No. Not again. Why does this always have to come out of nowhere. It’s really hot in here. I can’t catch my breath. Why can’t I catch my breath? My hands are shaking. My heart’s definitely going too fast. My pulse is definitely too high. I wish someone was here… No, they’ll think I’m crazy. Yeah, probably. It’s cold. Why do I feel so heavy on the chest. What were the symptoms of a heart attack again? Chest pain. Numb arms. Yeah that’s it. Definitely having a heart attack. Why are my muscles so tight? Where did my legs go? I can’t feel my legs. This is so weird. Just feels like I’m on the other side of the room, looking at myself. Unreal. Completely unreal. I really don’t feel well. I think I’m gonna be sick. I wonder if these will help. This will calm me down. This is not a good idea. Shouldn’t be smoking. I’ll take some more. Just in case. Did I overdose? Probably overdosed. Why is everything so loud? My heads going to explode. Am I going crazy. Probably going crazy. What if I lose control and do something stupid? I don’t want to lose control. I hope no one sees me like this. I really don’t feel well. I think I’m dying. Am I dying? Breathe. Wait. I know this. This is a panic attack. My brain just messed things up and triggered fight-or-flight at the wrong place and the wrong time. ok-ok-ok. I’m just going to lie on the couch, clinching my fists and it’ll pass. Always does. Nothing bad ever happens. Just breath. Relax. Calm down. I really wish someone was here. Do I? No. They wouldn’t understand. How would I even explain this. This has no particular reason. This is stupid. I’m so tired. I don’t want anybody to see me like this. What if I get a panic attack in public. Everybody will be looking. No no no… Yeah I’ll stay. It’s safe now. It’s safe.

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  1. This video is creepy like i know i should be feeling like this but this makes me feeling uneasy and creep out that feels bad man i have never felt a panic attack before but i never want to. Does this really happen to people?

  2. having panic attacks are so scary. i always feel like im going to die, and that nothing is real. my heart beats faster and faster, and my breathe hitches. i always comfort myself by saying, “everything is going to be okay. this will pass.”

  3. Anybody else gets panic attacks with thoughts revolving death. Not just thinking you are dying, but actually just thinking that you WILL die someday….about your existence. Great great video. Thank you!

  4. Thank you. Just thank you. I always thought no one could feel like I did and this somehow just gave me a way to explain to people what that feeling is

  5. okay someone please answer my question

    First, you know there are people who think about something and it always leads to another thoughts. everytime I feel sad or angry or just everytime I feel emotional and when I overthink about something, my hands will shake my head went dizzy and my vision went blurry. Does that means I have a panic attack? or not? If not than what is it?

  6. I stared crying because this soo realatible i have like 12 panicj arracks a day i know how u feel probely aloy poeple are saying this and i speled every ting word but i just wanna say thank youu for this vid ❤️

  7. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! this is freaking awesomeeeeeeee! I have panics attacks all the time and it exactly how if feels like….

  8. The chaotic feeling in this video was so accurate that it actually triggered me to have a panic attack. Your work is amazing, please never stop creating your content.

  9. I just realized that i had a panic attack at school, it was the same as u describe in this video

  10. Recently I found out that I have panic attack. I'm scared of every quarrel that I have with someone. I losing my breatch, my minds overwhelming me. Noone understand me. They Say that I play they feeling. I Just Cant keep calm. I have fears of doing everything. It's block me. I'm ashamed of me. People will not understand even they wanna to try. My live is one big scared.

    -Realy sorry for my English

  11. stop saying you have anxiety. Were you diagnosed? I have to take actual medication to help. Please think twice before self diagnosing.
    -to, anyone reading this

  12. You really showed everything that’s goes on when having a panic attack. I related to this very much!💛

  13. Also, panic attacks can sometimes last for a long time, even days. A few weeks ago i just wasnt able to catch my breath, i felt like i was dying and couldnt breathe. We went to hospital, everyone thought there was water in my lungs but the xray showed that there wasnt. It was just one long panic attacks where i found it hard to breathe for two days. anyone whos going through this or another mental illness, sending you my love❤❤ sidenote: if you do experience shortness of breath please dont immediately assume that its a panic attack, even if you do deal with anxiety. It could be a symptom of another medical condition so id recommend going to hospital/getting it checked out just in case.

  14. this like very accurate because i had an anxiety attack in class but it was all happening on the inside and i was so scared. i just wanted to talk to somebody but then again who would understand me? [i had to do a debate.]

