Find a space that is quiet and comfortable. Begin your settling into this present moment
by tuning into the tone of my voice and my words. Whether you are choosing to sit up or to lie
down – relax all the muscles in your body and let your body to just simply rest; to
gradually and eventually deeply relax as you tune into your body and breathe through each
part of it starting with your feet and legs. When you breathe into your body I want you
to visualise, to see the air traveling through each part of the body, like a refreshing mist,
oxygenating and refreshing right through. Whether you breathe through the nose or your
mouth, it does not matter; just make it easy and comfortable. Take a deep breath in and breathe in through
your feet and bring your breath into your legs, right up to your hips and then breathe
down and out of your feet. Do that once again. And once again, breathe in through your feet,
into your legs, your hips and then back out through your legs and out your feet, leaving
this part of your body, rich with a sense of relief and full of fresh oxygen. Now take a breath in and breathe into your
hips and sit bones, see the fresh air coming into the hips and sit bones and then exhale,
do that couple more times and relax each time deeper and deeper. Notice any noise within the body as you breathe,
locate it and just let it settle naturally as you relax and breathe consciously in and
out. Inhale into your whole torso and specially
into your heart, let it soften, on the exhale, let if become as light as the air you breathe. Take the sweet breathe this way two more times
and each time let the air relax you as it flows smoothly in and out. Let the pace and the energy of your breathing
to completely relax your whole body. Inhale into your fingers, palms, into your
arms and into your shoulders. Exhale and relax your arms, your shoulders
and let your whole upper back to drop and to completely relax. Breathe like this twice more and let the breath
melt any tension in your body. Now inhale and send the breath into your beautiful
face, the back and the top of your head. Exhale and let the corners of your lips to
go up a little bit into a tiny smile. Take a calming and expansive breath like this
two more times and let each time to be even sweeter, more relaxing and even more filled
with a sense of peace. Go ahead and breathe and drive that sweet
breath into your beautiful face. Now sense and observe your whole body all
relaxed and calm, the air coming in and out by the natural breath automated by your body. All within you and outside of you is very
still, you are feeling very tranquil yet very aware. Now picture yourself standing in a beautiful
green garden full of beautiful plants, tall green grass, flowers, and green luscious trees
bearing delicious fruit amongst big green leaves. Everything is deep color green, it’s as if
you are in a rich rain forest, a place that is full of life, full of vibrant beauty and
peace. Inhale the fresh oxygen and feel the life
force present within this healthy and vibrant place, exhale and then inhale feeling the
same life force coming into your body, feel your cells becoming awake and alive with each
breath you take. Through life force coming into your body with
your inhales and exhales begin to unify yourself with the green and luscious nature around
you. You feel how with each breath your senses
are heightened and your body is becoming more open, more expansive and really connected
with everything around you. Now visualize amongst all this rich and green
garden a small path through the green luscious leaves taking you into a beautiful and round
clearing, where you see a kind of table that looks like a therapy massage table, covered
in clean and fluffy, white towels. As you begin to walk closer you notice that
the fluffy white towels have your initials on it. You take this as an invitation and visualize
walking towards the table, you can smell the air around you, feel the gentle warm breeze;
it is such a beautiful time of the day, perfect conditions. Inhale and exhale gently. The closer you get to the table you notice
that beside it there are also lighted candles and essential oils evaporating, creating this
tranquil and luxurious spa atmosphere just for you. Pause for a moment; see yourself to not only
be one with the surroundings of the nature but also with the sense of relaxation that
has been created just for you. Now see yourself lying onto the table covered
with the white towel, see yourself having your eyes closed and lying there comfortably
on the soft towel; feel the nature surround you. Hear the distant sound of the birds, feel
the gentle wind on your calm body, there is that fresh and beautifully smelling aroma
of the garden and the essential oils around you and all this is putting your body at a
complete ease as you lay here one with the nature. Infuse your body with breath and begin to
sense that there is a presence of a spirit near you. This spirit feels like someone close to you,
someone unseen but always there in your life and indeed, it is your guardian angel. Breathe and make an intention to connect with
your guardian angel. In your mind and through your sincere heart
invite this angel, a holy spirit into your experience and into your heart. Begin to feel and develop deeper and deeper
connection with the loving spirit as you become more and more aware and in tune with them
and they of you. Breathe and relax here for a minute, sensing
the energy and connection between you and your angel. You may hear words, feel sensations or energy
coming into you, just relax and let the experience take place. Breathe and focus on the connection. Now in your mind ask for the spirit that today
they to cut any negative energy cords, cleanse, heal and rejuvenate your body; ask your guardian
angel for the cleanse to be gentle yet very powerful. Keep the connection between you and the guardian
angel present by keeping your senses high through your inner focus. Take a couple of conscious breaths in and
out. You may feel gentle sensations, warm waves
of energy coming through you right now as the spirit starts to move closer and closer. You are completely safe as you are working
