Hi, I’m Kati Morton, and thank you so much for checking out Healthy Mind, Healthy Body’s very first workbook. The reason I created this workbook is for quite a few reasons actually, the first being we are all on very different schedules. I know many of us are on different time zones. I’ve heard from lots of you that get very frustrated that I’m not available when you’re available and then I’m up doing things and you can’t respond because you’re asleep and it gets very frustrating. And also, I know that a lot of us-the second reason- that we’re very busy, right? I know that I myself am very busy and there is a little window of time in the evening that I have to devote to myself and bettering myself and looking into what’s going on in my life. So I know for each of us, it can be very different. Some of us could be early in the morning, maybe we’re an early bird, and some of us it could be midnight, so this is something that you can print out. I would encourage you everything that you can open up in here and print, I would print it. And keep it with you, because there could be those moments maybe you have a break at work and you’re sitting at your desk or something comes to mind and you’re like “oh my gosh! I have that memory, finally” you can jot it down, you can continue working when it works for you, so that we’re not tied to a certain time frame and we don’t have to have internet access we can do it wherever, whenever. And I hope that you find this so helpful. Take your time with it, it’s not a race, we’re not competing, we’re just slowly working through it one task at a time, and you might even want to go back a few tasks and do it again because something has changed, or you’ve remembered something that changes all of the answers you’ve already given. So be patient, and work with me, as we continue working towards recovery. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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