  15. Mines begging with heavy breathing , them my heart starts racing fast and then I start crying and after I try to harm myself to stop them I talk my self out of it

  16. i had my first panic attack a while ago and it was scary because I didn’t know what was happening.. I was crying, hyperventilating, shaking and talking to myself about what could go wrong (and for some reason I’m panicking right now… why i don’t know). I told my mom and she said that it was gonna be ok but i have mini panic attacks whenever I’m in front of a large crowd or just with a couple of friends.I knew I was having a panic attack I just didn’t know what to do so I sat there and cried for half an hour

  17. Omg! I want to cry. This is so accurate. I told me family about my anxiety /depression they say to me. "Oh it's just an exscuse you will get over it ." Like wtf no. I cannot control it I'm not making this up

  18. Anxiety disorder and Panic disorder are two different things, although they both usually go together – some people can have just one or the other. They are two different disorders. Came category though, people with schizophrenia may have panic disorder as well, with no anxiety.
    I have seen cases where the only mental illness a person has is panic, or anxiety, or depression, or so on.
    Panic and anxiety reacts in different parts of our brains, but act similar.

  19. it starts slow and steady. you don't believe it at first. the walls starts coming closer to you. you don't feel the earth anymore. you realize you are not breathing enough. with every beat of your heart the blood gets colder. you are not where you were. legs and hand shaking anxiously. eyes filling with blank ink. every thought ever storming around your head. in the darkness of the storm you see yourself holding a gun pointing at your head in the mirror. thinking this would end the storm. you stop smelling. you stop feeling. then suddenly your heart beats warm blood through your hands and it leaves for another time.

  20. i used to get panic attacks almost everyday and each time i felt like i was suffocating and i was about to die. to people who haven’t had a panic attack before, this video is extremely accurate.

  21. I struggle whit panic attacks since I was 8,now I'm 12 and last year I didn't go out of the house from September till February that I finally found someone who could help me, I finally started to go to school again, but my panic attacks are always here I just can manage them better. My panic attack are caused by my mum and dad. My mum had a mental illness, probably she take it from my grandmother, but she doesn't admit it, she maked our family go crazy, she caused my sister depression since she was 15 and now she's 20, she caused me depression and anxiety, and now my father who is 62 has anxiety because of her but he doesn't have the courage to divorce with her. I'm going crazy. Last night I got out to buy food after 3 weeks I was home, and when I came back they were fighting again, but this time they actually slapper and scratched each other. I don't know what to do. I have no one to talk about, my sister has already her problems and I don't want to burden her with mines. I hate them and myself so much, I sometimes think to finish it all but after that I start to think that I'm stupid, it's just all in my mind, and that I'm just a little girl who has nothing to do so she thinks she's cool if she's depressed. Pls help me

  22. I’m trying to figure out if I have anxiety attacks are not. Is this normal?

    I once had to perform on stage and started crying in my room, saying negative things to myself. Ten minutes later, I was pumped.

    At the grocery store once, I started getting really stressed and all I could think about was “you need a blade”, “you look stupid”, “you’re overreacting.”

    Today I was worrying about that I was going to have another freak out like I did in the grocery store and started passing around and thinking I was looking stupid.

    I really would like to know what the hell is going on with me. Thank you!

  23. Everytime i have a panic attack with someone near me they always look at me and just say breathe through the nose out the mouth but sweet cheeks it feels like someone is choking me out and theres an elephant on my chest. Or they say i gotta slow my breathing but when i try it feels like im choking and i need to gasp for more air. I understand they are trying to help but its so frustrating that they think its so simple. The worst part is im very scared of taking medication so if i was prescribed an anxiety medication I probably wouldnt take it bc it would trigger anxiety attacks. :/// we out here panicing.

  24. I had my first panic attack at age eleven. I was by myself. Before it happened I was a happy, fun and worry free kid 😊. Until one day I had a panic attack and everything changed. I remember after it happened I couldn't sit still for almost a week feeling like it was happening agian. After that I was CONSTANTLY worried always about dumb things. I was always telling my parents but they told me I was and fine and it was ok. I could tell I was depressed and had anxiety these terrible thoughts coming to me. Sometimes I would cry I would feel so alone and trapped. After a couple months of feeling like a zombie I got better little by little. And today I'm MUCH better. But sometimes I still feel the way I felt. Well… if you made it to the end thank you! Have a wonderful day! You are BEAUTIFUL NO ONE CAN TELL YOU YOUR NOT! 💓❤

  25. I thought I was the only who had heart attack symptoms as a panic attack. This honestly made me cry so hard.

  26. how can you support soemone in your family having such panic attacks? Feel helpless, what we can do best to help someone? can it be overcome? Can it be kind of "healed"?

