Hey everybody! Happy Thursday! Today’s question comes from YouTube. You know YouTube, you’re watching it right now! I thought this was a really good question because they’ve said they’ve heard a lot of things on about this on YouTube and there’s been a lot of chatter. So what is the question? Let’s get into it! It says: “Hey Kati, could you maybe do a coffee and a chat video?” -I don’t have coffee, I’m sorry.- “There’s a lot of hype on YouTube about eating disorders being a choice. What are your thoughts? When I was suffering from one, I was told multiple times that it was.” Okay, let me close my laptop and let’s get into it. So with regard to eating disorders being a choice, I could see how someone who doesn’t understand mental illness or eating disorders as a whole, may say something like that because they could think that we just decide one day to stop eating, or we decide one day to start overeating- not understanding the full reason as to why eating disorders exist. And so if you yourself, when you clicked on this video, thought: “Hey, I think eating disorders could be a choice. I think it is a choice.”, listen to this. We all go through shitty times in life. Some, way, way shittier than others. It’s all relative to what we can handle. But, when we feel that we have no control over ourselves, we feel like everything is happening without our consent, when we feel completely overwhelmed and extremely anxious or a bunch of other things, we adapt and we learn coping skills. These could be healthy ones. These could be ones that our mom taught us, which is to journal or colour, or to walk or to talk to people. It could be any number of coping skills. However, there are a lot of unhealthy ones that we come up with on our own because no one really told us what it was and what to do and no one showed or demonstrated any kind of healthy behaviour. Therefore, we control ourselves. We control how we look and what we do with ourselves. This could be through exercise, bingeing and purging, overeating. This could be through restricting. And you can purge a bunch of different ways. A lot of people say: “You don’t mention all the ways that people could purge!” They can purge through a lot of different things. I have a bunch of videos about that if you wanna check that out. But for today’s topic, I think it’s important to understand that these coping skills are not a choice. We don’t pick them. People don’t choose them like you’re going to a department store and you’re trying to pick out some jeans or something. I’m not like “hmmm… I don’t really like those, but I’ll take these.” That’s not how coping skills work. Coping skills come out of necessity, out of survival. Therefore, when we need to survive, when we need to get through a certain situation, we choose to control our bodies in one way or another. We may binge eat. I had a client who used to overeat as a way to make herself “unattractive” so that the sexual abuse that was happening from her uncle would stop. I’ve had clients want to disappear because they were being physically abused, or they were in an emotionally abusive household and they just wanted to literally disappear, so they stopped eating. There’s a bunch of different reasons and psychologically, it can make sense. However, none of those are actually a choice. We don’t choose them. They are something that we have to do in a necessity for us to survive. So if you hear people spreading this nonsense. saying that it’s a choice, saying that people would choose to have a mental illness or mental health issue in general, please share this video. Let them know that it’s not a choice. It’s a coping skill. Those are two totally different things, born out of two very different reasons. Choosing to have a mental illness isn’t something we can do. It’s something that happens to us and something that we do as a result to help us survive. It’s in essence, the way that our brain helps our body continue to live so that we can move through things and keep on going. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up! And please leave in the comments, let me know what your thoughts are. Have you heard this before? Hopefully, not from a mental health professional. But I am constantly shocked at the things you guys hear. So let me know. Let’s start the conversation and I will see you next time. Have a good one! Bye! Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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100 thoughts on “EATING DISORDERS A CHOICE? Kati Morton talks about anorexia Bulimia, Binging & Purging

  1. I've never had a full- fledged eating disorder, but I do have some experience with restricting, binging, purging, etc. and a lot of experience with self harm. The way I see it is that on the behavioral level there is an element of choice (even if it doesn't always feel like that), but you don't choose to have the thoughts that lead you to the coping skill. I think to say that there's no choice is a bit dismal in terms of choosing recovery, but to say that it's all choice obviously ignores the real issues.

