you don’t know if you’re suffering from
an eating disorder or from a disordered eating behavior then watch this video
because in this video I’m telling you the difference between eating disorder
and disordered eating behavior hi everyone my name is Christina psychology
nutrition coach and I’m from mind body nutrition and I welcome you back to
another video in this video I’m going to tell you what is the difference between
an eating disorder and a disordered eating behavior because we use these two
expressions simultaneously but nobody really knows the difference between
disordered eating behavior and eating disorder if you are suffering from a
disordered eating behavior or you experience any kind of disordered eating
behavior that means your life is influenced by a disordered eating
behavior so and that means you go for example through phases where you are
afraid of specific kind of foods or on some days you just don’t like your body
or you think you have to work out more in order to lose weight because you
don’t you only feel attractive and happy and worthy when you are on a specific
weight and you fit into specific clothes and sizes
so this disordered behavior is influencing your life when it comes to
food when it comes to your value when it comes to going on holiday but the thing
is that you still have your life you live your life as a normal person as a
healthy person who has a healthy eating behavior but you are in some kind of way
a little bit distracted or you a little bit hold back by some harmful thoughts
disordered thoughts that you have in specific situations but when it comes to
your eating disorder now then your eating disorder is your life and that
means everything you do in life is controlled by your eating disorder you can see the difference here you are here
you’re having your life but you’re having some situations some areas in a
life that are not perfectly healthy when you have an eating disorder then you
don’t make anything in your life that is not controlled by your eating disorder so
you can compare it here with an addiction and here with addictive
behavior when you have an addiction for example your whole life is controlled by
this addiction so there is no decision you make that is not controlled by your
addiction but when you have addictive behavior as it is when you have an
disordered eating behavior then your disordered eating behavior is built
around your life but it’s not your life it’s just some factors that influence
your life but these factors they don’t control your life and that is the
difference between a disordered eating behavior and an eating disorder so I
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5 thoughts on “Eating Disorder vs Disordered Eating

  1. Hi guys 🙂

    In today's video, I'm showing you the difference between a disordered eating behavior and an eating disorder. In my past I always thought I "just" have some kind of disordered eating behavior. But that wasn't true. I was deep in an addiction which was controlling my life.

    I wanna show you here an example:

    Me in my past with an eating disorder: I have never gone on holiday for almost 10 years because I was so afraid to gain weight and to spend more than a few hours with other people because they would have realized that something was wrong. I couldn't go one day without 5 hours working out and eating more than a few 100 calories per day.

    My friend with disordered eating: My friend did go on holidays and she did eat too much during her holidays and couldn't work out. When she ate very unhealthy food and then she felt a bit guilty and uncomfortable in her body but that didn't hold her back from going on holiday and spending time with her friends.

    I hope that helps 🙂

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    All the best to you 🙂

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