MEHRI COULTER: I was best friends with his sister. LOGAN COULTER: And my sister said, you got to meet my friend. And I’m like, no, I’m not going to date one of your friends. And then Mehri walked in the room and I said, well, I changed my mind. I’ll date your friend. MEHRI COULTER: And I actually called my mom that day and I said, mom, you’re not going to believe this, but I met the man I’m going to marry. I’ve kind of always known that I was a little different than everybody. The first time I noticed that there was something wrong with ironically on the day he proposed to me. I was graduating that year and here comes the man of my dreams, and I was so depressed. And I knew there was something. LOGAN COULTER: Especially being young, you didn’t really understand what you’re saying. No one really talks about mental illness. MEHRI COULTER: I was so extremely depressed, suicidal. I wrote in my journal– LOGAN COULTER: And I remember spending the day just reading through the journal front to back. It ended up being kind of like the missing piece of the puzzle. MEHRI COULTER: I was so mad at you. I mean, he practically had to drag me to the hospital. I did not want to go at all. LOGAN COULTER: But she did it. I was so proud of her. MEHRI COULTER: When I was told that I had bipolar disorder, it was devastating. LOGAN COULTER: Now that we’ve been together so long, I know exactly where things are heading– but it just took time. Now when Mehri wakes up, I know exactly how she’s feeling. Rarely do I say, OK, that came out of nowhere. Which I think a lot of people think bipolar is– well, she woke up this morning, she’s smiling, and giving babies hugs and kisses, and in the afternoon she’s losing her mind. That’s not bipolar disorder. It’s the slow onset. And it moves really slowly. There’s nothing I can say or do that’s going to make her snap out of it. I can’t change it. I can only just be there for her. MEHRI COULTER: My brain does not have a cap to how amazing I can feel. But it also doesn’t have a plug to how horrible I can feel. I said, well, how about we illustrate my feelings in pictures? I think that would be very powerful. LOGAN COULTER: Mehri’s come up with so many great ideas over the years. But when she mentioned this one, I’m like this is it Mehri. MEHRI COULTER: He booked the tickets. He gave me the contact information of a photographer to take these pictures for me, and made it a reality. When I get these uncontrollable feelings of rage, it’s so overwhelming. LOGAN COULTER: It’s almost like a volcano about to explode. I can see it coming. MEHRI COULTER: Suicidal thoughts is when you are so profoundly depressed and in your deranged irrational state of mind you think the only thing that will help you is killing yourself, which absolutely I know is not the answer. It’s very hard. And there’s a lot of people who feel that everyday. Creativity feels like your brain needs to go for an extremely long run. LOGAN COULTER: You know, I get excited for her. I’m like, wow, what an amazing thought. I mean, she can have ideas and be so futuristic in the capacity that I can never get to. Sadness is obviously a lot harder for Mehri than it is for me. MEHRI COULTER: You just keep crying and crying for me personally, for no reason. I don’t want my kids to remember me as a sad person. Having to explain to them, you know, mommy’s brain hurts right now. I’m just sick. For me, that’s the hardest part. Hypersexuality is probably my husband’s favorite symptom of them all. LOGAN COULTER: It’s not bad. We work through it. MEHRI COULTER: It’s like the whole world is sex. I think one of the hallmarks of bipolar disorder is people having affairs. And I am more in love with him than I think anybody could be with anybody. But in that state of mind, I can absolutely see how affairs happen. Paranoia for me manifests itself more as, I think, fear. There’s this constant underlying guilt with everything. Grandiosity is awesome. You can do anything that you want to. Those fleeting moments of grandiosity are amazing. Despair is feeling like there are a ton of bricks on you. You cannot move. I started a Facebook, and blog, and Instagram about everything bipolar. My blog is called So Bipolar. Bipolar is a very misunderstood mental illness and the more we talk about it, the more people will understand, and there will be less stigma. LOGAN COULTER: You know, you look at other people that have– maybe a family member has– or their spouse has diabetes– or something else complicated. And at that point you don’t give up on love just because one family member is sick. MEHRI COULTER: Our marriage is so successful because of the way we respond to it, and how supportive. he is of me. LOGAN COULTER: I know we’ve been talking a lot about how I pick Mehri up, but it goes both ways. You know, Mehri is always there for me in everything that I go through. And then in turn, I’m there for Mehri when she needs my help. There is no tip or trick. And there is no solution. But at the end of the day, Mehri and I love each other. And this marriage is going to last until we die. That’s the way we’re doing it.

