Hey friends. Welcome back. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Courtney,
and I have Phaedra and Nyx, my two standard poodles sleeping in the room with me. So I asked you guys on Instagram stories whether
you wanted me to do a product review next or a life update, and you guys chose life
update, at least when I last looked before I started filming this video. Life update it is. So if you don’t know, I just bought a new
home, and I did a home tour, so if you haven’t seen that, I’ll put a link to that video up
here, but I’m sure many of you know that and that’s why you’re here for this video. So I’m going to update you as to what has
been going on with me. Last week was moving week. On Tuesday it was moving day, and I did all
kinds of planning because I wanted this move to go as smoothly as possible. My husband Ray was not taking off of work,
and Dave has a limited amount of spoons to help me with things. He has a chronic illness. For those of you who aren’t familiar with
spoon theory, basically that means he can only do so much before he’s done for the day
and can’t do any more. I had a lot of pressure on me, and luckily
one of my best friends, Corinne, came over to help me with coordinating the move, which
was great. So she showed up at my house at 9:45, and
Dave and her and I were all ready to start preparing to tell the movers what gets packed
up first, what’s going to go where, and so we waited and waited, and at 10:15 the movers
still weren’t there. so I called them up and said, “Hey, I’m scheduled
for movers to be here at 10:00 to move me and there’s nobody here,” and they’re like,
“we don’t have you on the schedule.” And I’m like, “Well, you all charged my credit
card, you made me pay a deposit, and you’re not here, so you need to fix this.” And they were like, “Uh, okay.” And the reason I had chosen this moving company
because it was College Hunks Hauling Junk, blah blah blah movers, I don’t know if they’re
just local to Tampa or if they’re like a nationwide chain, but my friends had used them to move
into their house, so they had said that they’re reasonable, they’re polite, they did a good
job, they didn’t break anything, and so I was like, “Okay, I’ll go ahead and look at
them.” They gave me a really reasonable quote. I put a deposit down, and they’re supposed
to be there. So they finally had people show up at 12:00
to start work, so my schedule got pushed back by two hours from what it was supposed to
be, but I was like, “All right, it’s not a problem. We can make this work.” So they start packing up stuff, and Dave’s
room, I specifically tell them, “Do not touch his computer. Leave his tower alone. I personally am going to move that. You can pack up his clothes. You can pack up the rest of his computer equipment,
all of that stuff, but don’t touch that.” And so come to find out, they moved that,
but they left some stuff that they were supposed to pack up. That was one problem. One of the other problems was that, there
was stuff like this throughout the entire thing, they were supposed to pack up my makeup
room dead last, because I didn’t want anything in there to get really hot on the truck and
melt. Well, they didn’t do it dead last even though
they told me that they would, so anyway, I was stressed about that, but we get to the
new house, start moving everything in. It’s going pretty well, and then it starts
raining, so that basically meant that they had to stop until it had stopped raining enough
so that there was no safety hazard, which I totally understand, but then I had to leave
for an emergency and let Dave continue to tell people where to put things, and that
was a mistake, because for whatever reason, Ray and Dave couldn’t ever tell people where
to put things where I want them, so I was very frustrated, so then by the time the movers
were done and finished, I had just gotten back, and so I had to figure out how to move
the big heavy things with Corinne’s help, because some things were in the wrong spot
and I was really pissed about it. Anyway, made it through moving day. It was great, in our new home, got to spend
the night in our new home, slept pretty well except for the fact that we didn’t have curtains
up in our master bedroom, and so that meant that I was up around the time the sun rose. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a night
owl, so getting up when the sun rises is not my cup of tea. Oh, and that was another thing. On moving day, I had gotten up at like 8:45
and I had started doing last minute preparations around the house at 9:00, and I was still
up doing things and trying to help get things moved and unpacked and situated at like 12:30
a.m., so I had been doing it for more than 12 hours on Tuesday night, so I was really
cranky. And then basically I spent all of last week
on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, etc., going and unpacking to try and get things
unpacked from this house. Some of the stuff that got left at the old