  27. Watching this during an anxiety attack, really makes me see that it will pass. Honestly this is for the most part true! Only it’s abit dramatised…

  28. I have anxiety,
    I know what it feels like,
    Its not very pleasant thats for sure.

    Edit: I have this because of bullies and being judged on who I am and my appearance.
    Does anxiety go away?

  29. I on several occasions I am sick only because my mum's going to work and that involves crossing roads

  30. Suffering since November. Anybody who reads this. Stay strong! You matter! Nobody hates you! I'm crying right now and having a panic attack but you who reads this please stay strong! You matter! And I love you!

  31. Even though I’m diagnosed with an anxiety disorder I never believe that this is a valid panic attack and constantly convince myself that I have never had an actual attack so thank u this makes me feel so much more real

  32. Panic attacks are the worst. Mine always start with me having many thoughts where I have disappointed someone, where I did something wrong, when I feel like I’m going to get in trouble, and when I feel like something bad is going to happen. That’s when I get up start pacing, I start shaking, I start losing my breath, and I start crying nonstop, heart beating really really fast. It’s also the worst when you don’t have someone with you to help you feel comforted. Whenever I have my panic attacks alone I tend to take longer to calm down and snap out of it. I always want to be held but at the same time left alone. It’s the worst and I wouldn’t want to wish it on anyone.

  33. I got really tense and sacred and I started crying when watching this. My panic attack trigger come out while watching these but it's hard to stop.

  34. I get panic attacks often and let me just say.. Its terrible. Its hard to breathe and I feel like im gonna go sick and sometimes I think im going insane. Ive had one so bad where I had to use my dads inhaler so i wouldnt pass out.

  35. It feels like extreme nervousness, shakiness, frightening feeling.

    People who don't have anxiety can't understand how scary & embarrassing ( in public places) feeling it is

  36. half the girls at my school when doing something sightly stressful“oMg im having a panic attack” proceeds to say it louder and fake fan themselves so everyone knows there having a “panic attack”

  37. when i get panic attacks i sit there and hyperventilate and almost pass out i have all those voices saying "it's fine" "am i gonna die?" and all those questions that overwhelm me and make me just wanna disappear

  38. As someone who has a severe panic disorder, lemme say that this is spot on. The disorientation and sense of unreality is so hard to explain to others, but here it’s so obvious what’s going on without words explaining it. If anyone asks what a panic attack is like, I’m showing them this

  39. I was diagnosted with social anxiety and bipolar disorder type 3 when i was 13, i used to have so many panic attacks when people talked to me, i started having really bad panic attacks lately, yesterday i was having one and my best friend started asking me to describe what i see over and over so she could get my attencion, usually i can't talk when i'm having a panic attack, but the moment i started saying what colors i see around me i felt as i was getting back to myself, i hope some of you guys try to use it as a coping skill, i hope it helps as much as it helped me.

  40. Just wonderful, I've been looking for "is it normal to be exhausted after a panic we" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Wanatthew Janlizabeth Eradicator – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my partner got great results with it.

  41. Just wonderful, I've been looking for "is it normal to be exhausted after a panic we" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Wanatthew Janlizabeth Eradicator – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my partner got great results with it.

  42. Holy crap. This is me. Every cigarette, every pill, every time I lay down and convince myself I’m not having a heart attack and the racing thoughts and the guilt of a cigarette only making it worse yet feeling like only a cigarette will get my mind to stop racing. It’s a terrible disorder. I just started about 6months ago and I’m having to learn to breathe and train myself. It’s exhausting

  43. I feel you. I had so big panic attacks…that ambulance was called. Or panic turned to violent screeming on someone…becouse i felt do helples I wasnt myself. It was tetany. I did The test and it was positiv

  44. I am diagnosed with anxiety and whenever I do have a occurrence of something like this to me it feels like my throat is closing and I need to hold on to something, or I have to look around so I don't cry and shakiness but I don't know if that is the same as a panic attack? Or if it's just normal symptoms of the anxiety

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