with your own guardian angel, who is here to only support and assist you. Feel your angel’s loving energy towards you. You feel your angel moves closer and closer. Breathe in and out and feel your guardian
angel standing at the top of your head, right above you, you begin to really feel its presence and its
body radiating of pure light. Breathe and feel the powerful light of divinity,
purity and love. The pleasant heat from the light begins to
reach and settle on your skin, warming you, relaxing you
until you begin to feel a light feeling of trance. Open your energy body and invite the light
into you completely on your next exhale. Surrender completely now. Ask for your angel to reach out their hands
of pure light and to be placed over your whole body. See the light shimmering and sparkling, so
mesmerising and divine. Visualize the hands of the powerful divine
light moving slowly towards you, emanating that same warmth, same powerful light, penetrating
your body, illuminating you inside and out. Breathe with a knowing that this light is
sent from the above, from heavens by your guardian angel at your request. Breathe and keep your body relaxed as you
visualise the light beginning to move across your body; feel the electric energy being
emitted from this powerful light and beginning to work, starting to cleanse you as you breathe
and relax. For a brief moment, think of an intention
– what is it that you request the light do for you today? What is it that you need cleansed or healed? Do you need any negative cords of attachment
cut for good? Or do you simply want to be blessed and boosted
with the well-being? No request is beyond the limits for this powerful
divine light of healing. Make your intention now. Keep your body in the open and receiving state
of being. And let the guardian angel to begin the cleanse
and boost of wellbeing within your body. Visualise the hands of light being placed
over your face and in one of the hands the spirit holding a drop of this powerful light,
like a golden pearl that is celestial in a form of something that is nor solid nor liquid. This pearl of light is like an powerful to
cleanse and boost the whole humane race and also just one human being safely and gently
and this pearl of light is presented for you only, right now. Ask for this atomic spiritual energy to be dropped
and anchored into your third eye now. You may feel a gentle or strong tingle in
between your eyebrows within your third eye. You may feel it moving across your whole forehead
and creating energetic experience beginning to move in subtle energy waves. Allow for this energy to anchor, get familiar
with its feel. Now visualise your angel’s hands of energy
above you and the energy that’s now present within your third eye reacting and moving
together with the hands of your angel. Your breath, your skin down to your atomic
and subatomic particles of your body is being showered in the energy of the powerful light
from the divine. Feel your angel moving its hands of light
down your face and the liquid energy moving together with the hands of angel, expanding
wide, feel the sensations, breathe and stay still, stay calm. The light begins to expand and move down your
neck, into your shoulders and chest; you feel the upliftment as the powerful energy moves
dissolving all the impurities physically and in the form of energy and thoughts. See the angel moving the energy with its hands
of light down into your chest, your arms and your belly. All the impurities bursting like tiny soap
bubbles as the powerful liquid gold light touches it and dissolves it. Visualise the golden liquid energy moving
down your whole spine, picture it as golden river, clearing and energising as it runs
down, strengthening and invigorating. If you feel the shivers, let the sensations
to fully express itself; let the energy to release any impurities and let the spine to
take up the energy of the light. Feel the warm light moving into your hips,
hands and fingers, bringing uplifting sensations; leaving you to feel clear and pure. Watch your angel continuing to move this celestial
powerful light into your legs, through your knees right into your toes. Breathe and lie here still for a moment; let
the energy to keep moving through and cross your body down into the very subatomic parts
of you, dissolving all the impurities, melting all the energy cords of negative attachments
that are known or unknown. Now focus and feel the anchor of the divine
energy within your third eye. There may still be that gentle pulsating or
tingling sensation. Through your thoughts communicate to your
guardian angel to use this anchored energy and together to create a strong and powerful
field of positive energy. This energy field will act as a magnet for
positive experiences in all areas of your life. Keep calm and still, follow your natural breathing. Take a minute to work together with your guardian
angel to move this charge of energy across you now. From your third eye draw the energy out in
front of you and begin to push it forward, around, down and above you creating a golden transparent energy ball. Feel how surrounding yourself with this energy
field, heightens your senses, feel the magnetic field, know that this is a powerful magnetic
force through which so many positive experiences will arrive. Become aware of your breath, letting all the
sensations within and outside of you to settle. The light that entered your body and spirit
today will remain. Breathe and observe your breath. You are feeling calm, pure and peaceful. Extend gratitude to your guardian angel for
this unique experience. Become aware of your physical surroundings,
the surface beneath you, the temperature outside your skin. Stay here to readjust and to come back to
your physical world. Thank you for spending time together today. If you would like to support this channel,
please like, comment, share or subscribe. Thank you.

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50 thoughts on “Healing & Beyond With Your Guardian Angel | Powerful Guided Meditation

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