  2. I'm so glad you made this video! Now I can show this to my family, for I lack the ability to explain it to them as to how it's actually not a choice for me. Thank you! 💕

  3. I eat and eat and eat so that I can die and so it doesn't look like suicide. Then insurance will pay out to family. I've gone from size 12 to size 24 so far. I can't tell anyone what I am doing. I'm waiting for dbt will that help

  4. Hey Kati! I am 16 and I live with my mother and my fifteen year old sister. My mother (though not officially diagnosed) has BPD and my sister also has some quite severe mental illnesses. Both of them talk about suicide, but I don't think that they would go through with it in the near future. My question is, do I have a responsibility to tell someone about this? I talk to teachers sometimes but I always avoid saying anything that they might have to report.

  5. I guess I thought that coping was a choice and indicated psychological weakness but I'm no longer going to beat myself up over my binges even though my family is angry about me for some reason.

  6. Yes I've heard this a lot and I believed it. For years I avoided help because I was convinced it was a choice. It's inky even I seriously wanted to stop and couldn't that I accepted it wasn't a choice.

  7. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out Julia Boer's videos and call her out on her utter BS !!!!!!!! she's spreading totally garbage about eating disorders yet claims to have had one and then chose not to have one.

  8. Great video, wish more people knew this.
    I stated suffering with an eating disorder when i was 8 years old, due to abuse, not really something an 8 year old would choose is it?!

  9. I love this channel, like really. I was with a lot of psychiatres, but no one really helps me so i don't want to see them anymore.
    I was watching the video, and i litteraly understand what was my problem.
    I love hearing about all the problem that someone van have.

    You make me want to learn psychology in collège i'm serious. Thanks for everything.

  10. #katifaq I really like your videos. I would like to ask you for advice on overcoming the fear of going out one's house. I go to college I'm 21. My father always walks me to the subway station. I'm tired of that. I come back home alone. The thing is that I cannot go alone anywhere else. I'm used to the route " home to college, college to home" and that's why I can do it. Now I'm starting to feel frustrated and trapt at home. But I can't go out, I feel insecure, I feel people stare or laugh. I used to convince myself that there was nothing Interesting out there to go out. But there are places I would like to go. Also my mom has been annoying and I don't want to be around. But I can't go out. I don't have friends. And My sister is always with me and sometimes I would like to be alone, but I can't be alone. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you for all what you do in youtube.

  11. Thank you for this video! I was in an abusive household and was anorexic to escape it all. It was an awful coping skill and I'm 98% recovered.

  12. Can you do a video on orthorexia and if it overlaps with anorexia. Or is it a part of EDNOS/OSFED? I went vegan and gluten free and some people think i have an eating disorder because i only eat foods i think are healthy.

  13. Hi Kati! I love your videos. I watch them all. Quick question: I know you're not an MD but you're in the ED field so I thought you might have an idea. Why is it possible for my heart to be affected by my eating habits even if I'm not underweight? I was recently in the hospital for ED heart complications and I was pretty much the only one there who wasn't underweight which was kinda confusing for me. Any ideas? Thanks!

  14. Hey Kati! I was wondering if you would do a video on "how to know when you need inpatient or residential treatment"? I think it would be a great topic!

  15. In my opinion, eating disorders fall on the same spectrum as addiction or the "ism" in general. Over eating, not eating, drinking, drugs, gambling, shopping, agoraphobia are all unhealthy ways to cope with reality. They are learned and some people's bodies tend to lean towards these unhealthy mechanisms for a myriad of reasons. Thank god for the 12 steps because they can be literally applied to all of these things!

  16. Kati # faq Can you develop a swallowing disorder from not eating? All my swallow muscles have weekend therefore it makes me very tired to just eat a yogert. Can this be true. I hope you see this. Much love!!!

  17. yeah, you're right. i used to restrict when i was in a very bad situation mentally because i hated myself and thought i was disgusting and filthy regarding my personality and feelings but i couldn't do anything on the inside so i tried to make myself better on the outside to compensate. also i did it as self harm because honestly going many hours without food is fucking painful physically. nowadays i managed to get it under control but i still catch myself reducing my food intake whenever i go through really stressful periods.

