Don’t wait up. Going out with the boys. (CRYING) Oh, you poor thing. Who said that? Look how he hurts you. Where are you? Show yourself! Over here. Why do you look so surprised to see me? What do you want? What do I want? I want you to be happy. I am happy. (TUTTING) You don’t look very happy. Why do you continue to stay with him? I love him. (SNIFFING) and he loves me. He doesn’t deserve you. How dare you?! You don’t know him like I do! You take that back! So. This is what you do all day. Sit around waiting for him to come home. What do you want now? I want you to realise how he treats you. He treats me just fine. Okay, erm. So. Why don’t you. Go out. And spend the day with your friends? I’m sure they would love to see you after
so many years. Simon and I don’t approve. They’re a bad influence. Simon and you? Or just Simon? (KEY TURNING IN FRONT DOOR) I got these for you. You shouldn’t have. Don’t be silly. I had to show my woman how much I love her. Well. I think your woman knows exactly how much
you love her. Is that right? Mhmm. About erm. About last night… You don’t need to say anything. It’s okay. No. no… I do. I need to say I’m… You don’t need to say you’re sorry. Let’s just move on. Okay? Okay. Come here. Right, I gotta go get ready for work. (LAUGHING) Oh, are you seriously going to fall for that
again? This is what he does. Every time. You need to leave him before… I don’t need to do anything. If anybody needs to leave. It’s you. I’m just trying to help. I don’t need your help. Stop trying to break us up. I want you to go away and never come back. You’re going to regret… Leave! How was work? It was alright. What do you think of the pasta? It’s good. I’m glad you like it. It… it was my mother’s recipe. I was thinking erm. Maybe we could invite my parents around for
dinner some time? Your parents? Mhmm. Your parents. Who don’t approve of us?! Approve of me?! Shh! You want to spend. My hard earned money. On people who don’t respect me?! You wanna invite them. To my home where I live?! Where I sleep?! Sorry. I didn’t mean to. You’re sorry… I’m sorry. You’re sorry huh?! No, no, no. No, no, no, no. No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that your parents raised someone
as pathetic as you. Are you going to cry now?! (CRYING) You’re gonna cry?! If only you could see how ugly you look. I’ve lost my appetite. I’m going out for a drink with my mates. Clean yourself up, will ya? (FRONT DOOR OPENING AND THEN CLOSING) (CRYING) Oh Vanessa why are you crying? Leave me alone. I tried to tell you. Have you come here to gloat? I told you. I’m not here to hurt you Vanessa. I only exist to help. How can you help me? I can be the things you aren’t. And I can do the things you won’t. Why? I’ve always been here. Deep down. Watching everything. I know you better than you know yourself. I. Am. You. (BEDROOM DOOR OPENING) Wow. I’m sorry for erm. Upsetting you earlier. I wanna make it up
to you. What do you have in mind? (WHISPERING) close your eyes. I have a surprise. Oh. Just keep. Your eyes. (WHISPERING) closed. Well do hurry up. Don’t keep me waiting.

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41 thoughts on “DUALITY – Short Film

  1. You are really talented. It was a real honour to compose the soundtrack to this great movie. Thanks for letting me be a part of this.

  2. Nice job with this, gave it a like… I'll be posting my new lil horror short within a couple of weeks but my teaser/trailer
    is up, I hope you can take a peek… >>>"FRIGHT HOUSE"<<< Thanks so much, Moses…

  3. Nice work. I kinda enjoyed the scene a lot in which he tries to apologize but is then, due to conditioning, given a free pass which effectively compounds his behavior and in a sort of way excuses his actions. Good choice of actors too.
    Also very difficult topic and i am sure it will speak to more people than it should.
    I hope this helps raise awareness too.

  4. Another great work! Soundtrack is awesome. Both actor are great, but of course, actress is splendid. Waiting for the next suspense thriller

  5. Great job Sheikh! You've tackled another tough subject with expertise and nailed it regarding domestic violence abuse patterns. The music is what really tied this all together – very atmospheric and moving. Great job by the actors too, both were very convincing in their roles. Okay … so when's the next one?? ๐Ÿ˜€ p.s. … Molly? LMAO

  6. Hello Shahnawaz , I just want to know little about you.
    You make great films, where did you learnt this??
    Is it film school or by yourself?
    If by yourself then how did you manage??

  7. great film!! the actors did such a fine job and the concept and the storytelling were amazing !!ย ย  take a minute to see my "art film"ย  Thanks!!!

  8. Another great one. When I watch your films I FEEL like i'm watching a movie or an actual show on television. The dialog is on point and the actors can ACTUALLY ACT. Two failings that I see with a lot of other short films on youtube.

  9. Great acting but this isnโ€™t how DID is developed or works, you cant see your alters, only in your inner world and DID is developed at a young age where constant trauma is provided to a child in which they develop alters + there would be two or more alters, overall it has great camera work and acting, just it is not a split personality!!

  10. It was fantastic great work,great acting by both of you looked like a movie๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  11. Good film. Criticism: actress less acting and more characters, the cliche of hallucinatory self weโ€™ve seen it in true romance and fight club and countless other films. Overall good effort and good film

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