I was having some anger issues. One of
the therapists at the VA thought this would be a perfect fit for me. He was
enrolled in that PTSD program in VA. And It turned out to be it not only a good
fit for me it turned out to be a absolute life-changing event coming to
this place. A social worker at the VA had suggested that, you know, given what we
were going through and we have two kids at home, that it would secure kind of the
foundation for when he got out of the program as well as helping the family
unit as a whole. You know, we focused a lot on him before and now it was kind of
both, and not just me either it was kind of the ping pong, everything going back
and forth. Family Care is critical to the veteran himself because he feels, he
knows, the veteran knows his impact on the family. He just, he’s struggling to
help himself and at the same time it’s just so, it’s so difficult to help the
people that you’re hurting because it doesn’t have to be physical, it doesn’t have
to be mental, it can be emotional, just by sleeping by yourself on the couch. I
was just like you know like, if I’m getting treatment and this and that we
got to do it together, so I tried to see what was available through just the VA,
and a lot of things are like okay well the person leaves at two o’clock in the afternoon, like that doesn’t really help us, and then so the social worker was
like well you know there’s the Feinberg center over in Bay Shore, and I was like okay it’s a bit of a drive, but they’ve been really
accommodating here. This is a place that I’m sure educates these siblings, these
offspring, leave it to the grandchildren, that look this is what he struggles with. The fact that she was willing to be there with me is really made the
progress how much I made that much easier to work on it and to continue
doing it. If you do the work they work with you, and it’s endless amount of
help here, it’s just phenomenal. It’s made a difference even in our kids, you know,
we can tell our kids so much you know they’re happier, there’s less you know
tension in the house everything overall, we’ve had more family time and
everything kind of has worked out. Thank God for the Feinberg Center, Dr. Mia
Belson, and Dr. Ronnie Garrett, because they made a significant
difference in my life. The more people that know about it the more people we
can help It helps.

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