(soft music) – [Woman] McLean is one
of the best in the world. I wouldn’t want to be in other hands. – [Woman] McLean Hospital changed my life. – [Man] I don’t know where
my family would be today if it wasn’t for the outstanding care my daughter received at McLean. – It’s sentiments like these from grateful patients
and their family members that speak to the heart of McLean Hospital and the faculty and staff who’ve dedicated their careers to improving the lives of people affected by psychiatric illness. Bringing together the best
of compassion and science, our clinicians and researchers enable us to provide innovative and expert care for even the most complex cases. Through our highly
specialized clinical services, McLean cares for over
10,000 people annually. Our areas of expertise span
substance use disorders, psychotic illnesses, borderline
personality disorder, depression and anxiety disorders, OCD, trauma, and eating disorders. As the flagship psychiatric hospital of Harvard Medical School, McLean has seven campuses
across Massachusetts and Maine as well as consultative
services around the globe. We offer inpatient, residential, partial hospital, and outpatient programs serving all ages from
children to elder adults. It’s encouraging to learn from our quality measurement
efforts that 90% or more of our patients report positive outcomes, and they say they’d recommend our services to a friend or loved one. These are among the
reasons we have been named the number one hospital in the country for psychiatric care by
U.S. News & World Report. While such recognition is gratifying, we are most proud of the work we do each and every day to help people lead healthy, fulfilling,
and successful lives. Inspired by those whom we
serve and true to our mission, we will always keep striving to advance the field to
provide ever-better care. (soft music)

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