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100 thoughts on “Married with Bipolar – Bipolar Disorder: In Our Own Words | WebMD

  1. Also, I wasn't diagnosed until I was 50. 4 years of crap……2 broken marriages….and I was misdiagnosed as just "high anxiety" and "depression"….never bi-polar.

  2. I would love to have such an empathetic and supportive partner. sadly most people can't understand that I am simply not in control. what's worst is that I hate and blame myself for something I have no control over.

  3. I have a bestfriend with bipolar disorder but she is the best thing that ever happen to me, props to the husband for being understanding

  4. My wife is bipolar. There aren't magicians that can or will make it better, At this moment we're going this mobn

  5. Mindfulness will be the solution to bipolar to keep in check, and once established mindfulness, you are in super charge of your thoughts. Here’s my book :

  6. I’ve ruined so many relationships because of my bipolar & I was beginning to think a marriage might never happen for me. This gave me hope but at the same time made me feel worse because I should’ve been able to work through it& push through it like you guys have but instead I gave in to my bipolar symptoms & didn’t acknowledge that I was in a manic state of mind.

  7. This is beautiful.. I think people ave such a hard time accepting their diagnosis I think you captured bipolar disorder powerfully in art . Just so great seeing this. I love that you have a partner who can love you through all of the challenges of living with bipolar disorder. I have major depressive disorder and anxiety and I struggle with acceptance a lot. This was so helpful for me.

  8. If this happy woman is diagnosed as BIPOLAR, we bipolars are different miles away!!! I have always related my disorder and many similar spectrums to loneliness.

  9. Congratulations. I am happy to see successful couples despite the negative consequences Bipolar Disorder can have in marriages. However. I was expecting some insights into the how tos of the successful marriage, but there was no tips given out in this video. Many videos are made to show the problems and the end results but not too many videos are made for revealing the steps one can take to start managing and controlling Bipolar Disorder. Nevertheless, watching this video inspired me to create my own videos in which I can give out a few tips to those who suffer from Bipolar Disorder since I too have Bipolar Disorder.

  10. I’ve been with my wife for 10 years. She was diagnosed with BP this year and we have been through the most difficult of times. Lately she says she’s not in love with me and has been very trying. We have been close to divorce but are trying to keep the flame alive. I don’t want to loose her.

  11. I’m glad these people were able to make it work. I thought my marriage with a bipolar woman was manageable but it eventually blew up.

  12. Sounds like the perfect mentally stable guy. But she's a ticking time bomb. And so is he because he's basically looking for all kinds of ways to protect her from herself and to protect the family from her disorder. It gets old and unnatural doing that from day to day week to week month to month it turns into an invisible prison and you end up living your life serving another person constantly saying and doing things to avoid pushing that onset button that could lead to her outbursts and irrationality. Tough life. Its like walking on egg shells with limited freedom.

  13. wooow. this made me strong, because I was left by my boyfriend after finding out DAT I have dipolar, am really passing through hard time, but I can take it, because am on good medication

  14. Can anyone help me? I am dating a bipolar female and I heard the girl in the video say she can imagine how people would want to have an affair with hyper sexuality… does that mean it is very likely she will cheat on me because of her symptoms??

  15. What a loving husband…I hate that I can relate I am engaged and I am going through the same thing I also just had a baby it such a hard thing. Life can be difficult. I wish well on their family!!!

  16. I am a bipolar. And i hope. . Someday. . I can meet with someone who undersrand me and merry too. Bipolar disorder is not a desire. We are different but don't stay away from us.

  17. I'm bipolar and I put so much stresd on my fiance that im afraid I'm gonna lose her. She's all I got and it really sucks when I go to those moods. The hypersexuality joke is fun when your girlfriend is the one with bipolar, I'm not triggered by the joke they made here not that kind of person but as a male with bipolar I struggle with expecting too much from my girlfriend. Came really close to having affairs, I want to be normal , I want this shit out of my head.
    I've gone manic and spent thousands of dollars on ideas that went nowhere.
    It's hard and I value this videos so much.

