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  1. SPOILERS Whoa, Yasha's fight, though… and hopefully though I sincerely doubt it Jester respects personal boundaries after her talk with Beau. And Caleb and Astrid, just well done, Liam and Matt were incredible and I LOVED how tense the table was, because same lol

  2. I will admit, the fights really bummed me out with how they played out. Fjord, the one who suggested and wanted to go into the fight club, just gets demolished off a Nat 20, big oofs because I wanted to see what he can do in a 1v1. Yashas fight was expected to be a huge back and forth, but for Rp purposes (that Ashley played marvelously) she threw the fight which again another bummer for me personally. Beaus fight wasn’t really surprising or as exciting because after I saw Laura fight Tal in the last one shot with Tarry, I already knew what was going to happen. Still loved the episode just feel like I got blue balled a bit is all, much love to all <3

  3. Don’t worry guys! They’re reuploading old episodes from Geek&Sundry! You can skip this episode!

    p.s. Obligatory /sarcasm

  4. Fjord should’ve casted armor of Agathys again he would’ve had more survivability and maybe dealt 50 more damage, at minimum he would’ve dealt 25 more which is still a decent chunk. But this is backseat gaming and it still was a fun moment either way.

  5. Are we not going to talk about Caleb's one on one chat? That part broke my heart. I knew it was coming someday but I was not expecting that delivery by both Matt and Liam

  6. To sum up this whole last episode of 2019 in a very, VERY long post (*SPOILERS*):

    The Nein get some downtime in while waiting for their commissions from the Cryptic Collection:
    * Yasha reads through most of her book.
    * Caduceus takes up death flute playing.
    * Jester sends messages to the Plank King (who doesn't even recognize Jester's voice), Thoreau Lionett (without Beau's permission) and the Inevitable End (who sadly will not be the Inevitable Friend anytime soon).
    * Nott buys crossbow bolts both lethal and non-lethal (the latter being for Luc).
    * Caleb does some work on deciphering Halas' papers from the Heirloom Sphere and makes some headway, while also wistfully admitting to Fjord and Nott that he had hoped to be a teacher at the Soltryce Academy.
    * Fjord starts wearing his Wildmother holy symbol proudly despite the occasional stares due to be thrown his way.

    Beau spends her downtime researching at the Cobalt Soul archive, fully in her element which Caleb admires considering their first foray together much earlier back in Zadash, and discovers that there are actually THREE beacons at play that the Empire "uncovered": one that was eventually returned to the Dynasty, one that was unearthed at Pride's Call thus corroborating Trent's account… and one that was also "taken" from the Dynasty which is still unaccounted for. This third beacon being the actual one that they are seeking and not the one that the Assembly plan to return (I smell a trap).

    Also, Jester and Beau have a reassuring heart-to-heart where Jester confides that she was worried Beau was evasive because she failed to save her in the cathedral (she wasn't, she was simply busy at the archive, although part of that may also be because she was initially going to room up alone most likely so she wouldn't compromise herself regarding her crush on Jester before she was convinced to room with her and Yasha), and Beau confides that she too was shaken up and scared that she was so close to death. Jester then tells Beau of what she sent in her message to Thoreau, prompting Beau to be firm yet fair in telling her that while it was endearing that she did what she did, it's not okay to get involved in other peoples' affairs without permission. That, and she clearly is trying to unpack the ramifications of what she was just told but can't bring herself to be angry at Jester for just wanting to help. They then get into a slight disagreement about tarot cards and fortune tellers and that Molly "knew things" and that he was a god (he wasn't and didn't, on both accounts) before agreeing to disagree. Beau then hands her Molly's (incomplete) tarot deck and Jester begins self-teaching herself about tarot.

