My name is CA. Kailash Mantry. I am a Life Coach or Mental Health Consultant. Since 25 years we are researching on more
than 50 diseases in which we are successful in curing them without medicine. This all disease is known as mental illness
and this is just about the same category of disease, its name is just different like ADHD,
Autism, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Anxiety Disorder, Stammering, Migraine, Arthritis, Obsessive
Compulsive Disorder, Epilepsy, Personality Disorder, Depression, Insomnia, Parkinson’s,
Dyslexia, Learning Disability, Slow learner like have 50 and more disease in which there
is no bigger role of medicines. In Google you will get message that this disease
is not curable but it is treatable. Treatable means that we can surplus these
symptoms but you will have to take medicines life time and deal from the side effect of
the medicine. According to me, people who are not at ease
with herself them they are started getting this disease. To understand the root cause of this disease
we have started MIND MAPING Test. In this there are more than 300 reasons are
written and we have to cure the patients and from this to find out the disease, what is
the disease from its. All this should be done in root cause of mental
illness like Negative Approach, Fear, Anger, Sadness, Suffering, Tension, Anxiety, Paste
bad memories, Helplessness, Family Conflicts, Failure, Rejection, Lack of test, Lack of
confidences, Lack of love, Doubt, Suspicious, Excessive thinking or over thinking there
are 100 of reason are have in patients and from this all type of disease we are taking
out one by one and becoming normal. There is a shortage of 50% positivity in such
people like Peace of mind, Connection, Love, Happiness, Family Connection, Physical Strength,
Mental Strength, Confidences, Acceptances, Acceptance of Reality and there is such a
lots of positive things are very missing in them. Today we are talking about Bipolar disorder,
this disease comes under the age of 16 to 30 years and its comes to both male and female. Bipolar disorder means sometime the man’s
is depressed, sad and sometime very excited and euphoric. This disease also has the cycles. A Euphoric cycle if of 4 weeks than the depression
cycles is of 8 weeks. If the man who is very euphoric then he think
that fine, super intelligent, superman and I can do anything and when they are depressed
then they thinks that my life is over, I cannot do anything and my life is useless and worthless
and they feel guilt and shameless. When the man is so euphoric then to control
them is very loaded and sometime they have to admit to hospital. These people sometimes get too much of sleep
and sometime very little sleep. Symptoms are of two sides: Manic exceed and
Depressed Side In Manic exceed the patient are very hyperactive,
restless, go to risky behaviors, they make large inflated image, very fast thinking and
very excited. There mind involve waste things. Depressed Side symptoms are: The patient is
very sad, very quiet, lonely feel, rejected feel, lack of interest, feel rejected, sometime
they sleep allots and sometime 3 hour of sleep they feel fresh. Sometime they eat allot and sometime they
eat less and feel hopeless, suicide though and it is difficult to concentrated. In medicine there is no cure but we can cure
more than 80% successfully. If disease at first stage it can be cure in
1 month and if diseases is old then it can be cure in maximum 3 years. Basically, to treat we takeout the negativity,
fear, sadness, negative approach, increase confidences, awake the feeling of love, established
connection with family, to build truth and many other negative things and to input positive
thing. Whoever is seeing the Google and truth that
the disease not be cured? I have a one day challenge. In one day the whole family comes with the
patient and till evening they have a confidence that Google information is wrong and disease
can be cured. To recover from disease it take time and if
patient co-operate then it can be cured in 3 month and if not then it can be cured in
3 years. Being fit in life means that he decide on
himself and who is only eating, drinking and sleep that type of people is not right. The men’s who sit at one place and he is
only eating or sleeping then he is not been cured. People who take his own decision and going
for work, enjoying marriage life then he is cured. Medical science and doctor believes that this
is a chemical imbalance. According to me, it’s Emotional Imbalance,
Psychology disorder; it’s very dipruted and it take time to cure. If people who not sleep more than 2 days then
they are chemical imbalance and if people who take Alcohol or Drug they also have chemical
imbalance and its wrong and it is chemical imbalance. The outcomes of disease come when it happens
chemical imbalance and if disease is cured than the chemical balance comes. Patient knows that in medicine there is no
treatment but family member does not understand. I have new story on it, one time the family
member felt that the patient is death and they have called a doctor. Doctor come and checked the patient and tells
that the patient is death. After few hour later, the patient is alive
and patient tell that I am alive and family member react to doctor and tell you keep quit
and you do not know anything. Doctor said the patient is death and they
believe on it. This type of family member has truth on doctor
and does not lessoning to the patient. Basically, it’s happened when who are disconnected,
family conflicts, lack of love, single parent and many more reason comes the disease. And many more reason of Psychology Emotional,
there is nothing with brain. These diseases have to take from the mind. The software is damage and repaired it than
the patient will be cured. This disease not only patient will be cured
but also family member have to come for 5 to 10 days. We will completely treat the based then only
recovery of the patient is good. From communication gap this disease comes. The foundation of Bipolar is Anxiety Disorder. This disease comes with more disease and to
understand it, which type of disease is? It comes with the disease like ADHD, Schizophrenia,
hyperactive and mixer of many more things. Definitely this disease comes through the
sadness and it’s a reason of foundations. This disease is highly spreading. As estimated today, from 100 people one people
have this disease. In this disease the energy is sometime high
and low, hyperactive, sad, mood change, laughing, crying and they do not understand what is
happing with the patient. The biggest damage with the patient gating
the brand like mental illness, bipolar and then the patient is also thinking that they
have such type of disease and necklace and doesn’t co-operate. The base of this disease is depression, insomnia,
drug abuse with so many things this disease comes. This type of patient doesn’t have marriage
life successful; there relations are never smooth with anything. This disease has no connection with genetic,
family history. If in family there
is some tension or mental illness then there is a chance of coming some mental illness
to family member. In this disease as much as patient is relaxed,
quiet, less thought than only the patient will be cure soon. It
is important that the patient to concentrated first come on them and if concentration comes
than they recovery soon and cure. In end I will say, the people who do not accept
the life challenges and life stress is disturbed, those people get sick and if it does not treat
at the right time, so the disease will be disease
will increase day by day. Life of such people is like hell till they
not die, very bad life, family member are also disturbed in this position. Such big famous personality have this disease
comes because they do creates creative works so they have come out from disease and got
success in life. In end I will say, this is a mental illness. It is 100% curable and it takes time to cure. If patient is not ready to give more time
or in family member there is no patience but it is 1000% curable, minimum 3 month and maximum
3 years. In medicine there is no role but it is more
complicated in medicine.

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