  18. This makes me so happy and sad. I met my gf through my younger sister and we immediately just clicked and had the most wonderful relationship for the next couple of months. Then one day she just messaged me saying that she gave it some thoughts that she would like to end things. It happened so abruptly I could not even process it because days earlier we just bought our flights for a holiday. But she told me that she's given it some thoughts and that it was bothering her for sometime now. I initially took it very personally and wondered what did i do wrong. I even went to a psychiatrist to talk about how I would feel because of how anxious i would become. Then my therapist told me about bipolar and i began reading up on it and everything i read is like a switch just went on in my head because i realise the symptoms that she had was overwhelming. I tried to stay as friend always sending her message of love and encouragement but she was always wary what i wanted from her and she was always very defensive and felt like i would blame her even when i explicitly told her I am not. It's really sad whenever i hear people saying that bipolar people should be avoided because if you've met my gf you'll realise that they're some of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. They feel so intensely and is so empathetic to everything around them but yet they're trapped inside of their head. I love my gf I really do and sometimes she says the meanest things to push me away and it's so painful when you know that this isn't the person you know and love.

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  20. this fucking guys mom did not teach him how to pick a good girl, she did not arm him with the proper social tools to avoid mental illness. as a result he now lives in total servitude to her mental illness. no prosperity will ever come his way with out her cutting it off at the pass even if he is working to keep them both happy and prosperous. she will destroy and destroy until the man is a broken corpse of a man he used to be, he cant even see what she is doing, yet he will serve her fucking shithead non-sense. until ther is nothing left but a burned out shell of a man. and he will still have to pay support her and the kid she is seriously influencing to be the same way….nice. what a waste of at least 3 lives. but he still loves her. go ahead you asshole. be the result of your momma not showing you how to pick a decent woman. you are headed blindly unto your destruction….

  21. oh by the way the only way to get a bipolar stalker out of your life is to smash the dysfunctioning brain with a ball peen hammer, not enough to kill but hard enough to induce a drooling state el permanente…

  22. My husband is bipolar schizophrenic it hard to deal with hom at times he is also very unpredictable with his mood swings and he doesnt use rational thinking some times i feel like he hates me so how do you deal with there episodes and events were they become violant and take things from you?

  23. This was the sweetest story I have seen …ever. Thank you two for being an example. I wish both of you many years of everyday awesomeness.

  24. These are some great points that I'm going to reiterate to my fiance. I know I can't do or say anything that's going to change it but I will be there for you and love you anyway. ❤ he is so worth it

  25. Thank You for sharing beautiful and loving video of marrying a borderline person with care, love and empathy. May both couples find comfort, peace and solace along with their families. Thank You Web MD. ♥

  26. wow bipolar=marrying a cheating bitch who will then blame you and take your money…sounds like a serious case of WHORE POLAR

  27. Please help me!… what am I? A narcissist, psychopath, schizophrenic without hearing voices or bi polar or all of the above? Just say it?

  28. This is an amazing story, thank you for sharing. Your husband is amazing and probably can give a lot of insight to other spouses and loved ones. I dated someone for a long time and they never attempted to learn more about my illness. You are an inspiration.

  29. My ex-boyfriend was also bipolar. He's been out of touch for over a week now. I could understand everything about his illness, but I couldn't help myself to go around meeting other women and cheat on me. He's fed up with hiding behind bipolar disorder and wanting to understand, so if you really love someone, please don't cheat on him. Don't call it an illness. Before you do that, go to the hospital and get a checkup. Please, I'm cursing me who loved him so much, but now I've made the choice to meet him. Please. If you love someone, please don't.

  30. Hey I just got on there page I'm so bipolar on Facebook and it is a good community of wonderful wholesome people that will help and encourage you they'll guide you through your darkest hour and I'll guide you through your darkest day I am proud to be a member of so bipolar

  31. Thanks for making this video. I should know that being bipolar isn’t easy without support. Glad you have the support you need!