  18. I have a question. I know dieting and weight loss do not equate to anorexia but I have been very hesitant to start dieting because I am afraid it might turn into anorexia. I did a 3 month experiment and lost some weight but throughout the process I was very worried so I halted it. My question is, what are the safety precautions someone can do to lose weight safely without turning into anorexia?

  19. Not to forget the genetic component that puts some of us at higher risks of eating disorders.
    I wonder about this myself sometimes… Because when I was struggling with something the natural thing for me to do was to self harm. I have no idea why my mind came up with that as a solution. Nobody told me about it. So I used to think that self harming in certain situation is a totally normal thing and that surely everybody does it, right? Obviously I was wrong about that and I still wonder how others do it. What does their mind tell them to do if they are in a stressful situation? I think this is a good example of how it's not simply a choice but a necessity. Because if my mind had offered me different coping mechanism, I probably would have chosen a less destructive one. But instead, self harm seemed like the only way out, so I did it.

  20. This is really tricky. Because I think that on the one hand nobody chooses a mental illness. Nobody gives themselves an eating disorder, it is not their choice and not their fault.
    But on the other hand they are the only one who can choose to recover. And it is their responsibility to get help and get better. Which kind of sucks, if you think about it, but I think that's where a lot of people get it mixed together and talk about it being a choice. We have to choose recovery.

  21. hey Kati, I would like to know if healthy(on mind) ppl can get to being obese just because they like to eat? and is it often the case? cause everywhere i go i see fat-shaming and always there are ppl that saying that if you fat its because you just like to it and not suffer from illness.

  22. Personally I think its a choice at the beginning. From my experience anyway. I whole-heartedly believe I talked myself into an ED.

  23. I totally agree, but Kati I'm a bit confused… I feel as though around the time my ED began, I had been watching videos on YouTube of yours about ED's a few weeks prior. I wouldn't exactly go as far as to say that you 'gave me ideas', but is it just a coincidence that my ED began a few weeks after beginning to watch your ED videos? I hope this doesn't mean I'm seeking attention? Not sure why it would, but I'm not. For some reason this makes me feel as though I 'chose' to have an ED?

  24. I had an eating disorder because I lost control over my life. I had shitty friends at that time who controlled almost everything of me. One day I had that thought that if I was fat nobody would like me and that was the point I decided to eat less. So it's a choice to eat less but it felt completely natural. It just seemed logical to me. Therefore my eating disorder wasn't really a choice but more like a resolution to my problems.

  25. I thought this video was so damn interesting kati I have had an autism assessment and I feel bad because I struggled to do some of the tasks that they are asking me to do even though they said its ok how can i overcome this?

  26. It's understandable for people to experience depression if they have a disability brought on by an injury – but how is it possible for depression itself to cause disability, chronic pain (and even injurious effects)? Is sex a cure for everything? – what if people don't want to have sex? – or no amount of sex or exercise would be a cure even if they did engage in them?… what if nothing works?

  27. Hey Kati, love your videos, thank you for being so passionate about these topics and sticking up for folks who really need it. You're a lifesaver <3

  28. Hey kati, Here is another perspective to reveal how/why Eating disorders are not a "choice," but in fact, a mental illness. This may not be the case for all, so I'll just speak for myself. when I do an ED behavior, it's not because I just rationally and calmly decide to do so.. it's because there are overwhelming thoughts and or feelings, UNTIL I do such behaviors.. which often gives me some sense of necessary relief or safety. that's why I do these behaviors. because it's one of the only ways I can calm my thoughts, feelings, anxieties, etc. IT'S OFTEN THE ONLY WAY "THAT I KNOW HOW" TO "FEEL" SAFE. the negative thoughts and feelings become so overwhelming that it typically feels urgent for me to do ED behaviors. Also, not to be compared to, but I like to use OCD as an example… how one with OCD will usually have to perform rituals/behaviors in order to relieve their anxieties, even if just momentarily. anyway, just wanted to share. 🙂 xo

