when the Sun comes up in the morning it
changes from night today when you open your eyes in the morning things change good morning Steve morning mom
remember Steve yesterday we talked about going to the park and playing with
Andrea yep well then you have to change from your pajamas into play clothes so
we can go and meet her Steve liked to wear his pajamas they
were comfortable do a half-shell know if you want to go to the park and play you
have to get out of your pajamas Steve knew he had to change okay
Steve did a great job he’s changing from his pajamas to his play clothes let’s
take a closer look at what Steve did right to handle the change when Steve’s
mom asked him to change from his pajamas to his play clothes
he used his eyes and looked at his mom Steve also used his ears to listen to
what his mom was asking him to do and even though he liked his comfortable
pajamas and really didn’t want to change he stayed calm did what his mom said and
had fun at the park Steve made the change in a good way he looked listened
and he remained calm you can too it’s time for dinner sometimes you have to
change from doing something you like to do sometimes when you’re in school you have
to change from one activity to another Amy is playing with clay she’s having a
good time but now it’s time to change activities Amy in one minute it would be
time to clean up and get ready for book time first amy was a little sad because
she likes to play with clay mrs. green can i play for a few more minutes
not now Amy its book time but time okay Amy is doing the right thing

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