My next guest, Kristine, shocked viewers when she revealed just how far she had gone to feed her life-threatening alcohol addiction. Take a look. (dramatic music) I’ve been drinking a hand sanitizer for about two years. The hand sanitizer is 140 proof. I drink about 40 to 56 ounces of hand sanitizer per week. As soon as I take a shot of it I feel like I can function. You’re drinking hand sanitizer. Why are you doing it? You wake up in the morning and you feel like you’re going to pass out. Do you realize what you’re doing in drinking what you’re drinking? Yes. You have been on death’s door already. Yeah. (Kristine groaning) Your daughter’s going to stand at your graveside. She is gonna throw a rose on top of your coffin. You’re a dead woman walkin’. Well, I am proud to say that Kristine is two months short of being five years sober. (audience applauding) Kristine, come on out. It’s really good to be here. I mean–
Amazing. At so many levels it’s good to be here because your life really was on the line. I was afraid we were going to lose you. You’ve never seen this before. I haven’t, no. Until today, you were watching it backstage and you’re seeing it now. Oh. Tell me what life is like at this point. You know, life is amazing. It’s been a journey. I want to thank you so much for believing in me because when I left that show I thought, if he believes I can do this, I going to give it a try. And I just want to thank you. And I’m mom now and I can go play volleyball with her, and it’s just great. I knew in my heart you could do this. It was amazing. Well, God bless you, and we’re proud of you. And I’m proud that you got your daughter back. (audience applauding) Thank you so, so much. Thank you so much for coming back and sharing this with us.
Thank you.

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