100 thoughts on “‘I Wasn’t Trying To Upstage You,’ Insists Mom Who Denies Ruining Daughter’s Wedding

  1. She is a Narcissistic nasty woman. Her husband did not seem like he protected his children. Narcissistic people can not be helped because they do not think anything is wrong with them, it is every one else’s fault. You have to get away from them or they will destroy you. I know this from experience.
    She also will rip any children you have to pieces, she will do to them what she did to you.
    For your Families sake cut it off with her.
    Narcissistic people are extremely jealous and you can not reason with them.

  2. It's all about the mother. She should stop saying she is bipolar because she is making all of us look bad. There is a lot more going on here than bipolar disorder.

  3. The mother got on my last nerve… she just yells and those eyeballs are going to pop out of her head!!!! She’s so aggravating, that poor daughter .

  4. As Christian women going on a talk show to air your dirty laundry is a bad idea. We aren't even to supposed to take each other to a worldly court let alone this garbage!

  5. she sounds like a nightmare of a mother . I would be so hurt. And she literally refuses to understand how she causes pain in her daughters life

  6. I tried watching the full episode today but, i couldn’t understand anything that was being said. Too much yelling and interruptions!

  7. How sad for the bride 👰🏾. I am so sorry for her and her husband. It was supposed to be her day, but her mother makes it all about herself. Terrible 😡🤬

  8. So like, at my big sister's wedding, my mom and I both wore white…mom was in a white pant suit and I in a white flowergirl dress. Both selected by my sister who was of course, in white. But yeah this mom…mannn lol

  9. If she knew her mom was crazy, she shouldn't have invited her to the wedding. Would've saved herself a lot of heartache. My husband didn't invite his mother because he knew she would've tried to ruin it. We had a beautiful day.

  10. Her mother is sick – She is clearly bi- polar. The people in this comment section are really quick to throw their sick mother away for bad behavior at a wedding…SMH…I’m sure her fiancé knows and has accepted her crazy mom is part of the package. I hope as a family they get her meds adjusted. You only get 1 mother.

  11. I think her daughter should cut her off and not keep in contact with her until she gets treatment. If she truly loves her daughter she would want to get better

  12. This poor girl – i KNOW exactly how she feels. My mother is like this and worse – since i cut her out of my life 2 years ago now I have finally had peace and normality .

  13. Tiffany you control your happiness, if someone is toxic for you it is perfectly ok to set boundaries for those people or remove them if necessary. I've been there done that and it makes life so much better for you and your family. I feel for this girl.

  14. I’m so sorry love, a lot of things went wrong on my wedding day and 2 years later some things still bring me to tears. Cherish your husband and don’t let her take anymore of your happiness.

  15. Ok ok, anyone who watches liza koshys, remember that voice liza does,why does the mother sound like that lol. Only liza koshys fans will get it

  16. She keeps hollering about being raised in the church but yet and still you had a whole affair on your husband… gurl bye 🙄🙄

  17. What does catching the "holy ghost" which is nowhere in the Bible btw…have to do with a wedding. A pastor isn't preaching. The way she is even screamingniver her daughter showcases her need for more attention.

  18. That "mother" should be in jail. If she claims she loves Jesus and all that, someone should tell her to read The Bible, God HATES lies and punishes liers.

  19. If my mom don’t know how to act she will NOT be coming to my wedding PERIODT!!! if she starts to act up at my wedding or reception whatever she will be escorted out! PERIODT!!! Smh🙄🙄🙄

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