– It’s the largest collection of pizza memorabilia on Earth. – This place is really, really cool. I think he may have a
better collection than you. – I don’t collect pizza stuff, like… I collect boxes. – Do you have the Joey one from “Friends?” – Nope. I’m Scott, and I eat all kinds of pizza. – I’m Mark and I’m a pizza purist. – So we’re hitting
the road to taste the craziest concoctions claiming to be pizza. But are they “Really Dough?” We can’t control traffic. This is the perfect opportunity to play the license plate game. – Pennsylvania. Delaware. Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania. Look, old Delaware plate. – It’s just dirty. – Pennsyl… – Where are we? – We’re at all the way
up here up in Silent. – Did we pass Hershey Park? – It’s funny you say that because the place we’re going right now is a huge tourist
attraction for pizza lovers. ‘Coz it’s a pizza museum. What’s your favorite museum? – MoMA. – MoMA? This is the MoMA for pizza lovers. – You’re OK for it. – Kind of wonder what
have I got myself into. – Don’t worry, look. Has a pizzeria right in it. – All right, let’s go. – Yes! Do it again. – How did you get about this place? – My buddy runs it. – Really? – You know what, the pizza maker at the Pizza Museum, Joe Hunter. You know it’s kind of
a New York-style pizza. Big slice, kind of floppy and he’s got this phenomenal
collection of stuff in the Pizza Brain Pizza Museum. – Really old ovens? Or… – They’ve got a
Guinness World Record. The largest collection
of pizza memorabilia. Pizza toys, pizza T-shirts, photographs. – That’s it? – Well what else do you uh… What else would you want
to find in a pizza museum? – Primitive pizza-making tools. – No. – I’m also kind of
excited to meet someone else that’s like into pizzas
as much as you are. – I don’t want you to be
overwhelmed by, you know, the two of us talking pizza nerd stuff. – I thought they broke the
mold when they made you. – I know you like to pick on me ’cause like, we have a fun best friend
back and forth, but– – I’ll be on my best
behavior, don’t worry. – Please. Oh, look there’s Philly! Look at that skyline. Oh look at this cute house! – No, keep your eyes on the road. – I was at a stop sign. Look at this ice cream place. They call it water ice. – Yeah, please. – Here it is. Pizza Brain, look at it! – That’s it? That little place? – The collection is grand, trust me. Look at this. Is this a double spot? Oh mama mia, papa pia. – It’s a beautiful place. – It is cool, right? It’s kinda like some
neighborhoods in Brooklyn. It’s not unlike where you are. – I see some similarities. – Yeah, it has
a lot of similarities. You spend a lot of time in Philly? – No, I’ve only been here once. I went to Vetri’s pizza. That was it. – One time for one pizza shop. – Yup. – Here we are. Pizza Brain, the nation’s
first pizza museum. After you. – Scott. – Here’s the man himself. – Oh my gosh man, welcome back to Philly. – What’s up man, how are you? – Good, how have you been? – Joe. – Hey. – I heard so much about you. – You’re welcome to Pizza
Brain, welcome to Philadelphia. – We’re on a road trip. – I’ve seen Mark on television before. – Some fresh cheese, a lot of cheese. You wanna put as much cheese
as possible. – Dude I haven’t seen
you since Pizza Expo. – Yeah, back in Vegas, on, it was March. Tony G was there. – Did you go in his Detroit pizza thing? – Yeah, I was in there. – He did after. And they got into that crazy
discussion about–
– salt! Absolutely right. Primer doesn’t stop. – He doesn’t, sorry. – He brought up the whole thing about making your salt percentage 1.4%. – They’re big wears. – Make total sense, right? – How’s your gluten holding up? – Well, I’ve been delaying 20 minutes because of all of ottolis, yeah! Always. – I’m gonna sit while you two talk. – Whatever. – Did some of you hear that? – That was a little… What’s your fermentation time lately? – I got the style of starter
from the place down south where they just kind of
