[ Music ]>>So region eight suffers from
some of the same challenges that the other regions
across the country face, and those include homelessness. They include drug and
alcohol addiction. They include major mental
illness and a lot of gaps in our service delivery system.>>And as you can see from
where we’re standing right now, you know, this is a really
rural region of the nation. And that really drives, as
well, some of the issues and challenges that we face
in terms of service delivery.>>Region nine encompasses
eight time zones and approximately 8,000
miles from the Stone Islands of Palau to the Grand Canyon. And it is, without question,
the most widely diverse region within the United States and within health
and human services.>>And that diversity,
really, kind of adds challenges to the people who live here.>>So that creates
some particular issues and challenges, but
also some opportunities. So you’ll also see,
within this region, there’s really some leading
edge work being done in terms of telemedicine and other
kinds of alternative ways to deliver mental health and
substance abuse services. [ Music ]  

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