  32. I never do this but I am beyond wits and would like other inputs if I could get them. YES, this is my fault and ultimately, it’s the reason I lost all friends and family. I met my girlfriend a year ago, and even though I saw red flags I ignored them because I decided to look into the good. Months later, as she got comfortable the phases of mania, total disregard to all authority (few instances where you cursed out multiple police officers, taunting them) and I realized I was in something I had no idea of. The ups and downs turned into a chore as I would find myself “kissing ass” to make peace in the day and to keep sane between us and when I didn’t argue with her back, or tried to walk alway it turned into a even bigger fight. I decided I couldn’t, and told her I was leaving. I packed my car and headed to a hote and got a call from her saying she tried to commit suicide and that the ambulance was there and she needed me to meet her at hospital. Dummy I am, go to hospital so she won’t be alone and I ended staying with her because I felt so sorry for her. Shortly after, I got a job at General Mills. Great opportunity. (She didn’t work for 5 months after this incident) I did to take care of her daughter (not mine) our fights got to the point where she blacked my eye and I choked her back when she did. I got the police called and got arrested and lost my job and car over this incident. I truly believe the day we got physical she was having an episode of mania but in that situation it’s not my place to say if she was or not. I got out of jail after 24hrs and because I had no job or friends (cut me out after I got with her a year ago) went back. I’m in a situation where I have to fake every minute so I don’t make her go into a rage. I need help, I am suicidal because of this situation. Do I go literally sleep under a bridge or elsewhere to get out of this situation? I’m utterly lost and feel worthless. If I would have listened to my friends, I would be making 20 an hour at General Mills and had an okay life I’d say. But anybody that reads this, anything would help.

  33. I am so happy for you and I realize the key was the diary.. There is nothing worse than witnessing your relationship being destroyed, almost as if watching helplessly through a window and nothing you can do to help them, or yourself.. For some, it is too late…

  34. Now ive seen it all – Bipolar as a hallmark commercial. I think you should do a followup video where you explore cognitive behavioral therapy, talk about which medications help, etc

  35. This reminds me so much of my husband (of 35 years) but he blames everything on demons and is angry and offended at getting a diagnosis

  36. This is too MY FRIENDS, BUD AND SHERRY BANKS!!!! Thank you for be- befriending ME!!!! I MET these wonderful people Threw, Basil and Charlotte BRAVEHEART……they tried too make me think you were Not my friends….You taught me how too Count….Fox Woman, salutes both of YOU

  37. Heym…my boyfriend is having bipolar…but i am never going to get away from him even for a sec…i just l love him more than anything in the universe….we will be marrying within 3 years….i just love him so much !!!

  38. Not every bipolar person has the same symptoms. My hubby has BP but doesn’t get hyper sexuality. But my ex fiancé did. Yes, you’d think I would have seen the signs from my ex fiancé but my hubby now didn’t show signs until we got married and found out we were pregnant 6 weeks after honeymoon. Maybe it was a trigger? Back then he wanted to give the baby up even though he was 38! But now he’s the best dad to our 3 kids and would never think those thoughts . When he’s sane, he’s amazing. When he’s manic, he’s very emotionally abusive to me

  39. My wife is rapid cycling. Everything on this video seem kind of vague to me. For us, her depression will focus on me. That I am the one who is causing everything. It is so hard to hear the things I am accused of. She makes me admit to things that are just not there. It's wearing me out. I'm now having to decide, "Is it really all worth it?" Two suicide attempts in one month, all blamed on me. I can tell, now, when it is starting. Her face totally changes. Then I know…she will focus on something about me that is so trivial and make it into some huge thing. We will have to talk about it all night. Round and round. Always the same. I have to "admit" that I'm horrible. I'm not perfect, but not the monster I'm accused of being.
    At what point does my own well being outweigh the abusive behavior of the one claiming to be the victim?

  40. All of the negativity here telling people it will ruin their lives if they marry someone who is bipolar. We are human beings. How can you so blatantly tell people that we don’t deserve love and affection? That we don’t deserve marriage if that’s what we choose?
    We are not prefect and no one is. But do not throw a giant net over all of us and condemn us. Those of us who make an active effort to get help, maintain stability, and take medications are trying our absolute hardest to make it in this life just like everyone else.

    Is it always wise to date and marry someone who’s bipolar? Of course not. Untreated Bipolar can absolutely destroy people’s lives. My mother was severely bipolar and caused suffering to many people. She chose to deny her reality and not seek help. I am not my mother. I have been getting help and working every day of my life.
    If you think you love someone who is bipolar, ask about how their treatment is going and then make your decision.

    Some of us are capable of love. We are genuine and caring people who love their significant other. We are worthy of love and happiness.

