As Americans, we are now more in
control of choosing our health insurance coverage.
but it seems like the options are as overwhelming as they are endless. the Affordable Care
Act’s Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act requires private health insurance plans
to provide equal amounts of mental health benefits as medical and surgical benefits. Not all
plans are subject to this act so it is up to us to discover if our plans
have changed by asking the right questions of the right people. health insurance
plans are filled with language that can be misinterpreted. find out what terms like deductible,
co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximum mean so that you can know how your money
is spent and what you will get in return. To learn
about your specific benefits pertaining to physical and mental health, prepare a list of
questions to ask your insurance provider some things you will want to identify are: what is the term for your benefits? which disorders fall under mental health? and what does it mean if your policy
states that you have a set number of days of mental health insurance? getting your questions answered today
will better prepare you for tomorrow’s unexpected accidents and ailments you’ll be able to estimate your bills,
know which tests are covered under your plan, and choose the perfect plan for your
changing lifestyle. to learn more about understanding your
insurance visit the Information Center at or


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