house that wasn’t supposed to get left I had to go back and move just a Prius carload at
a time, which was no fun, and pretty much it wore me out. I basically wasn’t able to blog at all. I was able to work on stuff for my clients,
keep up with my work and do stuff around the house, because Ray didn’t take off a single
day of work to help me with moving, and Dave can really only do so much. He’s very limited in what he can do, so it
all fell on me. I was very, very grateful that my friend Corinne
was able to help me a couple times. Ray’s mom was able to help me a couple times,
which was really nice, but for the most part, it was just me and the dogs. So eventually got the curtains up, which was
great, and the first time I finally sat down to try and actually load my laptop, because
I was basically doing all of my work for work on my iPad. my laptop started having artifacting errors,
and if you’re not familiar with that, it’s basically at least for me from my computer,
I started having these neon green and neon purple bars that were going up and up and
up the screen. So if I restarted it, then I wouldn’t see
the bars, but it wouldn’t be able to load the browser, and so it would just kind of
hang forever, so then I would reboot it again and I’d get the artifacting. It kept doing this back and forth, back and
forth. Finally I realized, fuck, I’m going to have
to send my machine off to Falcon Northwest, because it’s a Falcon Northwest laptop. So I had got on the phone with their tech
support and said, “Hey, here’s screenshots of exactly what I’m experiencing, here’s what
I’m guessing it might be, but I’m not 100% sure.” And they’re like, “Yeah, well you have through
your warranty on this machine, and it’s not quite two years old yet.” I’ve noticed with laptops, they seem to go
at around two years, so I bought a three year warranty this time. So I talk with them at length. They gave me very specific instructions on
how to mail it to them, and then I had to worry about backing up my machine before I
mailed it out, and so I tried to back it up on my network drive, but for whatever reason,
it needed a male to male cord, which I couldn’t find, just I didn’t have, and I finally just
said screw this and I had Ray buy me a backup external hard drive that, I don’t know where
it’s at at the moment, but I backed everything up onto that drive so I could at least have
everything safe that I needed, and then I went to the UPS Store to mail it off, and
the closest UPS Store to me, the girl who worked there was probably the crankiest, most
dour teenager I have ever seen. Maybe that’s a young adult, but she was super
cranky and bitchy. She did not want to follow the instructions
from Falcon Northwest on how to pack the machine and she was very resentful that I asked her
to. I basically said, “Look, I need to watch you
pack it, and it needs to be done exactly the way they’re asking, because otherwise it voids
my warranty.” And so I had to have it packed exactly the
way they said, and it had to be insured for $1700 and all of this stuff, so basically
to mail it out I spent $350 to ship it off there. Then I find out from Falcon Northwest that
they’re running seven to 10 days behind, so even though my laptop should get to them,
I believe, on Thursday this week, they’re not going to be able to look at it for almost
two weeks. So I’m probably going to be without my machine
for about a month. This sucks, because for me to do any blogging,
I need my laptop. So while I can use my husband’s alienware
or I can use Dave’s Microsoft Surface laptop because I’ve used both of those machines in
the past, and I’ve got Photoshop and Adobe Premier Pro CC installed on them, it’s not
my machine. I really, really fucking hate using somebody
else’s computer whenever I’m trying to get work done. It drives me up the fucking wall. So I am resigned to the fact that I should
probably budget for building a desktop machine, even though I haven’t had a desktop machine
in years, because when you have problems with a desktop, it’s pretty much easier to diagnose
and buy a new part and swap it out, ’cause that’s something that I used to do all the
time. Laptops are much more finicky and it’s harder
to take them apart. I used to be able to take them apart with
Dave’s help, because he used to do computer repair, so he’d know everything that he needed
to do with them, and he could guide me through it, but they just seem to be more and more
difficult to do that, so I’d rather just send them off to whoever made them to get them
fixed. So anyway, we’re going to see how my laptop
turns out. I’ll keep you posted. I’m still going to be blogging and posting
as much as I can now that I’ve finished moving, and I’ve got most of my unpacking done, not
all of it, but most. I still have a ton of clothes left to unpack. Oh, and I haven’t touched my storage units
at all. I really don’t want to touch those. I put a ton of my husband’s crap into storage,
