Hey guys we’re in WonderCon 2014 here in Anaheim California in the beautiful Anaheim convention center we just got here the costumes look amazing the characters are very interesting hopefully we’ll get a lot of footage and a lot of awesome interviews so stay tuned. Do you think Thor would be cooler as a woman? Definitely. Boobs make everything better. In that scenario would Loki and Odin be women also? Of course. I think we just turned it into a porn. I hope not. I’m pretty sure that we just turned that into a porn. Have you seen my dragon? You lost a dragon egg? They’re pretty important don’t you think? Very important. So where. . where’s Khal Drogo? He’s riding a horse. To the. . to the night lands? No, of course not. He’s still alive. Oh. Oh I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I believe I received a premonition from the future. My Sun and Stars is alive. I love Indiana Jones and I love Wonder Woman So why not combine them and make Diana Jones, you know. Is she Wonder Woman’s like hot cousin? Yeah, definitely. It’s kind of like Penn & Teller Where she does all your talking but you do all the killing is that basically the sitch Kind of, yes. Why do you guys hate Batman so much? Like what did I ever do to you? Well he’s just B-man so. . But he wants to restore justice and protect the innocent what’s your problem but with that? But he wants to put us all in the Asylum and I don’t want to be in the asylum a girl like me . . like I did and then I started reading the comics and she’s really awesome I actually took gymnastics because of her. That’s really cool I’m River Song. I’m the 11th doctor And I’m the 4th doctor. I thought you got it from your TARDIS not JCPenney The TARDIS landed in a JCPenney all the rest is history. You can pretty much explain anything within the context of Doctor Who can’t you? Absolutely. So it’s Ventress? Yes. And Barris? Am I getting that? Barris Offee Very cool. Are you guys, uh are you guys teaming up is this like a Jedi-Sith exchange program? What’s going on? No We just happened to meet. OK, very cool. So who’s better at dueling with light sabers? I can wield two of them. Very. . that’s true what do you say to that? I did steal hers at the end of the clone wars. Which is stronger, the light side or the dark side? The light side. Dark side. I’m glad you guys got that right. Where you said it. . Right so can I just, like can I just, can I just? Oh god oh no. . Let me just help you. Right yeah. I can’t. You’re right. I’m not a demi-god Hey Link Have you rescued Zelda yet? *hut!* Are you from a specific game or just Link in general? *hut!* *chet!* *hey!* *yat!* So the. . the gameboy version then? *hut!* Do you know the whereabouts of Zelda? *hut!* You’re not dating her are you? We’re buddies I was going to ask you what it’s like to date a Wookie. Rough. Rough? Rough. Rough, right? I know I’m not a Jedi and I still live at home but I kind of think you’re my soul mate will you marry me? Uh. . . That’s . . that’s a no. I’m Belle but right now I’m holding Mjölnir. . so. . I thought only Thor could hold Thor’s hammer? Yeah, totally. Nice. She likes to smash things. And her best friend’s Ivy. I’m Angela from Spawn. Spawn. Cool. And you are Wonder Woman obviously So are you trying to are you trying to recruit Angela into the Justice League? Um, yeah. Does Superman know you made a new friend? Uh, no. Nope. I gotta tell him. So, are Gandalf and lady Galadriel kind of seeing each other behind Frodo’s back? We’re kind of an item. We’re trying to keep it on the down-low. What would Sauron say if he found out that you two were joining forces? Is that why it’s a secret? I think you should be afraid very afraid She likes to get into fights My character, the canon version of her she’s being mind-controlled by one of the main villains of the story and so she’s normally one of the main good characters in the story I guess and right now she’s kind of one of the main evil characters that’s going around killing people and stuff. So she’s not in the best way right now in the story. Wonder Woman I’m cosplaying Mistress Death It’s the Deadpool video game version where she has the Dia de los Muertos make-up. So yeah she’s like the female grim reaper. So it’s a red Storm Trooper. I think he’s a member of the Bloods I’m not sure if he’s even looking for the droids. . I’m Booker DeWitt from BioShock Infinite. I did my own version of Mrs. Freeze Like a Mr. Freeze-Batman thing. Is this based on the Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr. Freeze from the Batman movie in the 1990s? I just kind of took whatever I liked from any of the Mr. Freezes. I sort of just went with the concept of the character because I really like the character. I take it you guys know each other? This isn’t like a coincidence is it? We just met each other outside in the parking lot. We’re like, “hey we match, lets hang out!” Seriously? No Oh OK. How long have you guys known each other? We’ve been dating for about five years. Five and a half. What’s your. . what are you wearing? Oh come on! Yeah I. . You are a beautiful woman but I don’t know otherwise. The Baroness Boobs make everything better I don’t I don’t yeah I can’t disagree with that I’m like trying to debate you but. . Well I’m glad I’m winning. We’d probably just not have sex and be sad about it honestly in character, you know what I’m talking about right? . .and then I’d be dead I would fall dead because she would kill me so I’ll probably have sex with prostitutes because I’m a thief and a terrible person. Have a great ‘Con guys!

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