  29. I have an eating problem but I dont think its classed as a disorder (just a symptom of the depression). I dislike most foods, food grosses me out, people eating grosses me out, the process of having to eat at certain points in the day is annoying, and I wish I could just skip meals but I know thats not healthy so I force myself to eat anything I have the slightest chance of wanting to eat. and there are foods I like some of the time, and very rarely there may be foods I always like. Not eating is also a slightly pleasant feeling sometimes as well, not having to stomach something no matter how small (because even when I eat its smaller portions of a full meal some to most of the time) and sometimes skipping 2 courses of food (I have to have dinner always at the same time which is annoying), especially before, it made me feel in control I suppose. And overall I dont actually undereat too much, and I definitely don't have anorexia because I dont think I'm not skinny enough at all and I dont want to be skinnier, I'm aware I should eat more and that I am too light, but when it comes down to it I can't stomach much and forcing myself to even half full makes me feel sick and uncomfortable, and if I dont like something at that moment I will not eat it I'm sorry but I trust my warped instincts over force eating.
    anyway sorry about the text spill, just typing this put has made me realise a thing or two. thanks to any who made it to the end here sorry about the overshare 🙂

  30. Hi my name is Dustin and I'm 14 years old
    I was just diagnosed with PTSD because of being bullied and harrased in school nobody know a what it's like can u do a video on teenagers with PTSD and explain what people Like ME have to deal with on a daily basis? And does that make ME a different type of person?

  31. Hey Katie I just discharged from three months of residential,php, and iop Ed treatment I am now heading home and I am scared of relapse especially being In and out of treatment this year and having to go back to school for the first time in a really long time and it's a new school what do I do?

  32. wait kati…i understand that eating disorders are unhealthy coping mechanisms. but you lost me at 1:38 "therefore we control ourselves" … why does controlling ourselves=coping mechanism? are healthy coping mechanisms a form of control as well?

  33. I don't think I have an eating disorder, but sometimes I eat atrociously. Yesterday I ate 4 oz of fudge in about 30 min. Then I came home and ate a rice dinner by myself that was meant to serve four people. I can understand the guilt so many people feel over their eating disorders. There is a lot of guilt mixed in with a lot of eating disorders. I think that is one of the worst things about eating disorders – the guilt.

  34. is this the same as just not feeling like eating at all when im depressed or nervous? my apetite as almost desapeared for a couple of months and i can ingest very little food before i start to feel disgust.

  35. This is so weird. When I was struggling with my ED…I did it as a way to cope with my depression which my parents were beginning to see. I think way back then I was struggling to be "okay" with needing help & with leaning on other people. That trusting & depending on someone else from time to time WAS NORMAL. I'm still puzzled as to what lead me to that thought process? My parents think its abandonment issues because I was very premature and all by myself in a incubator for 3 months. I'm not sure. I'm intrigued.

  36. I think you are brilliant. You are in the right field and doing on this earth what God put you here to do. Thank you.

  37. I am 14 when I was 12 I put my self on a diet becouse my dad picked on me a lot so I lost 41 pounds but im still not happy and think i'm fat I know I think I have a mental ilness just not sure I am so confused I almost feel lile im forcing myself not to eat a lot becouse im hungry but feel guilty when I do so do i have one or am I choosing one Im so confused help .

  38. Hi Kati, I'm only 12 and I don't know if I'm depressed or not. I've taken multiple quizzes and all of them have said that I am but I don't want to go to my school counselor and not have an illness. I don't know what to do. I also don't want to be judged.