  41. Keep up the good work & be there for her. Bipolar hurts & she has a long journey a head of her. I have bipolar 1 i know how she feels. You are NOT alone.

  42. At least she has a handle on it and seems to have found a way to cope. The crazy one I was married to tried to kill me and almost succeeded. Everything I did and I did everything humanly possible she used against me to make her problems my fault. At the end she was almost always in an angry manic state of mind. I was attacked physically by a tiny woman who was amazingly strong. Then I would be blamed for attacking her. I finally gave up and let her go then the police came handcuffed her took her away in the back of the police car with her screaming fighting all the way to jail. 21 years of seeking professional psychiatric help did nothing to save my family. Ultimately she had to answer for behavior. My girls were abused by this woman things I discovered from my oldest after she was gone made me cry. I felt so bad for my girls having to endure the abuse they suffered that I never new about. I felt so guilty for being so focused on helping my wife and neglecting to see what was going on behind my back. Manic depression is serious and dangerous and can get the unawares lives destroyed or they may end up dead. Because of one sick crazy selfish individual.

  43. I miss my bipolar ex, I didn't do my research about bipolar disorder and now it's too late, she broke up with me about 6 months ago and block me from everything, and I just found out that she got married 2-3 months ago, I got so depressed, I almost killed myself and became an alcoholic, I hope she is happy now and I'm trying to move on.

  44. mental disorders or to me the dark side of life sometimes it makes me wonder if its satans tool to torment us who fall for his trap it can be mentally debilitating and cause you problems in so many different areas thru your life i think people should have more awareness of mental disorders wether it be bipolar, narcissism, sociopath ect… if a normal mentally function person would kmow this they be more cautious about a person before they latch on to them, and also understand its ok to be alone even for a short while these people with these disorders can make life seem so fun but its an illusion if pain is the next jolt of energy. hope everyone who reads this knows theres light outside the darkness once you find it again youll wish you didnt waist that time, god bless

  45. Oh so incredibly beautiful!! I love this video so much!!! I’m In tears! The last words he said “ this marriage is going to last til the day we die, that’s how we are doing it!”
    Oh the tears flooded my eyes!!

  46. Very nice work of the the creators of this video ! camera work ,editing , directing , producing and writing ! and Mehri and Logan you guys rock !

  47. My bitch bipolar and not medicated and won't get any help. I'm emotionally handicapped and don't give a fuck about her annoying emotions because I don't even understand my own and she doesn't get it. She's a narcissistic asshole who has never said sorry to me even for small things. Everything is drama, everything is outrage. It's like she's taunting me to hang myself. I won't give her the pleasure. She will be super violent or aggressive like she's on meth or something but she's not on drugs, two seconds later she'll be telling me how much she loves me and is afraid I was mad at her and wants to suck my dick. I kicked her out because she attacked me. All she does is come to fuck me and try to take money out of my pocket cuz she's too nuts to hold a job because she starts drama with everyone. I hate this asshole. She won't go away. At least the douche bag part of her won't go away The nice side can stay. She even puts words in my mouth and then attacks me over what she said she made up that I said.. Boy I need a new girl bad.. But she got's a nice booty. Had the cops here so many times already so sick of her. shit. When she get's that wide eyed crazy look.. her brain turns off and she just yells over nothing.

  48. I wish I would’ve known that that was what was wrong with me after I lost my 19 year marriage lost my home lost my children lost my career for a while went homeless was in a shelter all because we got divorced last year and we did not know what was wrong with me over the last year I have been diagnosed with bipolar and we are trying medicine to see what helps I appreciate your story and I wish that my ex-husband would’ve been as supportive and wanted to figure out what it was and see how he can help it’s unfortunate we’re divorced now because we have four beautiful children

  49. Bipolar people are too toxic to be in a relationship with anyone.💔 Believe it or not they thrive by themselves because they have no one to fight with.

  50. I have a friend who is a fitness model ,was recently diagnosed w BP1 and won’t take meds because her career is her livelihood, she is already doing everything for perfect health and physique and is afraid to have weight gain, movement disorders, etc. She is able to maintain her life, but having a lot of relationship difficulties and has moments that make things very difficult.

    You seem to look great and I am wondering how the med journey was for you and if there are things you do to help you stay exactly how you were before meds.

    Think this will help her feel much more confident about going ahead w treatment.

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