91 thoughts on “How to Feed Your Children the Top Brain Foods

  1. @KimberlyMahurin i found out for myself things like what gluons are. im 100% sure that i would have never learned that at school. but what i do "learn" there is how to speak my own language yh thats usefull

  2. While studying the subject of essential nutrition to feed the brains of children, I think it's just as essential for adults who live in a stress-filled society to help their minds and vital organs cope with life's emotional and physical challenges. Yes … dark chocolate is so very 'good'!

  3. i tried to eat all these at once before my gcse's and i got ill so i missed it -.- you guys lie!!!

    (joke my test is tommorow)

  4. Milk is an essential for young women. It's necessary in preventing osteoporosis for young women, and starting early is the way to go.

  5. Also why do those children have such bad eating habits? You shouldn't open your mouth when eating as it makes an irritating sound refereed to as smacking, and people don't want to see the food after it's been chewed in your mouth.

  6. fuckin hell what kind of fuckin bullshit is this? of course you don't have to go to mcdonalds five times a day but this is a bit extreme.

  7. @uut0 I don't homework lucky me because I do Virtual school thank god and I finish working when the little elementary kids are walking home. I can see them out my window.

  8. I barely ever ate breakfast, and if I did it was usually cornflakes. I barely ever ate nuts, berries or salmon. But I always aced tests like crazy without ever studying. So to me, all of this is bullshit.

  9. Also: Send your kids with a PACKED lunch to school, school lunches are pretty much the same slop they feed pigs.

  10. are these people stupid ? kids arent gonna take there salmon sandwich with some unsalted nuts to school with them every day. thats stupid as hell, you don't allow your kids to eat a food, they go and make it themselves, if you make them there fucking breakfast, then they are gonna be dependent on others to do things for them ! let them have more freedom in there meal choices, after all. learning how do something is best done by experience, not lectures !

  11. That's what unhealthy people say. Sure wish I ate Whoppers like you, so I could be intelligent, too, and MAYBE learn to spell like you! Lol

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