15 thoughts on “Homocysteine, is it causing your illness?

  1. Thanks for the very important video I get my results today~ and the tip on the food extracted multi vitamins 馃檪

  2. Xlnt, thanks!

    Maybe you can help me further… I have Homocysteine levels of 14+… but also seem to have
    histamine intolerance. CR-P was normal. My Nurse practitioner is not very sharp, she
    thinks 14 is a "normal" level for Homocysteine, I disagreed… I think
    via research that they should be half that! I tried the methyl forms of
    B12 and methylfolate, but they made me feel very ill… ditto TMG
    (lightheaded, anxious, a bit nauseous) maybe I was taking way too much? Beet juice does not seem to
    bother me… Plus, I have gotten back on the Folic acid 400 mcg and regular B12, but I read that this may
    be making everything worse… in terms of histamine reactions? I have not done the MTHFR test…

    I have been feeling poorly around 3-4 days/week for years now, so any help or suggestions would be very welcome… THANKS!!

  3. Is it possible to be physically aware of raised levels of homocysteine in your blood stream, has anyone ever reported this. ?

  4. Thanks for the info.
    Dr McCully is a genius, his homocysteine theory is the best explanation for atherosclerosis. I read his book in 80's and have been following his guidelines since then.

  5. …what is a high level? mine is arround 17-21umol/L? What your resurch say? i am 52 and very healthy, 12% bodyfat, thanx…

  6. they found reducing homocysteine did not change the level of CV risk. In other words homocysteine is a product of some other problem, and reducing homocysteine did not fix that problem. So reducing you homocysteine levels artificially isn't going to fix the problem that caused it. I would suggest since there is a correlation (but not causation) between CV and homocysteine levels that the answer is dealing with things that improve CV. Such as blood sugar control, low carbs, being active, and weight control. People doing a homocysteine test may well benefit from doing a HbA1c test at the same time since there is a good chance you will find the main CV causitive factor right there – consistint high blood sugars damage and cause inflammation in blood vessels, allows the laying down of plaque and calcification, restricting blood supply, and clearance of lactic acid.

  7. Oh is antipsy hotics a problem too because it causes metabic syndrome a d malavsorbtiin of bitanins etc.dr berg was also saying to much aterial calcium was a risk it was what caused cholesteral to build up when injury occurs to artery also vitamin d3and vitamin k help in absorbing calcium.exercise too and he said ketogenic diet.

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