like the old stuff sit until it just goes up, comes back down. Then lose its all structure. – Is it just old dough? – It’s you know– – I use the same thing in my kitchen. – Get out of town. – That is so nuts. – It’s old dough. Yeah, gonna lose its all structure. It’s just goop. – Scott, sounds like this guy is gonna give you a run for your money. He knows the science of pizza. – Nah, I’m… – Psshh, right over your head. – Whatever. We’re actually here to have a ruu– – Wait, are you about to say that thing you’re gonna say? – Your rarely available
Frankford Avenue Taco. – My man. – All right well, wait. Are we having tacos or pizza? – It’s like a taco but
slice acts like the tortilla and it’s wrapped around a special surprise goonie on the inside. – A scoop of pizza ice cream. – What? – Have you ever had
pizza-flavored ice cream? – It’s pizza-flavored ice cream? – It’s pizza-flavored ice cream. – Or does the ice cream tastes like pizza because it’s on the pizza? – Pizza is the active additive there and it is ice cream
that tastes like pizza. – What is it? – Are there like pepperoni chips on it? – No, it’s vegetarian. – Can we put pepperoni chips on it? – Yup, we can do whatever,
nothing’s sacred, you know. – That’s what I’ve been trying
to tell Mr. Pizza Purist over here for the longest time. – What are you talking about pizza purist? – Every time we go somewhere
else, it’s like cheese pizza, cheese pizza, cheese, everything you know. – That’s not true. Is it pizza? – Not a pizza. It’s not pizza. It’s not a pizza. You are stuck in a pizza box. – He’s gaslighting you. Why don’t you just check out the museum. You know where your way around, Scott, you’ve been here before. Check out some of the
artifacts, some of the history and I’ll whip those Frankford
Ave Tacos for you. – Thanks, Joe. – Yup, you got it. – All right, I gotta show
you this cool stuff. – Is that the line to the restroom? Or it is – Dude, the whole
wall of pizza history. Pizza beer, it’s like beer
that tastes like pizza. You don’t know the Ninja Turtles? Michaelangelo, Donatello,
Leonardo, Raphael. – Weren’t those the three musketeers? – No, they weren’t. There’s a whole other room, check it out. So this is the museum extension. Like they share the space
with the ice cream shop In the back here, so they
scoop the ice cream from here and then the whole space is
full of other cool stuff. They got the enterprise pizza slicer. The Dough Boy, Pizza Guy, The Noid, do you know the Noid? That I like wewewewewewewew. – It’s you. – I’m not a… Yes, it’s a Troll. – Don’t you see a resemblance? – Aw, stop. – Yeah, take your glasses off. – My hair is– I look terrible, don’t, ugh. – That’s going on Instagram. – Isn’t this awesome? It’s like, I mean – I thought we were going to a museum. – Dude. Look a museum is as large as
the importance of its material. – I was expecting like, you
know, these big marble pillars. It would like, you know. – You know what, I’m not gonna
let you rain on my parade. – Back this taco. You know my rules. When I walk into a pizzeria, I want that smell to punch me in the face. You should taste the town
that the pizza came from. A pizza should look as good as it tastes. – Yeah but rule number 4, ice cream. Think about it. – We’ll see, come on. Tasting is better than seeing. – Some people call me Dough-Joe. Step into my dojo; we’re gonna make some pizza. So I’m just gonna beat this out for the Frankford Ave Taco. We’re gonna throw it. Let’s toss it up. Centripetal force. Sauce time. Yeah, a little mozzarella blend. We’re ready to drop it. Oven here. All right, on seven minutes, we’ll be ready. I hope Mark thinks this is a pizza. – I think if anything, if it’s pizza ice cream on
a pizza makes it more pizza. Hot pizza, – Hot. – Cold ice cream,
– Cold. Contrast. Spice, sweet, Mark, Scott, light dough. Five, four, three, two… pizza’s done, we’re gonna be fast. Grana Padano. Put the basil. Pizza ice cream, fresh. All right, we’re ready. This one’s for Scott. This one’s for Mark with pepperonis on it. Let’s bring it to them. Brought out the goods, Scott. – That’s Mack and Manco. Oh Joe, yes! Yo I got that special
actual pepperoni for Mark. – Dang, I really appreciate that. – You got it. – You got it. I thought we’re gonna get some – Well, I’ll let you guys get at it. I’m gonna take care of some customers. Enjoy. – Thank you. – Look at this! The ice cream is already