and I don’t want any of it in the new house. The only thing I really want out of my storage
unit is my shoes and my clothes that I put into storage, ’cause I put about half of my
clothes into storage, and I realized, I could probably give up most of the clothes, but
I don’t want to give up the shoes. I really want my shoes that are in storage. I hired a trainer to help me with Nyx and
Phaedra, because I wanted to take their training to the next level, so I start with that trainer
next week and I’m really excited about that, because I feel like my dogs are pretty good
dogs. Well, I feel like Phaedra’s an excellent dog,
but I feel like Nyx is a brat, because sometimes she listens and sometimes she doesn’t, so
I want one on one training sessions to help me improve how I communicate with her, and
the guy that I hired, he does all positive reinforcement training, which is what I believe
in. I’m not somebody who believes that you should
hit a dog or anything like that. I believe in saying yes and using treats,
pets, attention, basically any type of positive reinforcement to get the behavior you want. So I’m looking forward to that. If you follow me on Instagram stories, you’ll
see some of the escapades of the dogs around the house and some of the things that I’ve
done around the house, like today I hung up a bunch of pictures around the house. Ray’s mom gave me my favorite painting of
hers from her house, which is this picture of Hawaii and there’s this palm tree and the
waves crashing in the ocean and it’s just gorgeous, so I hung it in my formal dining
room. I put up my favorite Jasmine Becket-Griffith
pieces of art in my bedroom. My favorite piece by her is Loup-Garou: Blanche
Neige . Basically it’s like Snow White, it’s like
werewolf Snow White. That’s my girl. I love her. That’s my favorite one. So she’s in my bed hanging up on my side of
the bed, and I have on the other side, on Ray’s side of the bed, the Alice in Wonderland
trippy looking girl with the Cheshire Cat and a cupcake, which kind of reminds me of
an acid trip, it’s really cool. I put my mermaid picture back in my bathroom,
which I love. As shocking as this may sound, I haven’t done
any makeup shopping. I haven’t kept up on makeup at all, which
has been killing me. I haven’t had time for YouTube. I think I’ve watched like two or three YouTube
videos at all recently, which has killed me. I watched a video by Coffee Break with Dani. I watched a video from Liv Loves her Makeup. I’ve watched Angelica as well, who I love. So I’ve seen a couple from them, but that’s
it. Oh, and I saw a short one of the ones from
Jen Luvs Reviews. So basically those are the four people I’ve
seen recently, and that’s it. So hopefully I will have time soon once I’m
not working my fingers to the bone by myself unpacking an entire house. Let’s see. Also, I’ve received questions about “Who is
Dave?” So, Ray is my husband, I’ve been with Ray
since 1999, which is a long time, basically almost 20 years. We’ve been married for like 14 years, and
Dave is my partner. I met Dave in 2006, and about six months later
he moved in with me and Ray, and he’s been with us ever since, so we’ve been together
for about 12 years, and I live with both of them. We’re in a polyamorous relationship, and I’m
very happy, they’re very happy. If you are unfamiliar with polyamory, basically
it means having many loves, so we are romantically involved. They are not romantically involved with each
other, but they’re basically best friends, so they geek out and do a bunch of things
together that I don’t want to do, so I don’t have to do those things with them, like I
don’t like watching TV shows like Black Mirror or things with unreliable narrator usually,
so they do those things together and I don’t have to do it. It’s great. We do a lot of things together the three of
us, and then I do a lot of things together with both of us individually, so me and Ray
or me and Dave, and we’re really happy. We’re in what’s known as a polyfi relationship,
poly fidelis, which means we’re basically like a closed circuit. We don’t really date outside the three of
us, although I have in the past. I had a girlfriend for five years. If you’re familiar with poly at all, that’s
where we are at. And if not, well, we’re consenting adults
and we love each other and we’ve been very happy for a long time, and I would like to
point out that I’ve been in a relationship with two men, one for 12 years, one for almost
20 years, which has lasted longer than some people’s marriages, so I feel pretty happy. So I feel pretty good about that. So anyway, that’s what’s been going on with
me. What’s been going on with you? Please be sure to let me know in the comments
below. If you like this video and want to see more
like it, please give it a thumbs up and share. It really helps me out, so thank you very
much, and if you haven’t already, click on that little subscribe button down below, and
I’ll catch you on my next video. Bye.

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