Hello people and welcome back to Jon
Sheppard fitness and today’s video is just a little life update just to tell you
how i’ve been getting on and what’s happening if anything else is happening in my life
at the moment and for the people who actually care. If you’re a regular
obviously you know I’m going through a bit of bad time with illness and a
moment and I’ve just had a week off work and now on just booked another week off
work due to be nil am i not sounding I might not look yeah you know but assure
me I am ill it’s I’ve got a really bad deep chest infection where it hurts to
breathe and it’s really tight I think it’s going
around you know it’s a really really really chesty one it’s not as bad as it
was last week but it drained my energy out completely and I mean since I’ve
been ill I’ve now lost 10 pounds obviously you know I’m bulking and it
sort of like depressed me that I struggled to put on weight I do struggle
to bone way you know Vulcan for me pulling on way there is hard I’m not a
big eater unless I eat junk food and I didn’t want to eat just pure junk I
wanted to do about half and half and it’s like mullah vation has just
completely disappeared if they’re either feel like what’s the point I’ve now gone
into this number I feel like war as a point
going back to the gym you know what’s the point in working I know I have to go
back to work and everything well I physically could not work at the
moment I am so exhausted I’ve got no energy I just dropped my son
off at school and it takes about 15 minutes to walk there and it was really
hard work for me the just breathing and because I can’t breathe in deep like you
would usually do breathe because then it sets off me coughing my cough when a cop
well it’s one of them coughs where it’s so deep on your chest that it hurts your
chest it hurts your head because you you have to cock me like well six times to
actually get the cough out when we get a mucus and you’re just drained I could
not physically go to work if I had enough this job may people then I’ll be
cotton and it doesn’t look good so I had another week off because I it’s just I
just I’m gonna work around the food I don’t want to be around food I don’t
want to be around customers if I pass this on to your staff you know if you
don’t want to work there you know it’s one of them you can you can’t pass it on
and it’s better safe than sorry because I could just make myself worse and
what’s happened since last video last video you saw me walking back from the
hospital had some blood tests the blood tests came back what’s happened is these
I’ve got another doctor’s appointment where I’ve got I have one in two weeks
they’re gonna have a talk to me because something wrong with my kidneys it says
it’s not life-threatening so don’t worry about it so
don’t even know what that is about because I didn’t go to the hospital
about my kidneys I went to the hospital I’ll see to fix my acid reflux which
hasn’t been played up as much because obviously I’ve been coughing so much
it’s it’s it’s taken over the Attic weekly though I haven’t eaten much so
there’s no thing to worry about see what that’s about because I don’t
feel no pain in the kidney area I don’t feel nothing so I don’t know what could
be wrong with it and so that’s gonna be another visit to the US door we’re gotta
take some more blood off me I mean about two weeks time and obviously I’ll go see
the doctor to see what it’s about and I haven’t heard about obviously the the
hospital yet about my throat see what they can do because hopefully I want to
get that sword well really that’s are basically about it I’m sorry for not
posting but I haven’t got no videos to post you know I don’t have a whole
catalogue of videos to post up to keep you into entertained and I’m usually go
by the week or the week before and then just post videos so that is why I like
my videos I’ve been quite like limited listen and it’s just annoying it’s just
annoying that I don’t know what to do anymore you know it’s it’s like a goal
obviously next year and it feels like anything’s trying to stop me from doing
it you know hopefully these last couple of months opposed to really important
you know I’m going to be trying it back on as much muscle as possible I’m trying
to you know get a little bit more weight on me and I
just lost everything that I gained you know and yeah I might put it back on I
did last time I was ill when I when I was in LA last about six pounds that I
just put on its back on straightaway because obviously when you’re dieting
you could say which is not biting or you’re not eating what you’re then you
start eating a lot more the waiter piles on like obviously like well you see your
people on post shows they do the binge and they put on like 20 30 pounds in
like a week so easily it can be like that so I’m not really worried about
your weight because I know it’s not going to be muscle mass because I
haven’t been away from the gym for too long and so it’s mainly gonna be like
water and probably a little bit of fact because I haven’t been drinking as much
I haven’t been eating as much my appetites got better now I’m starting to
feel like I can eat again you know so the food actually tastes like food but
other than that I’m still not very well I’m still poorly and and hopefully this
week having another wake up resting I can just chill out and hopefully stay in
a warm and get there because it’s not good for me anyway being off because I
don’t get paid well I do get paid well I’d get paid sick pay which is pathetic
it’s just like half the amount of money I’ll get anyway so my last pay check is
before Christmas is going to be absolutely terrible two weeks two and a
half weeks of half pay or I get and then if I go to work the week after I love
two weeks of normal pay so basically my way Jesus is gonna go haul two bills
luckily I’ve bought my son’s Christmas presents already them so thank God I did
and anyway that’s my little video I hope you’re doing well and I’ll keep you
updated I’m gonna because I’m up this week I might do a few more videos about
certain things so stay tuned and I’ll see you next time you

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