running like a river. – This is not normal. – Dude, since when was normal any good? – My brain cannot absorb this right now. – We got to talk about how
you gonna approach this. – Approach it? – Yeah Wait what are you doing? Are you violating the entire slice? – That is dessert, I am sorry. – The whole point of
the taco is to eat it, fold it up around the
ice cream, like this. – Yeah. – You’re seriously not even gonna… You’re not even gonna
try it with the slice? – My mouth is saying, “Go for it,” but my brain is saying, “Don’t do it.” – Really? – Yeah I, you know what, I’m gonna do it. – Yes all right. we’ll do this together. Oh, slicing it. That is actually a really smart move. – I think this is
a better way to eat it. – OK, just do it fast. I think I’m simultaneously
burning my mouth and getting brain freeze. Right? This is weird. – Actually the
melted ice cream on it tastes pretty good. The pizza ice cream. It tastes like pizza. – Way less of a contrast mentally that I thought it would be? Physically, it is. It’s hot and cold. – Yeah, it’s freaking me out a little. – Dude, you know when you take a cold slice of pizza out of a fridge, and you’re like heat
it up in a frying pan, but not too much so the top stays cold? That’s what it tastes like to me. – This pizza is so good. – But with the ice cream on
it, better, worse, the same? – No. – How’s “no” an answer? I wanna take a bite and then
I wanna hear the verdict. – Dude, I gave you my verdict. Pizza, dessert. – You’re telling me that
just by putting ice cream on top of the pizza that it
makes this no longer a pizza? – No, it’s not, I’m sorry. – That doesn’t make any sense to me. – It doesn’t. To me, either, that
doesn’t make sense to me. – So, this is a pizza right now, correct? The slice sitting on your plate. – Yes. – And is this pizza ice cream? – Yes. – So, why does adding the
pizza ice cream to a pizza makes this less than what is was before? – Like the visual just – So, what about the visual? – Like I said before, it just doesn’t. It’s going in one eye and out the other. – Did you just say in one
of eye, out the other? – Yes, in, out. – Final verdict. Pizza or not a pizza? – I love Joe, I love his place. – So, it’s obviously – Not pizza. I love his pizza. – But – I do not love
ice cream on his pizza. – OK, I accept it. So next time you’ll find
pizza-flavored ice cream, are you gonna get it? – I’m a big fan of it. Just not on top of pizza. – We got at least
one more slice left in us, I wanna take it to my home state, the Garden State, New Jersey. – Can we get one more slice? Without ice cream? – Yeah, with the ice With the ice cream. – No without. You can have the ice
cream, I’ll eat the slice. – All right, I’ll talk to Joe. – Maybe we should bring Joe with us. – I think Joe’s, I think
Joe’s got stuff to do. – He’s a really nice guy. – Joe left. Joe bye, see you later, bye. – Thank you so much man. – So good to see you. – Mind is a bit blown. – Never let anybody
tell you that ice cream doesn’t belong on pizza. – Yes. – Your place is amazing. – Thank you so much.
– It really is. – It’s such a pleasure having you guys. – I wish you’d come to Jersey with us, but Scott, he’s told me there’s not room in the car. – No that’s fine. – I’ve got to keep working anyway. – It’s not what I said. – If you’re ever out in Brooklyn, I would love to show you around. – Come on let’s go. We have places to go. – All right fellas bye.
– Joe, thank you. – Seriously, the meter’s
running, let’s go. – Oh wait, that way. – All right, so
what you really think? – Joe is a 10. – Joe, a 10? – His place is a 10. – Really? – The slice is a 10. Ice cream on his slice, not pizza. – I’m fine, I can live with that, but like, what am I? Like, a 20? – No comment. – Eh, whatever. Ah, let’s just go to Jersey. Thanks for watching “Really Dough?” If you like what you saw,
check out the last episode. I made Mark eat a pizza with crab on it. It was awesome. And don’t forget to like, comment and – Share. – Exactly, share. – No, get outta here. – You said to share. – Yeah, but not my ice cream. – Yes, your ice cream. – No. – And subscribe.

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