100 thoughts on “Parents Face Off With 15-Year-Old Daughter Who They Say Acts Out Of Control

  1. Kids in emotional pain that causes her too act out like that. U lose yourself I don’t think she’s an evil kid she needs help

  2. I don’t like how they’re treating her. This is too confrontational, it’s like they already have their mind up about her.

  3. Father talks too much. "We don't know what to do anymore. We love you but you don't respect us. You can call me by my first name so long as it comes from a place of love." He's laying down all of his aces in front of a child and thinks she doesn't know how to manipulate him.

  4. Maybe she has anxiety and does not know how to communicate properly and she probably does not do confrontations very well.

  5. They still haven't shaped her face. She look like a Lil kid. What dumb as a I don't see how they feel like they sons everything cut her phone off dummy

  6. Shes biting her lip until it bleeds- clearly the situation was making her panic.
    If youre going to have a child on your show, then at least let them know exactly whats going to happen before hand. As a 'medical professional', how does he find it healthy to throw anyone with mental issues, let alone a child, into these situations!?

  7. This is too toxic a relationship. And if that girl is reading this or her parents they had better find a more suitable place for her. Obviously she is rebelling because she is unhappy with the way she was parented. She fell into a bad social support which happens all too often. Now she is in trouble. This is a horrible toxic relationship that will only get worse as it is. That is not parenting. Darling, if you think your husband is going to support you if either one or both of you are locked away then you need some serious help. You are digging a ditch for yourself and you don't even know it. Do you know how difficult it is being a parent? I wanted to see the sequel to this show but it just made me sick to my stomach.

  8. This little girl was me when I was 15, probably worse, I’m not gonna lie. I’m 30 years old now and I wish I would’ve listened to my parents! Because i finally got my act together I’m playing catch up! Don’t do it kids, Listen to people trying to HELP u! I have daily regrets…

  9. She needs a good ol slap in the face as my mother did to us, stop us from talking back in one second ! Don’t fk with Latin mothers

  10. Bet you the step father is a pig and hes the father. That's why she doesn't wanna talk about it. He looks like a manipulative businessman. And she looks like a broken child.

  11. He's telling these parents to press MULTIPLE charges on their 15 year old pregnant daughter because she doesn't want to cooperate… THE STATE COURT IS NOT A FORM OF PARENTING. If you decide to have a child, which ISN'T A RIGHT BTW, then YOU are responsible for them and the person they become.

  12. Parents: CHOOSE to have a child* raise a hostile, rebellious and depressed teenager that clearly hates her life and feels prisoner
    Dr. Phil: Kick her out. I would not be a hostage in my home.
    Is this how conservative people think??? Because not everyone agrees that life is a "gift". And parents have children for their own benefit…

  13. Ok ppl may disagree but I am telling you people who are mixed race so often have psychological issues. I don’t know why but I’m telling you it’s an issue that in my field (community services) that I’ve noticed. I’d love to study it for my thesis one day. Kids born to a white parent and a brown parent (black or Asian) sooooo often have problems and I’d love to know why.

  14. Stop trying to threaten and intimidate a 15 year old girl into compliance. I think she should leave and go to a group home for pregnant teens. She'd probably find people she can relate to and she won't have to look at her mother's cold dead face throughout her entire pregnancy

  15. They were in a closed private room and the show still cuts in the applause from the audience. Cringiest part of dr phil is their in studio audience hands down

  16. If she just talks to her parents one on one and explain everything and the way she’s been acting and how things happened then I’m sure they will work it out with her, but when she’s doing it like this

  17. It sounds and looks like she so angry towards her parents. It’s like she treats both her parents especially her mother as the enemy. She doesn’t just have anger towards them but I hear jealousy towards her mom.

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