hey guys I hope you’re all doing well in
this video I’m talking about leptin resistance and dieting are you suffering
from uncontrollable hunger and appetite as if you could eat massive amounts of
food and never feel satisfied this is exactly what happens after a period of
dieting a history of an eating disorder or even after a long period of over
exercising and the reason for it is because of two significant hormones the
hormone leptin and the hormone cortisol now let’s begin with a hormone leptin
leptin is a hormone produced in the fat stores of our body it’s job is to signal
our brain when we are Fault triggering us to stop eating
leptin also supports our metabolism is working efficiently and leptin travels
through our blood via our circularity system to the appetite center of our
brain and there it beans to receptors that are responsible for making us feel
hungry and this helps tamp down our appetite curving our desire to eat
leptin also travels through our nervous system stimulating fatty tissue to burn
off fat and calories and if too much left hand builds up in our body we may
develop leptin resistance and when this occurs the leptin in our body may not do
its job effectively resulting in weight gain and uncontrollable hunger so now
the problem with dieting is once we start restricting our calories or cut
out specific food groups especially as it is a compulsory factor in low carb
diets to minimize our carbohydrates our leptin level drops and the longer we
stay on the diet the more probably we develop leptin resistance the thing
with leptin resistance is that it is very hard to reverse it and it usually
takes quite a long time to repair our hormones again and so when we stop
dieting and start eating more calories our hunger signals are completely out of
whack since our leptin is not able to work properly which leads us to
uncontrollable binges and weight gain after dieting so this was the video for
today about one of the most important hormones that influences our hunger and
weight I am also planning to do a video about
how to reverse leptin resistance and how you can boost rebuilding your leptin
hormones and in my next videos I am also going to talk about the second important
hormone cortisol that is influencing our weight and hunger tremendously so if
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