Hello everybody I’m Christine Anderson,
author of Forever Different and CEO of Christine F. Anderson publishing and media and i’m here today to talk to you about what the employment options are for
people with bipolar disorder. Now, let’s make sure we understand that
everyone’s bipolar disorder is different Of course there’s bipolar 1, bipolar 2 – but the symptoms for all the disorders and variations thereof are different and what you’re able to
handle on an individual daily basis is different so I’m going to speak from my
own personal experience. I know that when I’m in a position where I actually work for somebody for 9-5 which I did from 1986 to 2001, I was safe in the routine of the job the things that were repetitive were
helpful to me the getting up at the certain hour every
morning the leaving at five o’clock and then having my nighttime rituals, those things were helpful in creating stability for me. In 2001 I became an independent person and left the regular work force and started my own company and I will tell you that it
was very hard to manage my symptoms working for myself because the amount of pressure I put on myself was immense so although I think that people that are
not able to work full time are or are on disability may find it difficult to be put in the position to put pressure
on themselves to produce I think that it’s also very liberating
in a sense that if you can freelance let’s say for a website called upwork.com or fiverr you’re able to create a schedule that
maybe when your meds make you tired or bring you down or you’re having a bad
day or if your symptoms seem to be out of control for a week or two you’re able to work at your own pace so
that may be an opportunity for you to be a freelancer and work for yourself. Again, everybody’s bipolar disorder is different. You are employable. You are able to do a job. You can do it. Never give up.

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7 thoughts on “Employment Options for People With Bipolar Disorder

  1. The rigid time requirements of a job and the stress that goes with one is not helpful at preventing episodes. Not for me. The bipolar screwed up many jobs and the many jobs screwed up the disorder. Their should be more flexible low stress options. It's a very very rare person who can leave a company and become successful on their own with out the stress causing some type of an episode.

  2. I'm bi polar 2, I'm 32, I've had 40 jobs and the only one I would love to go back to is done with me. I'm pretty done with life at this point

  3. I tried working a few jobs this year and I had a hard time dealing with the public. I am in the process of trying to volunteer again and start my own business in the future.

  4. I just found out that with the health science degree I have and the schooling I am in now I can’t work with bipolar

  5. Me exactly I'm 24 and I'm attempting to do schooling for building my pharmacy career on the side of working at a hotel. I try so hard not to think about how long I've been at my current job because I think if I did I would ruin the longevity of it (5 months even though I have limited access of half the functions of the job due to screw up on their end). This is the second longest job aside from an extremely part time job that I've held and really hope I can continue to keep my rage under control

    It still makes me so mad I got myself fired from a job even though it was terrible; had retirement and the best health insurance I ever had but noooo just had to get in a fight with customers then again I'm lucky I wasn't arrested so…

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