MAN: Did you know that exercise and movement help build your memory, reaction time, attention span, and learning capabilities? Regular exercises sharpens the mind since exercise causes your brain to release chemicals that build memory and reinforce learning. A workout gives you a quick boost. Immediately after you exercise, your memory and mental responses improve. Those who exercise regularly also remember more facts and can recall them more easily. Here are eight cognitive benefits of exercise. Feel better. Regular workouts release brain chemicals called endorphins, which help you feel positive. Relieve stress and tension. Exercise releases tension and helps you cope with stress. Boost self-confidence. When you exercise regularly, you feel better, and your confidence is boosted. Improve pain tolerance. Regular exercise helps your body tune itself for physical stress and is proven to improve pain tolerance. Work out to improve your brainpower. Exercise causes your body to build and maintain brain connections, which help you perform better mentally and academically. Build self-discipline. A regular workout schedule builds your internal commitment and helps you stay disciplined. Reduce anxiety and depression. Researchers have discovered that regular exercise can help prevent and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Build your mental awareness. Exercise improves your mental focus, attention span, and concentration. You can even use brief workouts to help you stay focused. Try one during a 10-to-15-minute break or during lunch. Even a brief walk will help keep you alert. Spend at least three days a week doing these workouts. They can really make a difference, and they’re better for you than a caffeine drink. Afterwards, evaluate your results. How did you feel after these midday workouts? Did they help you stay focused? Chances are, they did. Exercise — It helps sharpen your mind and keeps you alert throughout your busy day.Small changes can make a big difference.Consider one of these targetsto achieve your SMART goal this week. For more information on this moduleand to download the “Family Challenge” book,go to 

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