basically I worry about absolutely
everything and most people think it’s just like oh I worry about really
important things but I literally worry about desks I worry about buses I worry
about the smallest things and I can make something that it seems tiny into
something that’s absolutely huge to the point where I will go out of my way and
do some quite bizarre things to avoid it something happened when I was 14 and it
kind of triggered it so one day when mum went out to buy a tumble dryer and never
came back and that kind of was a massive shock for me and it started making me
worry that if that could happen anything could happen
and it got to the point where I used to sit in bed and panic that my entire
family was going to die and so I went to the doctors and I had got diagnosed with
depression and severe anxiety and I was put in medication but the medication
didn’t really work for me it made me worse and so I was lucky enough to be
referred for my job at the time who are incredibly supportive and to a counselor
and talking about things and actually processing what had happened and making
me realise that it wasn’t my fault that all these things had happened and that
unexpected things do happen and it really helped me learn to deal with the
depression side of things and I’m really lucky I don’t really suffer as much on
the depression side and but unfortunately anxiety thing I think is
just going to stick with me for life don’t think that you’re the only person
that is suffering from a mental health problem you’d be surprised at how many
other people are and just keeping it under wraps so don’t be afraid to talk
about it and don’t feel like you’re crazy because you’re not you’re just

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