    While all this is happening, Caleb finally goes to Astrid's house. And it's there that the two of them have a rather bittersweet reunion, where it's revealed that during Caleb's "break", he ended up scarring Astrid before he was able to be subdued. It was also revealed that Astrid, while fully indoctrinated by Trent, still feels remorse and regret for her actions past and present and sympathizes with Caleb's–or rather Bren's–misfortunes, but is wholly resigned to her fate yet still has disdain for Trent, saying that he's just an old man on his way off the mortal coil. On the plus side, Caleb still got to leave with his life intact. Also, he mastered a new self-taught spell: Widogast's Vault of Amber (which seems to be similar to Instant Summons).

    The Nein also find a fighting pit called The Stone Coffin, and the resulting bouts that they requested left them… lacking:

    * Beau went unarmed against Ovo, a fifty-something half-elf brawler not even close to being considered an "old man". Very one-sided with the bout ending in Beau's favor, though she still didn't feel good about it. (Doesn't help that the fight was too easy anyway, I think she deserved a better challenge.)

    * Fjord's bout of steel with a very familiar face, Darrow of the Stubborn Stock (last seen during the Harvest Close Festival's Victory Pit tourney), turned into a complete 180 of Beau's as he totally got knocked off his high horse with a critical blinding Divine Smite and shortly after he lost.

    * Yasha also went unarmed, but she got to face the reigning champion Cal, a berserker barbarian. But as the fight progressed, not once did Yasha rage nor did she utilize her full strength. She had said earlier she was seeking "therapy" via fighting. And she got the therapy she wanted, wanting to reassert that SHE had control over her rage. Not Obann's control or anyone else's. Just her's. And it's no surprise that she lost, but not without a smile on her face and a very frustrated Cal unable to comprehend what just happened.

    That said, I'm glad the others noticed how off the whole thing was, and I'm hoping a lot of talks happen later on so they can help her.

    Also hats!

    See you in 2020, Mighty Nein! Is it Thursday Yet?

  7. Ashley doesnt get enough praise for her role playing. She had Yasha pay 200 gold to get that great sequence. The fact that Yasha wants to hurt herself by getting beat up by the champion because she feels guilty as a form of therapy was shown and excuted perfectly to a disturbing point. Im so happy Ashley is back because holy shit it was INTENSE

  8. the academy makes me think of like, if you go to a really great school, but it turns out one of your teachers is a nazi, and tries to get you and two other students to become nazis too

  9. I think Caleb as a teacher would know how to light a fire under his students and leave them burning for more knowledge.

  10. Am I the only one who feels that Astrid is like a little mini Trent? Except she’s better at disarming others without creating too much animosity towards herself.

  11. Caleb seeing the academy makes me really hope that when it's all said and done, he becomes a professor in an academy. The passion he has is engrossing.

  12. Would Beau's fight qualify as elder abuse?? She was beating him like a red headed step child that owed her money

  13. OMG, Jester's message to Mr. Beau might be the best moment in the entire campaign!
    I had to rewatch that part 7 times to watch each and everyone's reaction individually.

  14. So, I'd you are going to put extra commercials into the podcast version can you at least release it at the same time as the YouTube version?

  15. 59:05 Oh, Jester. You're totally reaching there. Molly was definitely bullshitting about "knowing things" and being a legit diviner. *HE TOLD YOU AS SUCH!*. He didn't even REMEMBER knowing about the Gentleman, nor did the Gentleman even KNOW that Jester was his daughter. He had a feeling she was after their first meeting. (And Taliesin's reactions only prove all of that.)

  16. The name of the episode is the same name of a custom Metamagic option that my DM made for my shadow sorcerer months ago. I dunno why, but it makes me happy 😀

  17. how does Beau get a 32 on a Investigation check? if I remember correctly, her Int is 19. so she has a +8 on checks. 19+8 is 27 ?

  18. ..also can I just say how impressed I am with these thumbnails? A Marisha, Travis and Ashley photo? For the perfect episode? How many pictures do they have of these?
    So many combinations

  19. the conversation between Beau and Jester is properly the funniest thing ever happened in this campaign! Stellar acting/improvising from both of them!

  20. 21:20 "I never thought of it in the wrong hands until it was in the wrong hands and it's… it's fascinating." – Matt
    I laughed so hard. Sendings are the moments worth remembering.

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