I just actually retired from the
Air Force in May of 2017. I was an adult psychiatrist, a child
psychiatrist. The challenge of child and adolescent psychiatry
is that unlike an injury, unlike a broken bone, the illness is a
product of many, many years. I think the first thing it’s
important for us to do is normalize and humanize the
experience. And helping the family understand that we’re
there to take them from where they were before to a higher
level of day-to-day functioning. I would like to see a community
that really takes care of kids with mental health issues across
a wide range. Offering services that aren’t so difficult to get.
We should treat them as decently and as humanely as we would in
any other field of medicine. There are a handful of kids that
I think are going to get better today because we’re going to
contribute to that. And that’s exciting. That makes it fun to
come to work. The place is very kind, it’s very gentle.
Children’s is an easy place to come to.

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4 thoughts on “Meet Our Doc: Dave Walick, MD, Pediatric Mental Health Institute

  1. Phycology gives me anxiety therapist DONT help me, they make my worst,I’m a independent fight I need to fight myself..now I am fighting through depression alone just the way I like it

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