  39. Kati, I love your videos. They are really helping me get through the situation that I am in. I suffer from Tourette's Syndrome as well as GAD, SAD, and MDD. On top of that, I have severe body image issues that lead to me restricting calories. I do binge like maybe once a month, though. My brain makes me think that I am fat even though I have been told that I am too thin for a guy.My medication has made me gain what I consider a significant amount of weight even though it put me in the optimal "healthy" range, I still feel fat. I am ashamed of my body. I've been in treatment for years now and taken over 12 meds and I have never felt any relief. I'm in an almost constant state of despair that is only alleviated when I self-harm. Last night I had to go to the hospital for staples because I cut too deep. I'm seeing an amazing therapist right now, but it doesn't help me. She has also suffered from Tourette's Syndrome and that is what we seem to be focusing on in my therapy two therapy sessions I have had with her. I have trouble bringing up my self-harm with her because I hate drawing attention to it. However, I'm just getting so tired and want to quit again. I almost feel like I'm suicidal again and I'm self-harming more than ever. Nursing school is reeking havoc on my mental health. How do I find the strength to keep going on when there is no end in sight? I'm losing the battle with my illness and I need relief. How do I overcome my SAD and GAD? I don't have any friends and I'm so lonely. As an add on, would you know why I've never found any therapeutic effect from all the different meds I've been on? The only exception to this being the Ativan that I started taking three days ago. It helps with my anxiety tremendously, but that leaves me focusing on my depression and I almost feel all the worse for it.

  40. Kati, I was wondering what you thought about the controversy surrounding YouTuber Eugenia Cooney. Everyone seems to want to help her, even Onision. I'm just not sure people are approaching it the right way. What if her fans are making her worse or what if she is causing her fans to develop eating disorders?

  41. Hi, i know the chance of you answering is slim but i thought i'd ask anyway and if anyone with expierence in psychosis could help that would be great too.. I've been diagnosed with AN for 6 years and my psychiatrist/treatment team have also suspected BPD and have been assesing that for a while but in the past 2 months, which have been a hard time involving low/mixed mood and impulsive behaviour i've noticed my general paranoia has increased a bit and i'm seeing spiders and/or little bugs?? They disappear seconds after i stare at them and theyre kind of blurry like they would look if behind a dirty window or glass. I feel they are 'real' for 5 or so seconds but then they disappear (or run away so quick that my vision can't see?) which makes me even more paranoid. I've started checking behind furniture and clothes for them and two days ago even pulled out a coin sized piece of hair from my head fearing a spider was there. Rationally, i mostly know its all in my mind, a fear of spiders, which makes me think its just anxiety and my imagination going wild but more and more often i'm telling myself that what i'm seeing is true and I'm questioning it a lot in fear. Could this at all be a sign of psychosis or simply anxiety? Do you think its worth mentioning to my psych, i'm just scared i'll seem idiotic and over dramatic.. Thank you for anyone who replies, sorry the message is so long..!

  42. Hi Kati.
    Been watching your videos since 2013? I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression & anxiety after being bullied. I resorted to unhealthy coping skills such as self-harm and alcohol. I used to get panic attacks all the time and anxiety ruled my life. It is now 2016 and I am in my senior year of high-school and I have moved out from home to be closer to town (I come from a rural area) Everything is working out so great! I haven't had any PTSD, depression or anxiety in a long time. I have been intentionally clean for 2 years and 8 months. I consider myself recovered and now I am just in love with everything in my life. Your videos (as well as support from friends, family & teachers) do this. Be proud.

  43. I, very much, appreciated this video! I struggle with an eating disorder while working on childhood abuse. It feels like so much of my life needs to be a secret; and, this is one of them! I know that I will find better, healthier ways of coping in the future. But, it felt "sweet" to hear a wee bit of validation, that it isn't unusual. That this is temporary and I am on the road to recovery! A thank you for reminding me!! Colleen

  44. thx for this ha bisky vid i loved this a lot and i have a friend who realized they were addicted to certain cookies so they stopped buying them

    sometimes it is a choice most of the time its not or maybe the choice is just what we do about them but i know i stop eating when i am full and i only eat when i am hungry

  45. The thing that is the most devastating about this misconception is that no one would EVER choose to go through what I (and anyone with an ED) have gone through. Not only that, but folks with EDs don't need to feel any more guilt than they already do. If you're reading this and you have an ED, I KNOW that you didn't choose this. I didn't either. It's not our fault.

