Something that worked for me is face
masks. I just think they’re nice just kind of setting aside twenty minutes after
you finished work just any piece of work that you think justifies it and you know
doing something that you enjoy and that you feel is kind of a nice way to
relax. Everyone needs some time for self-care otherwise you can’t think and you can’t read and you can’t work you can’t enjoy life more importantly. Sometimes self-care is doing the thing you don’t want to do. Sometimes it’s getting out
of bed like ten minutes earlier because you know you need to have a shower.
Sometimes it’s not eating the chocolate sometimes it’s eating the vegetables.
Self-care is all about thinking about what you need and sometimes what you
need isn’t what you think sounds most pleasant and fun and sometimes it’s what
you need from a health kind of perspective. For me like self-care has
become something like very basic just in terms of like making sure that I shower
and making sure that I like brush my teeth. Making sure that I get eight hours
sleep because there was such a different like it makes such a difference.
Another piece of advice for self-care is is take a break from social media if you
feel like you need one. Like your life’s not gonna end if you delete the
apps off your phone. Like it’s not gonna affect you that much and you probably
will end up overall happier. If you can do things like having a like a nap or like a quiet time and also things I really like making sure my room’s really
tidy and I like tidy my room because it helps me get my thoughts in order for the day. And like making sure I’ve made my bed and doing my washing and things like that
but learning these sorts of little practices which means they’re part of
being an adult so you need to learn to do them every day but also they can be part
of kind of like, not like a daily meditation, but like I sort of like self sorting
process which I think is really important. Going for walks a lot because
obviously Oxford University is placed in a really lovely environment. As a younger
student definitely I would just prioritize alone time.
Obviously you can’t leave school but if you do need to be alone there are places
that you can go. So you might have a school library or a quiet corner of like a
play area or field or a classroom that’s empty, anything like that. You see things like you know taking a bubble bath things like one side then the other side is like really small things like finding a hobby
that distracts you from the day-to-day. Like I found it really interesting to do
campaigning when I was a student because that almost distracted me from some of the
stuff going on with my degree that was like a thing that I could do but also
something that really I was quite passionate about and I really wanted to
take part in further the cause for. So I think for me the biggest thing is there are lots of like very stereotypical things to do for self-care: having a bath or
pampering yourself or going for a run and I think self-care is so personal
that sometimes it’s good to see past those. So for me sometimes the best
self-care is shutting myself away alone in my room and doing absolutely
nothing and that’s also fine and valid self-care. So I think my biggest tip is
like find what suits you and whatever that is then go for it and do what works
for you and your body.

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