
really unwell and really don’t have much faith in the service system at all and
their carers. There’s a lot of tired carers out there. So as you can imagine really
tired carers who have been doing this work they’ve been coordinating the
services they’ve been trying to navigate this system that we as workers find
really hard to navigate you know if we can’t navigate it as professionals in
this system then how do we expect other people who are still trying to hold down
a job care for a family and care for a really unwell loved one so it’s taking
that pressure off the carers allowing them to still be carers but not the
navigators of the system

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