  46. I disagree. As somebody who has been hospitalized multiple times for anorexia binge/purge subtype over the past 10 years, every time I restricted, binged, vomited, or exercised, it was a conscientious decision. I knew the consequences of my behaviors, yet still chose to do them anyway. Taking personal responsibility for my actions and recognizing my active participation in unhealthy behaviors was a crucial part in me recognizing that I had the power to make a change. Anorexia wasn't something that just happened to me; I worked very hard to get to the very ill state I was in (and later worked even harder to recover). While I did not choose to fear weight gain, fixate endlessly on food or body image, suffer from crippling depression, or have a penchant for routine, I was a willing participant in my disease and chose every single day to prioritize my eating disorder over other things in life.

    TL;DR This might be semantics, but I would argue that in many respects eating disorders both are and are not a choice. We do not choose to have the fears, desires, and underlying biology that drive us to lose weight or overeat, but ultimately we do choose to act on those feelings and engage in self destructive behavior.

  47. There are a lot of videos that people are making about a particular underweight youtuber called Eugenia Cooney. They are making massive speculations about this young woman's mental health, saying that she is anorexic and because of the behavior that she "chooses," she should not be allowed on youtube because she is allegedly causing teenage girls to become anorexia. I keep telling people: YOU CANNOT CATCH ANOREXIA. These girls that everyone is so worried about most likely are dealing with some sort of hardship at home or at school and responding by starving themselves, and if they are looking at Eugenia Cooney and thinking they want to look like her, they are probably doing it to many other girls. While some of these videos are made out of concern for Eugenia, they are spreading misinformation and stigma about mental illness. Chances are, the people making these videos are doing more damage than some skinny girls on the internet, as they are shaming mental illness. I'm worried that kids that truly do have anorexia might see these videos shaming a public figure for allegedly having anorexia and think that they need to hide their mental illness better because having a mental illness is portrayed as shameful. Anyways, I do not know what Eugenia's mental or physical health diagnoses are, because I am not a doctor or a therapist. If she does have a physical health problem or a mental illness, I hope she is receiving proper treatment. But these videos are not helping the issue, and if Eugenia does have an undiagnosed mental illness, these videos are probably going to make her less willing to go see a doctor.

  48. I can relate even if my binge-eating sometimes ends up with BFRB instead. could you please make a video of your thoughts on BFRB (Body focused repetitive behaviors) and what you think would help the most! love your videos BTW!

  49. anorexia has ruined my life 🙁 and i hate it when people tell me i chose to be this way and i should just eat. it doesn't work that way

  50. Thank you for your compassionate response. I have stopped myself from getting help because I am scared because people might judge me for 'choosing' this illness.

  51. Is there a way to know whether the behaviour is a coping skill or not? This seems to be the main "criterium" for disordered eating to become an eating disorder, but I personally have no idea whether my restriction and purging are a way of coping or just my illogical way of trying to lose weight.

  52. Hi Kati! I'm new to your channel yay! I have some questions to elaborate on this question. My distorted eating patterns are kind of still new so I'm still not sure to the answer to this question for me. I'm using food restriction for validation, maybe if I get skinnier people will like me better so I'll have friends, to get more support and validation from my doctor and therapist for attention from feeling too lonely all the time. My therapist also said I restrict as a desire to have health problems to elicit a caring response from my professionals, which that part is completely true. Is this a choice and eating disorder behaviors or an actual eating disorder?

  53. I'm in France as an exchange student and it's horrible, like she said everything is out if my control and I'm extremely anxious all the time. I'm also having trouble sleeping even thoung I'm very tired, I'm always cold never mind how warm it is and since they eat allot more than what I'm used to in Germany in the first few weeks I gained weight (not much, for someone who doesn't know my body as well as I do it was not even noticeable) so I decided to eat less of the "main course" and more salad and fruit. Now I know that doesn't sound too bad but sometimes I'm surprised at how little I eat and feel full. I'm just worried that restricting the main meal like that and mainly eating fruit and vegetables might turn into an eating disorder. And if it does, wasn't it my choice for restricting?

