26 thoughts on “How To Take Charge of Your Mental Health | Ross Szabo | Goalcast

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  2. Im sooo happy that psychology is being taken more aware of. And i hope one day we will live in a world where going to a therapist will become like going to a dentist. Sounds weird to most of you because you dont know another way. But mental health is in very very strong connection to physical health. How many people do you guys know that had headaches, pain or even developed inflammation. And the doctor says it's "because of stress". I have two friends that got gastritis (inflammation of the inside of the stomach) because of stress. Mental health directly effect our physical health. And that's not the only reason to make a change in how society treats mental health. I have seen people who destroy their own life because of negative thoughts and sooo many with self esteem issues. And nobody takes anxiety or self esteem issues serious. It is a mental illness that can dramatically affect your life. I hope and I strongly believe that this will change in the future.

  3. I have major depression disorder and anxiety suicidal ideation and attempts . I related to this so much because all my family has a mental illness bipolar depression anxiety alcoholism drug attic and personal disorder and if your born in this family it not if u have a mental illness it which one and I can't think of any family members doesn't have a mental illness.i am fuck done being a prisoner to my mental Illnesses and ready to fucking fight

  4. This is so inspiring bc I know I’m not alone and others have faced the same situation and won. I still have hope now

  5. I've had bad depression twice and every time it's been the people closest to me that have helped me, unfortunately I never got the chance to tell them that. It's been the greatest regret of my life.

  6. If you have experienced lost in Each cell of your body then you will feel love in Each Cell of your body 👌 Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.👌

  7. What I want to say is sometime we have take some things lightly because not everyone suffering from illness… But excessive research on such matter may lead to something abnormal… Instead daily routine should be like that promote overall health like meditation, exercise, proper sleep, proper food etc 🙂

  8. Fall 7 get up 8 mental health is just hurdle that can be overcome a have been biggest fuck up cause demons but a never use it as excuse when u fail u found a way doesn’t work get back to drawing board and start again peace ✌️ people don’t drop bombs drop bass lines 👂🧠🎼🎤🎧🌎❤️

  9. I love this channel. It has some inspiring clips, and this was a good one. I am a paramedic in New Zealand. One NZ statistic I am not proud of is we have a shocking youth suicide rate, twice that of the USA and five times that of the UK. Over the course of my career I have seen many successful suicides and the value of anything that can be done to raise awareness and reduce that cannot be overstated.

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