  54. How is sticking your finger down your throat an illness it is a total choice everything in life is made by choices bulimia i total bullshit!!

  55. No because when I started I did not Know what ED was I have now relised how sick my patterns Are I binge and restrict I binge Till I puke sometimes

  56. Both my parents have told me they think my ED behaviours are a choice. I wish there was a way to show/tell them it really is not.

  57. Dear Kati, I think for mani years I have been hiding an eating disorder for many years because there were not consistent. I have had people in my family that have told me that I am a hypochondriac so I tend to hide things especially until I know for sure what it is. Lately though I have been diagnosed with panic, anxiety and now depression and my emotions are running away from me, the only thing I can piece together is at least two times a week I purge the small amount of food I eat during that day ( I do not binge) although) this may not be full criteria yet I feel I am planning on doing it more. I’m a little scared should I tell my therapist? She is going to think I’m already nuts. Thank you

  58. I am struggeling with an eating problem this is not A choice and I dont Know what to do I am overeating and restricting my weight is up and down and it sucks

  59. this is very important VERY VERY (also, i need to rant a little bit, please excuse)
    I was emtionally forced by my parents and "endocrinologist" to "recover" from AN EATING DISORDER I DD NOT HAVE. How do i know? BEACUSE I CHOSE TO do the things i changed in my life: i chose to eat a certain way (much healthier, did not restrcit calories or macros) exercise more doing things i loved and feeling GOOD in my body. I lost excess weight i have gained lost during my veeeeeery long times of bad eating habits(still not perfect but i am working on them) and it revealed that i had a body much smaler than previously because i had less fat and kept all my muscles, glowing skin hair and nails great. My eating was not a problem and i really wish no one had tolf me itwas. I am diagnosed with anxiety and given mediication for it, and having a doctor telling me tat a body i loved and was comfortable and healthy at(to be clear, my weigh was healty, in the lowest end of healthy but that is how i always have been when i was eating correctly-did a lot of emotionally eating as a teen) was too much pressure for me. Guess what? I DEVELOPED AN EATING DISORDER. i became exercise bulimic, my anxiety got worse, my attitude towards my studying got the worst it had ever been-i didnt care about academics anymore and they used to be MY LIFE- i was binging at night, not getting enough sleep, failing at college, losing friends, hating my body and life . That wet on fora year till i grew a pair and stood up and got help. Those were reals problems, not hte food, not the eating, not the wanting to get a certain body that i enjoyed living in. I HATED binging, but i kept doing it. I hated not focusing on schol, but i kept doing it. So no, i never had a restrictive esating disorder, i most likely had gone on a "fitness journey", to call i something. It was my choice.
    So please, dont assume people have eating disorders based on how they look or on how they change their appearance,. I am sorry i may come out as ruebut i really needed to get this out of my system. Get real information-channels like this are relly good help for friends and families-and help your loved ones who are suffering.
    Stay safe.

  60. Can my ED come back? I thought it was gone all year but then things got really bad and I started again without even thinking about it and I lost weight.

  61. I’m just not hungry anymore, I always worry about my weight, and try to under eat. My Family makes me eat, and usually I hide it or something.

  62. I think people forget that eating disorders are disorders of the mind. The physical effects and damage? The behavior? Those are just symptoms.

  63. My eating disorder started out as a self harm behaviour, and then it grew from there… eating disorders themselves are NOT a choice in any way, shape, or form. It is a monster that lives inside your head, it's mental illness thoughts that truly are not your own, they're the disorder. We do not WANT to think or feel the way we do, it is our mental illness, and it makes us feel better in a way, as she says it's a coping mechanism, and yet it makes us also feel horrible, because trying to battle those thoughts only seems to make it worse, especially if you have no one to support you.

  64. It’s like I have a choice to whether I make myself throw up or not, but I don’t have a choice of feeling fat everyday and feeling like I have to overeat everyday

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